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These are Clavell's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Game intro
"Paldea is a sprawling region bursting with lush nature and magnificent landscapes."
"It is also, of course, home to the mysterious creatures known to us as Pokémon."
"They reside here in great numbers, in fact."
"Pokémon can be found living all over: in the seas, in the skies—even in our cities and towns."
"We humans coexist with Pokémon, as we both help one another to live and thrive."
"NaranjaS/Uva AcademyV is here to help you learn even more about these precious partners."
"Within our halls, people from all regions gather to study together."
"And as Pokémon Trainers, they have their Pokémon do battle, growing alongside them... while our robust curriculum of coursework helps our students draw forth their fullest potential."
"It is within these halls that you will find your friends, your Pokémon, and your true self."
"We, the faculty and staff at NaranjaS/UvaV Academy, can't wait to welcome you with open arms."
Cabo Poco
  • Inside the player's house
"Do forgive the intrusion."
"You are...Mister/Miss <player>, yes? On behalf of the academy, I must apologize for the late arrival of your enrollment documents. Ah. And also for my delay in introducing myself."
"I am the director of NaranjaS/UvaV Academy. You may call me Mr. Clavell."
"Well, I am responsible for the entire academy—including any failures on its part..."
"So here at last are the enrollment documents that should have already been delivered to you."
"Ah, no need to trouble yourself..."
"Well, how can I refuse such a kind offer?"
  • If talked to before changing into the academy outfit
"Is your room upstairs? No need to concern yourself with me. Go on."
  • After changing into the academy outfit
"Yes, the uniform of our storied academy suits you quite well indeed."
"Oh, gracious. How very careless of me. I had entirely forgotten that I've something else for you, Mister/Miss <player>. A most important thing. But your living room is hardly the place for it. Would you care to follow me outside?"
  • Outside the player's house
"Right then, dear Pokémon. Time to come out of your Poké Balls."
"We provide each student entering the academy a Pokémon of their own. I'll ask you to choose which among these three you'd like to have as your partner."
"Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokémon."
"Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokémon."
"And Quaxly, the Duckling Pokémon."
"They're all very good company. Why, they usually refuse to even leave my side."
"What's this? Hmm. So it turns out they're more interested in you, Mister/Miss <player>, than familiar old me."
"I do wish I could stay and see which one you'll choose, but I must be off to my next home visit..."
"I'll be at the house just over there. Take your time with your decision, then come find me once your mind is made up."
"Now if you'll excuse me. Until next we meet."
"Not quite. Mister/Miss <player> has yet to make his/her choice, you see."
"I do wonder which of them he/she will choose as his/her first Pokémon..."
"I must say. I wasn't expecting to see you here quite so soon."
"Yes, this is our academy's newest student, Mister/Miss <player>. He/She will be attending as of today."
"Miss Nemona is president of our student council and a Champion-ranked Trainer in her own right."
"Easy, now—you two will be in the same class, so you'll have plenty of time to battle later! And get to know one another better, of course."
"On that note, Mister/Miss <player>..."
"Have you decided which of these Pokémon you would like to be your first partner?"
Sprigatito: "Would you like to go with our good Grass-type Pokémon Sprigatito here?"
Fuecoco: "Would you like to go with our good Fire-type Pokémon Fuecoco here?"
Quaxly: "Would you like to go with our good Water-type Pokémon Quaxly here?"
"Sprigatito/Fuecoco/Quaxly seems to have taken quite a liking to you, Mister/Miss <player>. This is your first Pokémon, yes? Please raise it with love and care. And of course, be sure to keep it tucked safely inside a Poké Ball."
"Oh, but...did you not receive a Pokémon when you entered the academy, Miss Nemona?"
"Indeed, a rather splendid idea. If you wish to raise one of these Pokémon on equal footing with Mister/Miss <player> here, I shall be more than happy to allow it."
"As you may have noticed, Miss Nemona is a tad overly fond of Pokémon battling. But I do hope you'll join her for a battle. It will help you get to know your own Pokémon as well."
  • If talked to after receiving a first partner Pokémon
"Miss Nemona was hoping you would join her at the beach, wasn't she? She'd be ever so happy if you agreed to a battle with her."
  • If the player tries to leave
"Miss Nemona awaits you at the beach, I believe."
  • At the beach
"Miss Nemona."
"I trust you remember that Mister/Miss <player> is wholly inexperienced in Pokémon battling?"
"Mister/Miss <player> and his/her Sprigatito/Fuecoco/Quaxly are surely weary already from that last battle."
