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These are Briar's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

NaranjaS/UvaV Academy
  • In the entrance hall
"Hm? Are you...? Oh, you must be! You're one of the students chosen for the school trip, aren't you? And your name was...?"
<player>!: "<player>, huh? Well, aren't you full of fire. You're positively dazzling!"
<player>, ma'am: "<player>, huh? Well, aren't you a polite one. You're positively dazzling!"
"Oh, and you even have a Tera Orb! I guess Paldea is rich enough in resources for that sort of thing to be a common sight at school... Unless that's not the case? Are you perhaps an especially exceptional student?"
"Oh, but here I go on and on, and I haven't even introduced myself! Call me—"
"Well, as Mr. Jacq so kindly stated for me, my name is Briar. I'm a teacher over at Blueberry Academy."
"This year is Blueberry Academy's turn to run our joint school trip and supervise the students. That's why I came here to collect you. We'll be heading to Kitakami, a land known for its picturesque fields and rice paddies. The place has a rustic feel, but there's also something rather mysterious about it. You see, the same energy present in Paldea's Terastal phenomenon has been detected there! I'm hoping to do some digging into the matter myself—in between my supervising duties."
"Though I'd ALSO appreciate the chance to take a good look around the Great Crater of Paldea..."
"Oh, I know. I've already put in all the proper applications. I trust that I'll get a favorable response soon?"
"Haha! your Mr. Jacq is quite charming, isn't he? Delightfully direct when he wants to be."
"Now then, <player>... It's quite a trip to the land of Kitakami. I hope you don't mind flying. Or long bus rides. Let me know as soon as you're ready to set out, won't you?"
  • If talked to again
"Are you ready to set out for Kitakami, <player>?"
No: "You'll be able to come back to Paldea whenever you want, so don't worry too much, OK?"
Yes: "Great! We'll set out together as a group once the other students arrive. I hear you were all chosen for this trip by lottery, so this may be the first time you meet! I know my role is to chaperone you kids around, but I fully intend to have some fun of my own while I'm at it—just so you're aware! By the way... Do you know of the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV?"
I know it: "As you should. It was the most influential book of the century on the subject of the paranormal."
Never heard of it: "Really? Well, that's unexpected. I'm quite sure at least one copy was donated to this school."
"The author of the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV, Heath, was in fact an ancestor of mine. I even have his original manuscript."
"Look here—these are the pages that were blacked out and made illegible in the published version of the book."
"The Pokémon depicted on these pages is called Terapagos. It's a mysterious Pokémon that Heath allegedly encountered when he delved even further into the depths of Area Zero... Not that the general public believed him."
"It's my dream to find Terapagos and prove that Heath's records were all true. Though I haven't yet been able to secure permission to enter Area Zero, unfortunately..."
"But that's fine! It'll all be fine. All I need to do now is focus on the work that's in front of me."
"Looks like the gang's all here. All right everyone! To the land of Kitakami!"
Kitakami Road
"Hahaha! Well, you all survived the long trip! And we haven't lost anyone along the way?"
"Then welcome to the land of Kitakami! This is the stage for all the new experiences and learning opportunities you'll have out in nature!"
"It's actually my first time here too. Why, the rice fields really are just dazzling!"
"Up ahead is Mossui Town. That will be our base of operations for the duration of the trip!"
"Uh-oh! All that travel must have given you a dose of motion sickness, hm? Why don't we pause here for a moment and take in the sight of these fields?"
"Now, <player>... I have a little request for you. Could you run ahead to the community center in Mossui and let the caretaker know we're here? It would also be great if you could explain that one of our students is feeling unwell."
Regardless of choice: "I knew I'd be able to count on you. On your way, then! I'll look after your poor travel buddy here."
  • If talked to again
"Could you run ahead to the community center in Mossui and let the caretaker know we’re here?"
  • If talked to after the player defeats Carmine
"Motion sickness happens when something upsets the sensory system in your ears that helps you maintain balance. All that shaking will do it!"
Mossui Town
"<player>! I owe you one for fetching the caretaker. Our little travel buddy is feeling much better now too."
"Oh, right... Those two kids were originally from this town, weren't they..."
  • Inside the community center
"Thank you for the tour, sir."
"All right, kids, do you have anything to say to the staff who'll be taking such good care of us?"
"You must all be tired after such a long day. I know it's a bit early still, but why don't we have dinner, then call it a night?"
"You're free to spend the rest of the evening as you like in the community center. But remember that tomorrow, the program will be officially kicking off. Don't stay up too late, or you might oversleep!"
  • If talked to
"The Blueberry students will join us tomorrow. I hope you all get along!"
  • The next day, outside the community center
"Morning, everyone! Did you sleep well? Starting today, you'll be joined by our two students from Blueberry Academy."
"Go on, kids! Time to introduce yourselves."
"Wonderful! What an innovative idea for a group activity!"
"Ah, yes. Real...rad..."
"Remember that one of the goals of this trip is to deepen the ties between our two schools. It seems like having someone who knows the area well would be a big help. That being said... Let's try to maximize the number of interschool pairs, OK? Time to mingle!"
