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These are Giacomo's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Segin Squad's Base
  • Before battle
"You've done a real number on us, party crasher! <player>, was it? I'm Giacomo! At the deck, I go by DJ Vice! Call me whichever—it's a vibe either way. Nice to meet you and all...but how 'bout we skip straight to your outro? Don't worry—I'll play you a sick requiem as you crash and burn. Let's get this party staaarteeed!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "You don't really think things through, do ya? Declarin' war on Team Star is a real bad move."
Upon first using Pawniard's Metal Claw: "This beat drop'll bust your ears open! DJ Vice bringin' the house dooown!"
After first directly dealing damage to the player's Pokémon: "Ha! How's that for an openin' track?! I'll spin you up good, party crasher!"
Upon sending out the Segin Starmobile: "Time to up the tempo! This show ain't over yet!"
  • After being defeated
"Guess that's that..."
  • In a flashback after being defeated
"Guess that's that..."
"The big boss just wanted my take on some stuff... So we had a chat and settled on a few plans."
"Operation Starfall, first of all. And also...a new code of conduct for the team."
"You know how tons of new members have joined up recently? Well, we figure we gotta make some team rules—like a code—so we'll all be on the same page."
"Hah, no thanks. Waaay too much pressure. I mean, yeah. I used to be president of the student council. But you know everyone ended up hating me after that, right?"
"My point exactly! So you'll all agree that I shouldn't be let anywhere near this new code."
"OK, OK, thanks for the ego boost, everyone. I'll do it... I'll write up the darn code."
  • After the flashback
"I did the best I could..."
"I wrote that code myself, and there's no goin' back on it now. My days as a boss are over. So here—take my Star Badge, would ya?"
"I'll give you this choice TM, too. You earned it fair 'n' square."
"Haaah. So this is how the party ends... But let's talk about those Pokémon of yours. They're crazy strong, huh."
"You learn those Trainer chops at the academy? Like, what moves you should use 'n' stuff?"
Sure did!:
Nope: "Huh. OK... You like it at the academy? Havin' fun?"
Yeah, I'm enjoying it!: "No kiddin'..."
It's not the best...:
"Whoa-ho! Wasn't expecting a giant pompadour to make a guest appearance today. You get a Quaxwell to style that up for ya?"
"Sure. I can tell it's gonna be somethin' annoying, but I guess I'm newly freed up for time."
"That's what you wanna know? As it happens, we're actually waitin' on a pal...though we don't know if they'll be comin' back."
"They're only the strongest boss in all of Team Star! Like how there's a Top Champion who's the absolute number-one Trainer, y'know? They're the one who invited us other bosses to form the team. We call 'em the "big boss.""
"Wouldn't we like to know. We haven't heard from 'em in, I dunno...must be a year and a half now. We thought that if we kept Team Star going, then they'd get back in touch one day. But the teachers keep pressin' us to call it quits, and then we get party crashers like you two..."
"Maybe the big boss did ditch us... They were talkin' about breakin' up the team before and all."
"Heh. Is the sky blue? Let me put it in words you eggheads at the academy might understand..."
"They're my greatest treasure."
Team Star flashbacks
  • After Mela is defeated
"How 'bout we leave it at that, folks? It's almost time for the big event."
"They already got in touch with all the bullies and asked 'em to head over to the schoolyard."
"Seems our outift upgrades are all wrapped up, then! Thanks a ton, Atticus. With you two lookin' like absolute beasts, anyone who crosses us will be sweatin' bullets!"
"All right, gang. Let's move on to the next step. It's time to put our backs into our battle training so we're all prepped for Operation Star. We gotta be stronger than everyone else in the team—that's what bein' a boss means!"
"The problem's clearly that we're not givin' it enough juice. You designed this thing to be powered by two Charcadet, but it's just too heavy."
"Mela! Cool it, would ya?"
"You know, Mela shoots her mouth off an awful lot, but she means well."
  • After Eri is defeated
"Nah, don't worry 'bout it. We're the ones who asked you to put us through some tough battle practice so we can train up."
"See? Nothin' but gratitude. To us, you're the brightest star in the whole team!"
"Hold up—are you sayin' we should break up the team...? You gotta be joking!"
"I guess you're right... This little stunt might've put us up the creek."
"Why? There's no reason for you to stay shut in your room anymore, right?"
NaranjaS/Uva AcademyV
  • In the schoolyard, after Penny is defeated
"Yo, Big Boss! Long time no see!"
"OK, gang, on the count of three! One, two..."
"Hasta la vistar, Cassiopeia! ☆ And hello, Penny!"
"Does that mean what I think it means...?"
"Far as we heard, you only went through with it to save us from getting expelled! You were just worried about us, right?"
"We were already talkin' about how great it'd be to have both Team Star and school in our lives. This'd be a sweet deal for us!"
  • In the entrance hall
"Hmph... Guess we're still not exactly gettin' a warm welcome here, huh?"
"True story. We gotta fix this, my man. Time for a change of tack!"
"Buh? I mean, uhhh..."
"How 'bout we say a big, friendly howdy to everyone here? Like, just yell it. Loud as we can."
"Hold up—lemme explain. You know Ryme, right? She does this at her concerts, no joke. If the crowd ain't hyped at the start of the show, she'll shout the loudest greetin' you ever heard into the mike. Like "S'UP Y'ALL" or whatever! Lifts the mood like nobody's business."
"OK, smart guy. So we're optin' for the cold shoulder treatment forever, then, are we?"
"It would, wouldn't it? So yeah. Our only option is to yell at everyone so they know we're nice. Here, I'm gonna go for it..."
"EVERYONE HAVIN' A GOOD TIIIIIIME??!! C'mon, Ortega—you gotta do it, too!"
Segin Squad's Base
  • Upon initiating a Star Barrage rematch
"You gotta defeat 50 Pokémon in 10 minutes. Should be a breeze with your skills! All right, Segin Squad, time to take the stage! Let the music play!"
  • Upon losing or forfeiting a Star Barrage rematch
"Guess you were off your game, huh? Come challenge us again when you're back in form! Like a li'l angry Pokémon usin' Payback, you know? That's the mood I want from you!"
  • Upon winning a Star Barrage rematch
"This time, you defeated 50 Pokémon in... <number> minute(s) and <number> second(s)!"
"Here's <number> LP from me for your efforts. Hasta la vistar! ☆"
  • When approached
"Our old pal <player>!"
  • If spoken to
"Hey, it's my old pal, <player>! Lemme guess—you're here for a battle, right?"
Yes: "Thanks for answerin' the call of the stage! I'll have you dancin' to my tune in no time!"
No: "Whoa, that's actually kind of a bummer. Come back whenever you wanna tango!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Welcome to the main stage! DJ Vice here, kickin' off today's sessioooooon!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Should've known this'd turn into a battle of the bands. Sucks for you the audience is on my side!"
Upon first using Kingambit's Kowtow Cleave: "Heads up, bud—it's about to get evil up in here! You won't learn nothin' if I hold back, after all!"
Upon being defeated: "That's some next-level flow you've got there!"
  • After being defeated
"You turned my melody into a threnody... Can't say I'm too stoked about it, but nice work! Hasta la vistar! ☆"
  • If spoken to again on the same day
"You think I got it in me for an encore right now? I'm flattered, but that's just not happenin'. Save that energy for tomorrow, pal!"