"You two seem to be becoming fast friends, though you've only just met."
"Can I count on you to take your new schoolmate here under your wing, Miss Nemona? I'm sure he/she can learn a great deal from a Champion-ranked Trainer, such as yourself."
"Back in my day, we used ordinary paper and handwritten notes to compile our Pokédexes. It's quite the age we live in now."
"Ohoho... No, I suppose you can't."
"Yet no matter how much the times may change, the wonder of meeting new Pokémon never does. That is a truly timeless pleasure."
"And the more Pokémon that you encounter, the more you'll find yourself growing and changing. I hope you will both work hard toward the goal of completing your own Pokédexes."
"Now, Miss Nemona, I do still have a few matter to discuss with your parents. Could I depend on you to see Mister/Miss <player> to the academy? You would be doing me quite the favor."
"Then I leave him/her in your capable hands."
"All right, little one. It's time you and I were on our way."
  • Inside Nemona's house
"Do be careful on the way to school, Mister/Miss <player>."
NaranjaS/UvaV Academy
  • In the entrance hall
"Mister/Miss <player>. Miss Nemona. How did you find your first school commute?"
We had a blast!: "I imagine Miss Nemona's high spirits helped with that. She's a true asset to our fine academy.
It was tough!: "Oh dear, was it really? I suppose Miss Nemona must have led you on quite the adventure..."
"Not that I was expecting any less from our Champion-ranked student council president. Reliable as ever, Miss Nemona."
"You did?! Where?!"
"That is quite the news. Are they still to be found out there?"
"You don't say..."
"Of course it's a fine thing to try to help a fellow student, Mister/Miss <player>... But you might wish to show a bit of restraint as you find your feet here at our academy."
"And, Miss Nemona, do remember that the school's staff is here to resolve any such troubles."
"A child with an Eevee backpack, you say... I suppose that might have been Miss Penny. I'm relieved to hear she's come to class, at least."
"Ah, and Miss Nemona? It you'd be so good, do report to Mr. Jacq about this Team Star business. As your homeroom teacher, he should be kept apprised of all such goings-on."
"Ah, but look at the time. You two had better hurry along—classes will be starting soon."
  • In the cafeteria
"Ah, Mister/Miss <player>."
"Please do try to keep your voice down if you're making calls within the school, won't you?"
Regardless of choice: "You don't want anyone else overhearing any personal information, after all. Honestly... There are so many things we need to be careful about in this day and age. On you go, then, young man/lady."
"Team Star, you say...?"
  • In the director's office
"Thank you for coming, Mister/Miss <player>."
"Have you been enjoying your time here at NaranjaS/UvaV Academy?"
Yes: "That is most wonderful to hear."
No: "I see... Do remember I am always here to lend an ear should you find yourself struggling in any way."
"Now, you may be wondering why we could not have simply conversed earlier in the cafeteria. But let me assure you, there is a reason why I asked you to meet me here in my office. It seems that a friend of mine has a rather serious matter they would like to discuss with you."
"Ah, no, I'm afraid they aren't actually here in this room with us. One moment, please. Just allow me to connect us..."
"The professor is, in fact, a graduate of our fine academy, as well as a splendid researcher."
"Could this Pokémon have its origins within Area Zero...?"
"SadaS/TuroV... Don't tell me you actually did it..."
"Well, it seems that the professor is asking quite the favor of you. But of course the academy is always here to support you in any way that we are able. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy your school life, together with that KoraidonS/MiraidonV."
  • In the schoolyard
"Excellent. It seems everyone is here. Well then, it's time that I explained your independent study assignment. As usual, the theme will be "A Treasure Hunt"! I ask each of you to set out and travel the world in search of your own treasure. You have all learned much within the walls of our fine academy... But now it is time to turn your eyes upon the wider world and deepen your understanding. Explore Paldea's abundant nature, soak in its rich the Pokémon that live here...and get to know the people, too. Where will you travel? Who will you meet? And what will you achieve? Of course, your Pokémon partners will be there to help you. You will journey together...learn new things together...share each other's thoughts and feelings...and find something you might always treasure! I look forward to welcoming you all back after your independent study...when you return to us as fine young Trainers! Let the Treasure Hunt begin! Onward!"
  • Outside the academy
"Take care, everyone! And remember—the Great Crater of Paldea is exceedingly dangerous! Entering it is a violation of school rules!"
  • Before starting Iono's Gym Test
"Oh, <player>. What a coincidence, meeting you here."
