These are Mela's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Schedar Squad's Base
  • Before battle
"So you're the dope who picked a fight with Team Star... I dunno why you'd do something so stupid, and I don't care. You challenged us, so we'll beat you down. That's all there is to it. Prepare to get messed up."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Right here, right now... You're going down."
After first directly dealing damage to the player's Pokémon: "THAT was for the rest of the Schedar Squad!"
Upon first using Torkoal's Flame Wheel: "This move'll torch ya till there ain't nothin' but ash left!"
Upon sending out the Schedar Starmobile: "Tch! I ain't burned to a crisp just yet!"
  • After being defeated
"Ugh. Is this really how it's gonna end? What a hassle..."
  • In a flashback after being defeated
"Man, what a hassle... Pulled it off just in time."
"I managed to get a buncha Charcadet to evolve. That oughta be enough to power the Starmobile and finally get that hunka metal rollin'."
"Oh, shut it with the snide comments! You can be such an annoyin' twerp, you know that?"
"What?! Come on—not you too, Eri!"
"It's finally time, huh... Man, I'm so stoked! The thrill's burnin' me right up!"
  • After the flashback
"I burned through everythin' I had...and now I've sputtered out."
"Guess this is where it ends... That <Pokémon> of yours really let us have it."
"Beatin' me in battle is a huge deal. So here—take this Star Badge and be proud of yourself!"
"While I'm at it, you can have this TM too. Not like I'm gonna use it."
"Lemme make one thing clear—I'm not givin' these to YOU... I'm givin' them to your <Pokémon>."
"You got what you came for. Now leave me alone."
"Huh? Who are you s'posed to be?"
"A Charcadet? Wait..."
"Well, if it ain't Charlos! What're you doin' here?"
"You did...?"
"Yeah, 'cause I used to play with him every day back when I was still goin' to school... I can even tell more or less what he's thinkin' just by lookin' at the way his flames move."
"... ... ..."
"Just shut it already, would ya?"
"First I've heard of a stupid rumor like that. Man, nothin's changed since back then... Everyone's still spoutin' garbage."
"The Starmobile? We made that thing a long time ago to help us out with a big fight. But we never actually used it against anyone before you two came lookin' for trouble."
"You ever heard of Operation Star?"
"Huh. Yeah, I guess you wouldn't know... But for me and the rest of Team Star, it's a memory we'll always treasure."
Team Star flashbacks
""A few plans"...? Like, for what?"
"'Course we know. You forced a ton of stuffy rules on everyone, and they wouldn't take it. We got some other nerd to replace you after, like, five minutes."
"That stuck-up student council prez isn't who you are anymore, man. A code written by the Giacomo I'm lookin' at now... I'd follow that any day."
"Whoaaa, sick! These boots are insaaaaaane!"
"Oooh, someone's gettin' fired up! Watch out, world—our Atticus has FIGHTIN' words!"
"Your toy car didn't budge an inch, huh."
"See, this is why people don't take you seriously. You say some stupid things, you know that?"
"Yeah, how 'bout no. I mean, we even put this in the code, for cryin' out loud! When we started Team Star, we swore to quit relyin' on our parents or bags of cash to fix our problems for us. Or did you forget?"
"If that hunka junk doesn't move, get it moving. If we're short on juice, just gotta crank up the power somehow. Doesn't take a genius, man."
"Yup. I'm gonna train up my Charcadet and have 'em evolve. Their boosted firepower will get the Starmobile moving, no sweat."
"Oh, I'll get it done!"
  • After Eri is defeated
"Even the big boss said it's thanks to you that we have a fightin' chance against our bullies!"
"Yeah, well, that's what happens when you round up a buncha bullies in the courtyard and make a show of learning 'em some manners."
"What're you saying?"
"Oh yeah? And what about you?"
NaranjaS/Uva AcademyV
  • In the schoolyard, after Penny is defeated
"More like "long time no meet," right? I mean, we only found out your real name just now!"
"Hasta la vistar, Cassiopeia! ☆ And hello, Penny!"
"Not like we'd ever chuck the team just 'cause someone told us to, after all. Ain't our style."
"So, whaddya say...?"
  • In the art room
"Knock knock! We're comin' in!!!"
"Hey. You with the art club or what?"
"... ... ..."
"Um, yeah. I, uh...I'm here to know...if..."
"R-right, sorry, Eri. My bad..."
"So, uh...about your club. The art club, I mean. I, um...I was wondering if...I...could join..."
"Hang om, Eri. This guy's still got somethin' to say. Spit it out, then. I gotta earn my way in or what?"
"You're askin' me why I wanna join? Well, if I gotta explain..."
"One of my pals made this outfit for me. These sick boots and everythin'. I'm big into flame patterns like this, so...I wanna try and make somethin' like it myself. So. Yeah. PAINTING! That's what I wanna do!"
"I'm a total newbie at it, but... I realized somethin' when I saw that real simple-lookin' Fletchling painting on the wall there. I don't hafta be some genius artist. I just wanna make art that has its own charm, y'know?"
"That one's YOURS?! I thought it was, like, a finger painting by a kindergartener or something!"
"HUH? You're the art club's PRESIDENT?"
"Th-the name's Mela... And yeah, good eye! My boots are the best. A pal of mine who's a big arts-and-crafts nerd made them for me."
Schedar Squad's Base
  • Upon initiating a Star Barrage rematch
"Defeat 50 Pokémon in 10 minutes! That's a proper challenge worth getting fired up for, yeah? Hey, Schedar Squad! Y'all ready?! It's GO TIME!"
  • Upon losing or forfeiting a Star Barrage rematch
"Man, I was hopin' you'd show us some red-hot battles... You barely even sizzled out there."
  • Upon winning a Star Barrage rematch
"Seems you beat the 50 target Pokémon in... <number> minute(s), <number> second(s)."
"You get <number> LP from me, then. And with that, hasta la vistar! ☆"
  • When approached
"Well, if it ain't <player> again!"
  • If spoken to
"Well if it ain't <player>! You here for a battle with yours truly?"
Yes: "All riiight, BRING IT! I'll blow everythin' sky high!"
No: "Just browsin', huh? What a drag. Come back an' see me when you're more fired up."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "You're a weird one too, aren'tcha? But y'know what, forget it... Let's do this."
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "Heh, you lit a red-hot fire under me. Not bad, pal!"
Upon first using Armarouge's Armor Cannon: "Aight, you asked for it. I'm blowin' this battle up!"
Upon being defeated: "Ha! You're burnin' too bright, even for me!"
  • After being defeated
"Gotta give praise where it's due, man./girl! That was lit. Hasta la vistar... ☆"
  • If spoken to again on the same day
"I'm callin' it quits for today. If you're burnin' to challenge me again, come back tomorrow."