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These are Melli's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Galaxy Hall (Kamado's office)
  • After completing Mission 10
"Oh, save it! As if I'll be stopped by the likes of you! Now, out of my way!"
"Hey ho, Bossman Kamado! I thought it might've slipped your mind to send me an invite, so I took the liberty of stopping by anyway."
"Well, there's your issue right there, Adaman! How exactly did you intend to discuss Electrode without me—its mighty warden—here to weigh in?"
"Awww, come on! Is it ME you're trying to humiliate here or our entire clan? Besides, do you really think this flimsy little noodle can quell Electrode?"
Mission 11 - "Scaling Perilous Heights"
Jubilife Village (Floaro Main Street)
  • If talked to before battling Adaman
"You look like even a slight breeze could topple you. Can you really defeat Adaman"
  • After the player defeats Adaman
"... ... ... Hmph!"
"Aw, c'mon, Adaman! Cut me some slack here..."
Coronet Highlands (Heavenward Lookout)
"So true! It's a tough old life for Pokémon and humans alike!"
"Well, well. Warden Ingo of the Pearl Clan... And...oh my! The Galaxy Team grunt from before."
"You're punching well above your weight to seek out the great Electrode, Lord of the Hollow!"
"But! By the sheer tenderness of my heart, I'll grant you a trial to see if you're worthy. The greatest obstacle you'll ever face awaits you right here! Battle me—if you dare!"
Absolutely not:
Maybe another time: "Hmph! Well then, let me tell you the great Melli's take on this whole situation. The frenzy of our nobles is nothing other than a mark of almighty Sinnoh's favor and protection! Why? Because it makes them stronger! Do I really need to spell out that that's a good thing?"
"We must let my lord frenzy as it may, to demonstrate to almighty Sinnoh that the Diamond Clan lives as is right and good!"
"This may even be—dare I say it—the very reason I am here on this earth!"
"What business is it of the Galaxy Team's, anyway, if Electrode lets loose a few sparks out here in the mountains?"
"Really, you should do us all a favor and slink back home to that village of yours, rather than persist in this folly. And with that...bon voyage!"
Coronet Highlands (Wayward Wood)
  • Before battle
"What's the big idea, putting back all the torches I spent ages tidying away? Do you get some sort of amusement stomping around and ruining people's noble deeds?"
"Hmph. Well, this just goes to show that even we wardens don't always see eye to eye. I extinguished those lights for the sake of the Pokémon in that cave who prefer the dark."
"But now you louts have put my efforts to waste. If you think I'll just let you saunter ahead to meet Lord Electrode, you're sorely mistaken!"
"The only way you're getting past if you defeat my partner Pokémon!"
I'll beat him: "Go, Skuntank! Show these louts the true meaning of silent but deadly!"
I don't want to fight:
  • After the player wins
"Listen here! Neither I nor Skuntank admit defeat just yet—our challenge to you still stands!"
"However! I will withdraw to afford Skuntank time to recover. There's no shame in a tactical retreat. It's more of an advance, if you think about it! Keep your guard up—we'll be back."
Coronet Highlands (Sacred Plaza)
  • Before battle
"Welcome to Moonview Arena—the seat of Lord Electrode!"
"I know I've not exactly been supportive of you reaching this place, but a part of me did hope you'd make it. Call me contradictory all you like, Galaxy grunt, but such is life. Embracing the complexity of both ourselves and the world can only help us grow."
"As a member of the Diamond Clan, my highest calling is to please almighty Sinnoh. And right now, that means I must protect my lord by stopping you where you stand!"
"If you wish to defeat me and gain entry to Electrode's seat, you and your little Pokémon are welcome to give it your best shot!"
"Let's go, Skuntank! Give them another whiff of your silent deadliness!"
  • After the player wins
"Let's make one thing clear: I didn't lose! You may have won...but there's a difference!"
"I just lacked...errr...time! Yes, I'm afraid there simply wasn't enough time for me to raise my Pokémon nice and strong!"