"You are, er, too kind. Ha ha ha..."
"I feel that I owe the Pokémon League for many a past favor, so I am more than happy to help. Do bear with me as I try my best in my allocated role."
  • Upon starting the Gym Test
"Yes, I am."
  • Upon being found during the first part of the Gym Test
"Oh dear. It seems you've found me."
  • Upon being found during the second part of the Gym Test
"Oh? And here I thought I had blended into my surroundings quite well."
  • Upon being found during the third part of the Gym Test
"My, my. Admirably done. I hope you will find your treasure in your independent study with just as much ease."
First Team Star base, as Clive
  • Upon approaching the base
"Hold on a second!"
"Does this "Operation Starfall" of yours have room for one more member?"
"The name's Clive."
"No need to get your hackles raised. I'm a pal of our mutual friend here. Isn't that right, <player>?"
Regardless of choice: "Ahaha! Shy as ever, I see!"
"I'm well aware. I just need to sort out some...unsettled business with Team Star, that's all. Besides, I tend to get the job done well. Not that you can take my word for it, but it's true."
"Great. That settles it, then."
"I think I heard your name earlier... Cassiopeia, was it? Who exactly are you?"
"I see. In that case, I won't press you further."
"Yes. What would you have us do?"
""Put an end to their rule"...? You mean we need to oust these bosses from their roles somehow?"
"Ah, yes...I can see them over there."
"OK. I'm starting to get the idea."
"Sp let's say we defeat all the bosses and they step down from their roles... What happens next?"
"And what will you be doing in the meantime?"
"All right. And what will my role be?"
"You're a cautious one, all right... I respect that."
"Welp. Go get 'em, <player>!"
Regardless of choice: "I have no idea what you mean. But if anyone asks you about me, remember this... I'm Clive, a normal academy student just like you. Nothing more, nothing less."
  • Upon entering the base
"Careful now, <player>. Team Star has a unique way of doing battle. They call it a Star Barrage! To get through it, you'll need to use the R Button to send out multiple Pokémon and have them battle at the same time. If your Pokémon get low on health, come back here and I'll heal them up for you. The grunts you'll be facing will heal up their Pokémon, too, so stay sharp out there."
Second Team Star base, as Clive
  • Upon approaching the base
"Ah, it's you, <player>..."
Director Clavell?: "Like I said before, the name's Clive. Please don't forget it."
Clive?: ""
"Anyway, <player>... I owe you one. Thanks to you, I've been accepted into Operation Starfall."
Why did you join?: ""
What's your endgame?: "I need answers, that's all. How do I resolve this situation with Team Star...and what's causing its members' odd behavior?"
What situation?: ""
Odd behavior?: "Team Star is the subject of more than a few nasty rumors swirling around the academy, you know. Some say their bullying has caused a worrying number of students to drop out of school... Others say they're holed up in their bases, plotting to cause trouble for the academy."
"But these are rumors. The matter I am directly confronted with is something else... I'm talking about Team Star's persistent truancy. They've all been skipping class for a while now... Five of them in particular—the so-called "bosses" of Team Star—haven't so much as set foot inside a classroom for over a year. And it seems the team's rank and file have recently started stirring up mischief as well."
"That's why I took it upon myself to issue a direct order to Team Star to disband. I informed them that should they refuse, I would have no choice but to expel all students affiliated with their team..."
"But I'm afraid there's been no response. And the deadline I set for them to make their choice between dissolution or expulsion is nigh upon us. So you see, when I overheard you talking on the phone to Cassiopeia, it couldn't have come at a more crucial time..."
"Urk! *whisper whisper* Another time, then... *whisper whisper* Be careful..."
Third Team Star base, as Clive
  • Upon approaching the base
Hey, Director Clavell!: "As I've told you, the name's Clive. Please don't forget it."
Hey there, Clive!: ""
"Now, let's pick up our conversation from where we left off before. As I mentioned, I joined Operation Starfall to resolve a sticky situation and to find out the reasons behind Team Star's odd behavior. Above all, I want to know why the students in Team Star have stopped coming to school. And, just like Cassiopeia, I want the team to disband for good. Since joining Operation Starfall with you, I've already had some success in opening up a dialogue with Team Star. And I think I'm starting to understand things more clearly. But I don't have enough information just yet. That's why I want to speak with students from Team Star's other squads as well. If you intend to take on another base, know that you can count on me for backup. Till then, see you around, <player>."
