Gastronomie en Famille

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Gastronomie en Famille (Japanese: ガストロノミー ファミリア Gastronomie Familia) is a chain of fancy restaurants located across the Paldea region.

In the games

Dishes purchased at Gastronomie en Famille can be consumed to gain different types of Meal Powers.


Gastronomie en Famille has branches in the following locations:

Branch Detail
Alfornada Central area of town, southern row of buildings
Cascarrafa Second level, western edge of the city
Levincia Southern half, eastern row of buildings
Medali Near the Medali (West) Pokémon Center


All Gastronomie en Famille establishments serve the same dishes regardless of branch.

Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Galette de la Maman $3,000 File:Galette de la Maman SV.png Humungo Power:  Dragon  (2)
Catching Power:  Electric  (1)
Raid Power:  Fire  (1)
This galette is made from the finest ingredients, refining the dish to its highest possible quality.
Compote du Fils $2,800 File:Compote du Fils SV.png Egg Power (2)
Exp. Point Power:  Flying  (1)
Encounter Power:  Fairy  (1)
This compote is the height of decadence—a dish truly refined to outstanding quality.
Ratatouille du Grand-père $3,600 File:Ratatouille du Grand-père SV.png Item Drop Power:  Psychic  (2)
Encounter Power:  Ice  (1)
Catching Power:  Rock  (1)
A ratatouille made from carefully-selected ingedients, refining the dish beyond measure.
Quiche de la Grand-mère $3,400 File:Quiche de la Grand-mère SV.png Catching Power:  Ice  (2)
Exp. Point Power:  Fairy  (1)
Egg Power (1)
This quiche is made from first-rate ingredients—a dish that is refined to reach the pinnacle of quiches.
Pot-au-Feu de la Fille $3,800 File:Pot-au-Feu de la Fille SV.png Teensy Power:  Steel  (2)
Item Drop Power:  Fire  (1)
Exp. Point Power:  Flying  (1)
Cost was not considered when making this pot-au-feu, refining it into the ultimate dish.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 饗家 Héunggā
Mandarin 饗家 / 飨家 Xiǎngjiā
  French La Famille Gastronomie
  German La Famille
  Italian Famille Gastronomique
  Korean 가스트로노미 파밀리아 Gastronomie Familia
  Spanish Maison Gourmet

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