Hey! FolksCallMeHilbert, so you can, too. I've been a long-time user of Bulbapedia since Pokémon X and Y came out. I made an account back in 2016 to provide general convenience edits every now and then, but since 2023 I've become a more regular editor and have been more driven to complete larger editing projects. My motivation comes from whatever Pokémon content I'm exposed to at the moment, which are usually the core series Pokémon games and Pokémon Masters EX.

I'm also a member of the Bulbapedia Discord server (username onetuw), so if I need to be contacted beyond talk pages please reach out to me there.


Project History


  • Ongoing
    • Update core series character quote pages
      • Add quotes for newer characters
      • Insert bullet point headers to indicate dialogue prompts
      • Minimize repetition of identical dialogue between games (specifically between DPPt and BDSP, SM and USUM)
    • Masters EX content
      • Update side game sections for Pokémon species to display new sync pair additions
  • On the back burner
    • Clean up the Jubilife Village page
      • Possibly split content into a new Floaro Main Street page, similar to how Lumiose City has pages for each of its avenues
    • Flesh out location pages
    • Create an event template specifically for item distributions


  • Focused on item page content
    • Added event distribution sections (as standalone item distributions and as held items)
    • Added item/TM/TR locations across 800+ pages from Sword and Shield to The Indigo Disk
    • Added descriptions and prices for items in Scarlet and Violet



  • existed


  • Added descriptions and prices for items in Sword and Shield


  • existed


  • Birth (of userpage)