Fourth Team Star base, as Clive
  • Upon approaching the base
"<player>... Operation Starfall is going well, wouldn't you say? Only two bosses left now. This whole experience has been eye-opening, to say the least. I'm glad I could take part."
"But I'm curious, <player>... What do you think of Cassiopeia?"
They can't be trusted: ""
They're doing the right thing: ""
They're a bag of riddles: "Is that so..."
I really don't know: ""
"Personally, I don't think Cassiopeia feels any hate or resentment toward Team Star. No, there must be some other reason behind Operation Starfall... But what could it be?"
"Well. I'd best get back to keeping watch. Call for me if you decide to take on the base, OK?"
Fifth Team Star base, as Clive
  • Upon approaching the base
"<player>! Cassiopeia!"
"Of course—it's the last base! I wouldn't want to miss out on the action!"
"Well...that's all water under the bridge. When we're finished with this base, will that be the end of Operation Starfall, then?"
"Do we have any leads on how to find them?"
"I see..."
"Cassiopeia's hung up? All right. Thanks to you, <player>, I've slowly but surely come to understand Team Star. I know what I need to do... And I know what my final decision will be..."
"For that, I can't thank you enough. Take care in that base, Mister/Miss <player>! ...Ah. Sorry for getting all polite there. Don't know what came over me."
  • After defeating the boss
"Nice work out there, <player>."
"Cassiopeia! Well done to you, too."
"Oh, that reminds me! I'm doing the whole supply-unit-rep thing this time, right?"
"So Cassiopeia was the big boss of Team Star this whole time... I scarcely thought it possible. But with this revelation, I just might have an inkling as to their true identity..."
"It seems we'll find our answers after dark in the academy's schoolyard. Let's prepare as best we can before heading over."
Segin Squad's Base, as Clive
"Sorry to interrupt, but are you Giacomo?"
"I'm just after a quick word. Would you mind?"
"Thanks. I'll get straight to it. It seems all of you in Team Star are headed for expulsion if you keep up your current activities. So why won't you break up the team and start attending class at the academy again?"
"A pal...? A close friend of yours, are they?"
"And where is this big boss of yours now?"
"... ... ..."
"So, Team Star and this big boss of yours... They're really that important to you?"
Schedar Squad's Base, as Clive
  • After the player defeats the base guard
"Cassiopeia told me to scope out the Fire crew's base. I thought I'd come give you some backup now that I'm through, but seems you're all set."
"Is, Charlos?"
"I thought so! What are you doing here?"
Is this Pokémon yours?: ""
Do you know this li'l fella?: "This is Charlos the Charcadet."
"He's one of the Pokémon the academy takes care of within its grounds."
"Ah! Charlos, wait! He ran off..."
"It looks like he may have some connection to Team Star's Fire crew... I'd better chase after him. Don't worry—I'll regroup with you soon enough! You press ahead into the base, <player>!"
  • After the player defeats Mela
"You're Mela from Team Star, right? There's a Pokémon I'd like you to see."
"It seems he came to this base looking for you."
"He's very attached to you, isn't he?"
"Do you have any idea why Charlos wanted to visit you...?"
"To me, it looks like he's saying that he wants you to come back..."
"They say Team Star has holed itself up in these bases to plot something against the academy. Were you aware of this?"
"Then what about that modified car you were motoring around in just now?"
"You never...used it before? And what's this about a big fight?"
"Operation Star...? Not Operation Starfall? No, this is the first I'm hearing of it."
Navi Squad's Base, as Clive
  • After the player defeats the base guard
"<player>! Are you all right? I was standing watch when I heard a ruckus all of a sudden. I got worried that maybe something had happened to you over here..."
"Is this boy one of the academy's students? He doesn't look like he's from Team Star..."
"Well, clearly you have your reasons for being here."
"<player>... I'd like to ask this boy some questions. You go ahead and get started on the base."
"Might I borrow you for a chat, my, man? Don't worry—I won't bite."
"It seems this little fella has been dying to speak with you face-to-face."
"You evidently trust this big boss of yours a great deal. Who exactly are they?"
"It seems we're one step closer to the truth behind Team Star's truancy—and the bullying at the academy. But more importantly... I can't believe I had no idea about these issues the students are struggling with... They have friendships they hold dear and reasons for acting as they do. I just couldn't see it. It's shameful how oblivious I've been."
Ruchbah Squad's Base, as Clive
  • After the player defeats Ortega
"The name's Clive."
"I want you to tell me something. You're the son of a wealthy family and heir to a major apparel company. So why join a group like Team Star?"