"Ah! Could this be why Adaman is always going on and on about time being a precious thing?! My word, the Diamond Clan and almighty Sinnoh truly are never-ending founts of wisdom!"
"Yes, yes, I know what comes next. You want to know what pleases Lord Electrode so you can make some balms for it. Well, I'm afraid I won't be able to help you... Because I have completely forgotten what Electrode likes!"
"What's the matter? Upset? Too bad anger doesn't make balms!"
"I could hear you just now, you know! Are you really going to tell this little noodle what he needs to find? Just like that?!"
"Lest we all forget, you're the leader of the Diamond Clan! Why do you bother with these Galaxy louts?"
"I see nothing but a Pokémon overcome with joy at being among almighty Sinnoh's chosen ones!"
"Anyway, it's not like trials and suffering are always cause for doom and gloom. These things exist to help us grow!"
"Fine! At the end of the day, let none say that the great Melli shirked his duties as warden. I'll help make your precious balms!"
"There! I made you a practically infinite supply of balms, so chuck all you like at Electrode. But don't underestimate my lord's strength! I very much doubt the likes of you can quell it."
"So, even knowing you're doomed to fail, you still wish to pit yourself against Electrode?"
I'm ready to battle: "Heh. You've a great deal more pluck than you have sense, I'll give you that. A word of advice: don't stop moving while you're battling Electrode, or you'll be dead in no time!"
I'll pass, thanks: "What did I make all these balms for, then? Did you just want to gawk at my skillful handiwork?"
Coronet Highlands (Moonview Arena)
  • After the player quells Electrode's frenzy
"Oh, for shame! What utter calamity..."
"I agreed to make those accursed balms, yes... But now that almighty Sinnoh's precious blessing has vanished's just so unbearably sad!"
"Oh, come on, Adaman! Seriously? That's just your wishful thinking, nothing more. All your preaching doesn't ruffle me one bit, but if almighty Sinnoh grows angry with me because of this...I don't know what I'll do!"
"Now what did YOU bother coming back for?!"
"Oh! Once again, the brilliant Warden Melli has realized something rather clever! It's not just my Pokémon that need to be strong—it's me as well! The greater my valor and might, the more my Pokémon can reach their potential!"
"I wonder if almighty Sinnoh will be pleased once I've achieved exactly that?"
"Hey, Adaman! Share with me again the wisdom of almighty Sinnoh passed down among our clan!"
"Be ready to shield your eyes, Galaxy grunt! I'm going to polish up both myself and Electrode until our strength and brilliance are blinding!"
Mission 17 - "Atop Mount Coronet"
Coronet Highlands (Summit Camp)
"Things certainly seem to have gotten out of hand. Well, if anything goes wrong, the great Melli will be here...for moral support, at least."
Mission 18 - "The Counterpart"
Coronet Highlands (Summit Camp)
"I waited as long as anyone could reasonably expect, but my invitation just never came. So I decided to honor you all with an unsolicited visit. Be glad and rejoice!"
"Now, Adaman. I see all these other louts have their little tasks to be getting on with... But what of the great Melli? Where's my role in all this?"
"Fine! Whatever! Just hurry up and give me a job, great Leader Adaman! And make it a good one!"
"Oh, Adaman. Oh, oh, oh, you silly, foolish boy. Don't you understand anything? Everyone has work they are suited to and work they are not."
"And, oh! Before I forget. It seems you weren't entirely useless after all, Galaxy Team grunt. Well done, you."
"Take this as a reward for your adorable efforts. Just my way of encouraging the little people. And you're all so little compared to me."
"Yeesh... That ugly hat suits you as poorly as this important role does. I don't like this at all. I should be the one consulted for my wisdom!"
"Ex-CUSE me?! That "bumbling ball" is more than capable of zapping both of you and that ugly bug of yours all the way back to your stupidly oversized tree! Shall we prove it to you now?"
"But, Adamaaan!"
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: "Everyone back home is all worked up about the fact you were spoken to by almighty Sinnoh—or mighty Dialga or whatever. This is the Diamond Clan's day! Be proud!"
