Old Gateau

The Old Gateau (Japanese: もりのヨウカン Forest Yōkan) is a type of medicine introduced in Generation IV. It is a local specialty of the Old Chateau and cures a Pokémon from all non-volatile status conditions and confusion.

Old Gateau
Forest Yōkan
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Old Gateau
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Introduced in Generation IV
Generation IV Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Medicine
Generation V Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Medicine
Generation VI Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Medicine
Generation VII Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Medicine
Generation VIII Bag Medicine pocket icon.png Medicine
Power 30

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
N/A $100
B2W2 $1000* $100
N/A $175
LA N/A $125

In the Generation V games, the Old Gateau can be sold to the gourmet maniac on Route 5 for $4000.


When used from the Bag on a Pokémon, it cures a Pokémon of all non-volatile status conditions (poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, freeze) and confusion.


Games Description
Old Chateau's hidden specialty. It heals all the status problems of a single Pokémon.
The Old Chateau's hidden specialty. It can be used once to heal all the status conditions of a Pokémon.
LA A hidden gem found in Jubilife Village. This sweet treat can be fed to a Pokémon to cure any status conditions it may have.
SV A hidden gem found in the Old Chateau. It can be used to cure any status condition a Pokémon may have.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
DPPt Old Chateau
HGSS Trade
PW Scary Cave, Sightseeing
BW Dragonspiral Tower Royal UnovaTh
B2W2 Dragonspiral Tower Pokéstar Studios (gift after completing a movie), Royal UnovaTh, Join Avenue (Market), Nimbasa City (held by certain Pokémon traded from Curtis/Yancy)
DW* Spooky Manor
XY Trade
ORAS Trick House Any Contest Spectacular Hall (random gift from a fan after completing a Contest)
SMUSUM Pokémon Center CaféTh
Festival Plaza (General Store)
SwSh Battle Café
BDSP Old Chateau
LA Crafting: 1 Plump Beans, 1 Dazzling Honey, 1 Sootfoot Root, and 1 Cake-Lure Base



Bag sprite from Legends: Arceus

In the spin-off games

Old Gateau in Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

In Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, Old Gateaux can appear as food that can be consumed by Magikarp. They are unlocked at Trainer Rank 73 and cost 429,910  to unlock.

In the anime

Old Gateau in the anime

Old Gateau was first seen in Get Your Rotom Running!, where Ash and his friends went to the Old Chateau to try some of the famous treat at the recommendation of Professor Oak.

In Beating the Bustle and Hustle!, James mentioned that there was Old Gateau and Lum Berries on the menu in the Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle Refreshment Room.

A piece of Old Gateau appeared in Getting a Jump on the Competition!.

In The Fiery Road to Mastership! and Valor: A Strategic Part of Battling!, James's Morpeko was seen eating Old Gateaux.

In the manga

Old Gateau in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Diamond & Pearl arc

In Robust Rotom, Diamond served Platinum some Old Gateau for tea time during their stay at the Old Chateau.

In The Final Dimensional Duel XI, Professor Rowan was shown eating some Old Gateau.


  • Old Gateau's name in both English and Japanese is a pun based on the location it is found. In English, the French word gâteau ("cake") plays on Chateau. In Japanese, the Chateau's name is "Forest Manor" (Japanese: もりのようかん) while the Gateau's name is "Forest Yōkan" (Japanese: もりのヨウカン); the two terms are homophones and are pronounced as mori no yōkan.
    • Its French and Italian names also incorporates a pun between gateau and Chateau.
    • The English names of the Old Chateau and Old Gateau were coined by translator Nob Ogasawara, intending to preserve the pun in the original Japanese text.[1][2] According to Nob, he was able to keep the Old Chateau/Old Gateau pun in part due to him being able to give more input in the localization process from Generation III onward.[3]
  • According to the anime, the Old Gateau is also known as the "Mirage Gateau".
  • In the games, "Old Gateau" is usually pluralized as "Old Gateaux". However, the description of the Souvenir Set in Join Avenue says "A set of two Old Gateaus. The cake heals all the status problems of one Pokémon."

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 森之羊羹 Sām-jī Yèuhnggāng
Mandarin 森之羊羹 Sēn-zhī Yánggēng
  Finnish Vanha Gateau*
Vanha kakku*
  French Vieux Gâteau
  German Spezialität
  Italian Dolce Gateau
  Korean 숲의양갱 Supuiyanggaeng
  Polish Wiekowa Babka*
Stary Piernik*
  Brazilian Portuguese Doce da Floresta (manga)
Antigo Gateau (anime)
  Spanish Barrita Plus
Viejo Pastel*
  Vietnamese Youkan


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