"So the academy really did use to have an issue with bullying..."
"Why? What happened to them?"
"But...but there aren't any records of that anywhere in the academy!"
"What?! Why would anyone do that?"
"A year and a half of studying abroad...?"
"So he tried to cover up the whole thing? That's terrible!"
"So that's why the current teachers were all brought in a year and a half ago..."
"Your friends in Team Star must mean a great deal to you."
Caph Squad's Base, as Clive
  • Before the player defeats the base guard
"The same to you...Eri, was it? Your Pokémon have clearly spent a lot of time honing their moves. But I'm surprised to find the boss herself out here defending the gates. Don't trust your grunts enough to put them on guard duty?"
"What a benevolent boss. Now, if you want to get on with our battle, I'm all ready on my side!"
"<player>! There you are! I started talking to this girl since she looked like she was with Team Star...then she and her Pokémon came at me without warning! We were just battling it out."
"Hey, <player>... My Pokémon and I are actually running on empty after that last battle. Sorry to spring this on you, but do you think you could handle this grunt alone?"
Yes: "Thanks. I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines!"
No: ""
  • After the player defeats Eri
"Looks like it's all over."
"This is the Team Star member you battled at the gates earlier. I asked her to come along for a talk."
"You seem to be on much friendlier terms with Eri compared to the other grunts. Why is that?"
"So let me started to pick on her?"
"Even after you bullied her like that... What a kind girl."
"Fun? There are rumors that Team Star likewise engages in bullying..."
"Ah, no... I merely..."
NaranjaS/UvaV Academy
  • Outside the academy, after the player defeats all Team Star bosses*
"'Sup, <player>."
Director Clavell?: "Oh, come on. The name's Clive, remember?"
Clive?: "Yup! That's my name."
" It's time for me to bring this little performance to an end. Allow me to reveal my true identity! Ha-hah!"
  • After revealing himself
"I do apologize for deceiving you with my disguise. In truth, the boy you knew as Clive was none other than the director of NaranjaS/UvaV Academy... Mr. Clavell!"
N-no way!: "Yes, this must be quite the shock! My disguise was perfect, after all."
I already knew that: "What?! But my disguise was perfect! Although, now that I think about it...I did neglect to keep up my youthful act on a few occasions. That must have been what gave me away."
"Regardless, there is still one more astonishing truth I must reveal to you."
"The true identity of Cassiopeia, the big boss of Team Star...was ME all along!!!"
For real?!: ""
That's impossible: "Honest to goodness!"
"When you heard Cassiopeia over the phone, that was actually a prerecorded voice. I pulled it off using, know, one of those...high-tech gizmos! Oh yes, it was very clever!"
"So, Mister/Miss <player>! Now you know I'm the big boss! That means there is just one thing left to do! Face me in one final showdown to decide it all!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I am Cassiopeia of Team Star! With this battle, I will finally bring Operation Starfall to an end!"
Upon sending out last Pokémon: "Heh. To think that I, Cassiopeia, would be backed into a corner like this."
Upon Terastallizing his Meowscarada/Skeledirge/Quaquaval: "Very well... It seems I shall have to Terastalize my Pokémon."
Upon first using Meowscarada's Flower Trick/Skeledirge's Torch Song/Quaquaval's Aqua Step: "Do take a step back, please. This may get dangerous."
Upon being defeated: "How strong you have grown..."
  • After being defeated
"Well now, Mister/Miss <player>... It seems you have grown quite splendidly over the course of your Treasure Hunt. And here, once again, I must apologize—I am not actually Cassiopeia."
"Though Clive and myself being the same person was no lie, mind you... Cassiopeia's true identity remains hidden. But I believe I can hazard a guess as to who they may be."
"That is why I sought to spare you from having to confront them in battle. Their sorrows...should not be yours to bear. However, Cassiopeia has settled on a course of action and is determined to see it through. I do not imagine any ordinary student could hope to stand against them and win. So, I challenged you to a battle to test your skill. If you had lost, it would have fallen to me to bring down Cassiopeia. Such was my resolve. But it turns out you are as strong as you are kind. If anyone has a chance at saving that poor child, it is surely you."
"As an educator it shames me to burden one of my students with such a task... But please...defeat Cassiopeia! Take on the big boss of Team Star and win!"
Yes, sir!: "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I leave this in your hands."
Leave it to me!: ""
"Ah! Ms. Tyme, a pleasure to see you."
"Ah, no, if I could just explain. You see, it is a rather sad tale..."
"A Stunky's b-b-behind?"