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "Everyone back home is all worked up because the Pearl Clan got to speak to almighty Sinnoh—or Palkia or whatever. Do you want them to hog all the glory?!"
Mission 23 - "The Plate of Moonview Arena"
Coronet Highlands (Moonview Arena)
"I don't suppose a grunt like you would even know, but I guess it behooves me to ask... Do you know the Pokémon called Cresselia?"
I do: "Well! I figured you'd know. I wouldn't expect any less from someone who managed to defeat me, even if it was just a fluke!"
I don't: "Well, she is an incredibly rare Pokémon. It's no fault of your own that you don't know about it."
"Well, I call her a nightmare, that pesky Cresselia!"
"She's descended upon Moonview Arena and caused my lord to hide itself away! I'm so worried about Electrode that I can't even sleep, never mind dream!"
"Oh, do catch that pesky flying croissant! Do it for my poor Electrode... Though I suppose Cresselia can't be all bad, if she at least recognizes the perfection of the arena looked after with loving care by the great Melli!"
  • After the player catches Cresselia
"Not bad at all, grunt. Though I suppose anyone with enough luck to best the great Melli should be able to handle at least that much. Thinking about it, a halfway competent person like you might actually make a decent sparring partner to help my lord and I grow stronger still!"
Request 97 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands"
Crimson Mirelands (Mirelands Camp)
"Hey ho, little people! No need to fret—Melli has arrived."
"I heard rumors that you've been investigating "massive mass outbreaks" or some such. But I, Melli, have already solved the mystery! All that remains is to gather evidence."
"The reason these Pokémon have been mysteriously gathering in rainstorms is..."
Regardless of choice: " give praise to the great Melli, naturally!"
"Don't look so sour, you two!"
"I realize it's a difficult truth to accept right away, but the awe I inspire—as both sun and shadow to Adaman—is clearly apparent to Pokémon!"
"And as thanks for your adorable efforts in proving my theory true, I'll give you this generous reward."
"Go on, take them! They're Aguav Berries—quite a rarity here in Hisui, you know!"
"As for why these Pokémon gather during rainstorms—well, that's surely to represent how I'm simply overflowing with wonderful qualities. And with that nugget of wisdom, I shall be off!"
Request 101 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands"
Alabaster Icelands (Snowfields Camp)
"The outbreaks happen during rainstorms in other areas, but here they seem to be tied to blizzards!"
"It's a good thing I'm here to help you out then, isn't it? And I suppose even Lian might be of some use."
"There's something wrong with your math there, little man... You've left me out of the equation!"
"Hmph! I know how to subtract you from this assignment, for starters! I will finish all the remaining areas on my own—you needn't factor in."
Coronet Highlands (Sacred Plaza)
  • If talked to after completing the main story
"My dazzling lord, Electrode, is happily letting off some pent-up electricity at present."
"Let's hear it, then. What are you here to do?"
Have a rematch: "If you must. Try not to get zapped..."
Check my record: "The fastest time you've managed is XX:XX:XX."
Nothing, really: "That might be the first smart decision I've seen you make. So long, now!"
  • If the player loses to Electrode
"Gosh, still in one piece, are we? I did warn you not to bite off more than you could chew. Well, no use crying about it. You can try again, but prepare yourself well! Electrode is shockingly strong, as you should know by now."
  • If the player defeats Electrode
"I can't believe what I've just seen..."
"You took XX:XX:XX to win this battle!"
"How on earth did you beat Electrode so quickly? I have to say I find myself a tiny bit impressed."
"Here. A gift for you from the great Melli. Accept it with the honor it deserves."
"And here. You somehow avoided each and every attack Electrode hurled at you, so I'll give you a prize for dodging your little heart out."
"I suppose you'll come trundling along for another rematch sometime, hm? We'll be ready."
Jubilife Village (Photography studio)
"They say that a photo with Melli serves as a charm to protect your home and bolster your business! No need to be shy! Come get your photo with Melli today!"
Jubilife Village (Training grounds)
  • Before battle
"I only came here because Adaman practically begged me to. You should thank him for the opportunity—nay, the honor—of battling me, Melli!"