"Remember—the big boss asked us to meet them in the schoolyard after dark. I am counting on you, Mister/Miss <player>."
"Good gracious, no! A-anything but that, I implore you..."
  • In the schoolyard, at night, as Clive
"Sorry to keep you. The letter of apology Ms. Tyme had me— Errr... I mean, preparations took longer than expected."
"Penny. So it was you after— Ah. No, I mean... Is that you, Cassiopeia?"
"O-OK... Will do."
  • After the player defeats Penny, as Clive
"I'm glad I could see this through to the end."
"Hold that thought, Mis— Ah...Penny! I'd like to check something with you first."
"Why resort to something like Operation Starfall if you're the big boss of Team Star? Wasn't there any other way to handle this?"
"Why not simply order them to?"
"So, it's back to the code once again... The bosses must've taken it very seriously."
"Because the bosses would do anything the code required of them? Even leave the team?"
"Thus the idea for Operation Starfall..."
"Cassiopeia. Let me ask you one last thing. What does Team Star— No, what do your friends in the team mean to you?"
"Splendid. Thank you for apprising me of the situation, Miss Penny."
"Now, young lady, there's something I should very much like to discuss with you."
"...Indeed. Well then, before we talk further, allow me to reveal to you my own secret identity!"
  • After revealing himself again
"Just as Cassiopeia was your disguise, the boy you knew as Clive was mine!"
"I needed a way to talk to Team Star on equal terms. Students do tend to shy from speaking their mind to their teachers, after all... Much more so when faced with the director of the academy."
"Ahem! Well, that's quite enough of that for now."
"Everyone! Why don't you come on out?"
"Now then, Miss Penny—and each of you young bosses, as well. On behalf of the academy, I have something I would like to say to Team Star."
"You all sincerest apologies."
"As director of the academy, I let you down. My handling of your situation was a dismal failure..."
"You all told me about your reasons for forming Team Star and about your subsequent actions. Ever since my first days as director, all I've ever experienced of the academy is an environment blessedly free from bullying. But I now know this peace was built on the backs of your hurt and anger—and, of course, your immense courage in putting things to right. And so, I'll get straight to the conclusion."
"The academy's order for Team Star to disband and my threat to expel those who did not obey...are hereby revoked!"
"Indeed! Team Star can continue to exist, should that be your wish!"
"Hold on, everyone. I've more to say."
"As previously stated, the requirement for Team Star to disband has been revoked. However! There are still some unsettled matters to discuss. Allow me to provide a few examples..."
"Your protracted truancy! Your brazen customization of school uniforms! Your unauthorized usage of academy equipment! Your reckless modification and jeopardous driving of Pokémon-powered vehicles! Need I go on? Your flagrant disregard for school rules cannot simply be overlooked!"
"Thus, as punishment, you will all be required to engage in community service."
"Yes. Specifically, I will be asking you to manage the STCs."
"The Star Training Centers! They shall be facilities for cultivating Pokémon Trainers' talents. I plan for the academy to found them in collaboration with the Pokémon League. The idea came to me when I saw Mister/Miss <player> battling his/her way through your bases. The bases' construction, as well as the battle tactics employed by the students in Team Star, are remarkably unique and creative! I would ask that you continue your team activities but henceforth as STC staff members, using your former bases as training facilities. And that is the sum of it. Does anyone have any concerns?"
"No need to give your response right this moment, Miss Penny. Do take some time to decide."
"For now, at least, I think our little group should go their separate ways. Ah. Not to say you should break up Team Star after all! I simply meant it is time to leave."
"Mister/Miss <player>. Please stop by my office later, if you would."
  • In the director's office, after the player defeats Penny
"Ah, here you are, Mister/Miss <player>. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in resolving the situation with Team Star. If not for you, I suspect I would have done the team a grievous injustice in my choice of punishment for their actions. You have my sincere gratitude."
"Who is it?"
"Ah, Miss Penny! Do come in."
"That's wonderful news. Thank you very much for your favorable response."
"Why so? Because of Operation Starfall?"
"And what would that be?"
"Ah. I see. That is...quite the revelation. I did not think such a thing was even possible in the first place."
"Hmm. This matter is rather out of my jurisdiction, I'm afraid. I will have to consult Ms. Geeta, the Pokémon League chairwoman, on how best to proceed."
"I do apologize, Mister/Miss <player>, but I will have to ask you to give us some privacy."
  • In the director's office, after completing The Way Home
"Would you join us, Mister/Miss <player>?"
"No need for concern, you two. I'm not angry in the slightest."
"I merely called you all here to discuss your fine achievements in this year's Treasure Hunt. You shut down the professor's time machine and thus prevented the ancient PokémonS/Pokémon from the futureV from running rampant across Paldea. Your actions were truly outstanding in every regard, and I couldn't be prouder of you all. Though your decision to enter a strictly off-limits area was admittedly...regrettable."
"However. Since this was necessary to protect Paldea and its precious ecosystems, I am willing to overlook that particular point."
"Oh! Before I forget, Mister/Miss <player>, there's something I would like you to have. Each of your friends has received one already, so this one is for you."
"Oh, and about the Hall of Fame Badge I gave you a short while ago—that gift is one we bestow only upon students who achieve truly remarkable feats. I expect you to honor what that badge represents by striving always to serve as a model for your fellow students."
You can count on me!: "Splendid. Such enthusiasm will surely take you far in life."
I guess I'll try...: ""
"And, Mister Arven...I was so sorry to hear about the professor. You have my deepest condolences."
"Well said, Mister Arven. You truly are your mother'sS/father'sV son. Of course, I must remind you that you've nowhere near enough credits to graduate. You'll need to study frantically to catch up, but I have every expectation of your success."
"And let us not forget the other good news! Our academy has a new Champion! Though we sadly cannot make your valiant deeds in the Great Crater known to the public, your new Champion Rank, at least, should be celebrated throughout the whole school!"
"A Pokémon battle contest, you say... While your own vested interests in such a venture are more than apparent, Miss Nemona, I think it's a fine idea! But please understand that a large-scale event will be quite beyond us. We've many other school activities to keep an eye on, after all..."
"Well, well! A most kind offer, Chairwoman Geeta."
"I say, it's wonderful to see you all showing such initiative. You each have a crucial role to play. Penny assisting the League, our new Champion inspecting Gyms, Nemona arranging the event... Give it your best, everyone!"
  • Introducing the first Academy Ace Tournament
"Excellent. It seems everyone is here."
"Some of you will certainly have heard the happy news."
"We have a new Champion here at NaranjaS/UvaV Academy! Yes, none other than our very own Mister/Miss <player>!"
"It gives me great joy to see one of our students achieve this feat during their time at the academy."
"Today's tournament was organized by your student council president, Miss Nemona, in celebration of her friend's accomplishment."
"I invite all of you here to see for yourselves the impressive strength of our new Champion. Not to mention the talents of those students claiming the spotlight for the first time today... And, of course, the superb battle prowess and acumen of our esteemed faculty."
"Now, without further ado, let the Academy Ace Tournament—our School Battle Brawl—begin!"
  • After defeating Jacq
"Mr. Jacq! Did I hear you correctly just now?!"
  • Concluding the first Academy Ace Tournament
"I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who made this extraordinary tournament possible. Each and every Trainer demonstrated beautifully the bond they share with their Pokémon. I couldn't take my eyes off any of the matches!"
""Taking lessons from tradition—growing stronger and greater." That is our motto at NaranjaS/UvaV Academy... And the tournament truly lived up to our ideals! Now, I'm aware my speeches tend to get a little, shall we say, overlong, so I'll wrap it up there. I now turn the floor over to our special guest, Chairwoman Geeta."
"Thank you, Chairwoman Geeta."
"Now, alas, it is time for this wonderful tournament to come to an end... BUT! This event seems to me to be a wonderful way to build rapport between faculty and students and invigorate the wider community beyond our walls."
"So... I hereby declare that the Academy Ace Tournament will not end as a one-time event and will continue to be held regularly!"
"I do hope you'll participate next time, Miss Nemona."
"Well, dear students and staff, that wraps up our very first Academy Ace Tournament. Thank you again for joining us here today, and I hope you're all excited for the next one!"
NaranjaS/UvaV Academy
  • In the director's office
"Oh? Why hello, Mister/Miss <player>. How is your Treasure Hunt coming along? Having all sorts of fun adventures, I hope?"
Yeah, it's been great!: "Wonderful. I'm glad to hear it. Do keep in mind that the Treasure Hunt has no set course or criteria you must follow. Simply go where your heart takes you, and you shall do splendidly."
It's not going so well...: "Oh my. Is that so... Do keep in mind that the Treasure Hunt has no set course or criteria you must follow. Simply go where your heart takes you, and you shall do splendidly."
"Speaking of such pursuits, there has been something on my mind of late."
"If I could ask for your expertise on the matter, I would be most grateful. You see, I recently heard a word whose meaning escapes me. I believe it to be some sort of slang. Tell me, what does "cheugy" mean?"
Something super cool: "I see! So one might say, "Today's lesson was the cheugiest!" Is that right?"
Being outdated and uncool: "Ah... I think I understand. For both speaker and recipient, it is not a pleasant word, I take it..."
It's a really chewy gumball: "A...very chewy gumball? So it is some sort of confection that children are partial to recently?"
"The words used by younger people these days are quite beyond my comprehension. But when I learn the meanings behind the words, I find that I feel that much closer to my students. I am most grateful to you for your help on that front."
"Ah, Mister/Miss <player>. How kind of you to stop by. I must say, I am pleased to see you on school grounds again. Travel and adventure certainly have their place, but it does one good to attend class as well, no? Speaking of which, there is something I would very much like to ask you... I understand you have joined a variety of classes during your time here at the academy. But, if I may ask, which of our faculty members has made the most favorable impression on you?"
Mr. Jacq: ""
Ms. Tyme: ""
Ms. Raifort: ""
Mr. Salvatore: ""
Ms. Dendra: ""
Mr. Hassel: "Oho. Mr. Hassel from art class, you say? Yes, he is a fine teacher. A most passionate and enthusiastic fellow."
Mr. Saguaro: ""
Nurse Miriam: ""
Director Clavell: "M-me?! Are you quite sure? I suspect some element of diplomacy may be at work here, but if that is indeed how you feel...then I am most happy to hear it."
"We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful teachers and staff members at NaranjaS/UvaV Academy. I firmly believe that our faculty is second to none in their commitment to our students' ongoing education and well-being."
"Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, Mister/Miss <player>."
"Thank you for the visit, Mister/Miss <player>."
"A good friend of mine has been telling me of your recent exploits."
A good friend?: ""
You mean Clive?: "Ha ha... I'll leave their identity to your imagination."
"But now, lest I forget, there is another matter I would very much like your opinion on. Do you know what manner of gentleman's hairstyle is considered cool, as it were, among the youth these days?"
Short styles: "Oh? Is that so? I suppose I have indeed seen some of the academy's male students sporting such a style."
Two-block cuts: ""
Bowl cuts: ""
Long locks: ""
Giant pompadours: ""
"Could it be, then, that the pompadour has already had its day in the sun...? Perhaps I ought to consider a change of wig..."
"Ah. That is to say... Never mind. Thank you for your insight, Mister/Miss <player>. It was most enlightening."
"Thank you again for your outstanding work on Operation Starfall. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we were able to help Miss Penny as we did. And I know she is exceedingly grateful to you for your part in all this."
"So, I have one more thing to ask of you—though the request is admittedly of a delicate nature. Do you think you could continue being good friends with Miss Penny as you have thus far?"
Regardless of choice: "I must say...I truly am glad to have you as one of my students at the academy."
"I believe you've more than earned this small token of my appreciation."
"I hope that you will always stay just as wonderful as you are now, Mister/Miss <player>."
  • If talked to after
"I'm so glad that you came to NaranjaS/UvaV Academy, Mister/Miss <player>."
Via Rotom Phone
  • ???
"This is Clavell. Do I have the pleasure of speaking with Mister/Miss <player>?"
Regardless of choice: "My, my. It certainly does this old heart good to be greeted with such a lively response."
"Now, if I could take but a moment of your time, there is something we must discuss."
"Mister/Miss <player>'re about to be presented with an exceptional opportunity."
"You already know of the Unova region's Blueberry Academy, I presume?"
Of course!: "Indeed. Tales of your school trip to Kitakami with the Blueberry cohort reached even my office!"
What's that?:
"In any case, the director of Blueberry Academy happens to be an old friend of mine."
"And he told me that he would be delighted to host you as an exchange student at his school."
"I believe it would be a fine chance for you to learn even more about the world."
"One should always take advantage of new challenges like this, don't you think?"
"Though I must confess-I was a bit surprised that Blueberry's director would specify you by name..."
"Still, I think it best that you meet the man at least once to find out what he might be thinking."
"He is admittedly a bit of a character, but not to worry-I'll be there with you when you meet him."
"Once you feel ready to respond to his offer, I ask that you come by my office so we can discuss the specifics together."
"Ah! Do feel free to prioritize your ongoing school trip. though, if you wish."
"This student exchange matter can wait a little while."
"Now, I won't take up any more of your time. Do take care until we speak again."