"Nicely done, kids! Nothing like a friendly battle to get to know someone!"
  • Inside the community center, if talked to
  • Before the Festival of Masks begins
"Finally time to kick off this school trip in earnest. Get out there and do some orienteering! You've come all the way here to Kitakami, so you should see everything it's got to offer!"
  • During the Festival of Masks
"On your way to check out the local festival? Fine by me—just don't stay out too late!"
  • The day after the Festival of Masks begins
"The candy fruits at the Festival of Masks had such an interesting flavor..."
  • Two days after the Festival of Masks begins
"Some student pairs haven't finished the orienteering assignment yet. In the meantime, why not do some exploring? Enjoy Kitakami to your heart's content!"
Crystal Pool
  • After the player defeats the Milotic
"The energy coming from those crystals at the bottom of the pool... I knew it!"
"Hi there, Carmine. And <player>, too! I thought you were paired with other students. Did you decide to switch things up?"
"I'm aware that this is sacred ground, yes. I did get permission from the caretaker, though. Was that not sufficient?"
"Oh, just doing a bit of field research. I was interested in the properties of the water here. And, hunch was on the money!"
"You see, the Crystal Pool's waters emit energy of the same wavelength as Terastal energy. Though I have no idea why that is... Once I figure that out, I might be able to stabilize the Terastal phenomenon in regions other than Paldea!"
  • If talked to
"If I can just get the Terastal phenomenon to reliably occur in regions other than Paldea, that should bring me one step closer to Terapagos..."
Mossui Town
  • Inside the community center, if talked to after visiting the Crystal Pool
"Have you seen crystals like the ones in the Crystal Pool back home in Paldea?"
Loyalty Plaza
"Hey there, <player>! This is Briar. It seems all student pairs have completed their orienteering as of this morning. The caretaker wanted to have some words, so could you head back to the community center?"
"Ah, Carmine is with you? Wonderful, that's one less phone call I have to make."
"You kids never cease to amaze me. It seems you became fast friends the moment you spend even the briefest amount of time together. Well, head on over to the community center! I'll be there with the rest of the students."
Mossui Town
  • Outside the community center
"Ah, <player>!"
"Everybody's here—well, most of us are here, anyway."
"Now then, the caretaker has some words for us. Let's all give him our full attention!"
"I'm sorry for suddenly springing this on you, but Carmine, Kieran, and I will need to return to Blueberry Academy a little early."
Regardless of choice: "Again, truly sorry, but there have been some developments concerning the Great Crater. I'm afraid we really must be heading back. I realize I was here as your chaperone, but you kids have all proven to be very capable. I'm sure you'll be fine without me."
"Thank you so much for looking after them in my stead."
"Now then... Carmine, I believe you had something you wanted to say?"
"Each moment spent with you kids is just dazzling. For an adult like me? Heh... It's almost blinding."
"Anyway, that about wraps up this school trip! Let's all give our caretaker a great big thank-you!"
Blueberry Academy
  • Inside Classroom 1-4
"Thank you all for coming. I'm pleased to inform you that some very special guests are here to see you today. They left for a tour of the school mere minutes ago, but I believe they'll return soon enough. In the meantime, I'll fill you all in on the situation. Please have a seat."
"Ah, <player>! I'd heard you were busy battling your way up the BB League... But to think you'd make it as far as Champion! What a dazzling accomplishment!"
"My apologies... That was insensitive of me. Let me get straight to today's topic, then."
"I want all of you here to join me...on an expedition to the secluded and mysterious Area Zero!"
"My main goals are to investigate the Terastal phenomenon and to gather samples of the crystals present in the crater. But to be honest, I also have one more ambition for this trip. I'm hoping that we can find Terapagos, the Legendary Pokémon slumbering in Area Zero!"
"There you are, Geeta! I was just getting the kids up to speed."
"By all means."
"You reached out to me, as I've been requesting access to the area for quite some time now."
"This is entirely voluntary, of course, but it would be very reassuring to have you with us! What do you say? Will you join our little team as we explore Area Zero?"
"Your support will be very useful as always, Carmine. I appreciate having you on board."
"Then it's decided! It's too bad that Drayton won't be joining us, but it seems the team will consist of Carmine, Kieran, <player>, and myself."
"I'm grateful for the opportunity, Geeta. Leave it to me."
"My dream of exploring Area Zero is finally becoming a reality!"
"Now, time to prepare! Let's meet by the bridge at the academy entrance as soon as we're ready!"
  • At the entrance
"Are you ready to travel to Area Zero, <player>?"
Yes: "Splendid! We're finally ready to set off, then!"
No: "I don't mean to rush you, but...just keep in mind that I'm positively itching to get going!"
"Are you two feeling all right? Well enough to travel, at least?"
"That's the spirit, Kieran!"
"All right, then. Shall we?"
Area Zero
  • Upon arrival
"We made it... I-I'm finally here... Area Zero! The place I've dreamed about for years!"
"Oh! You must be that Pokémon that was reportedly first discovered in Area Zero!"
"I'm very intrigued by this specimen, but alas, that's not what we're here for. We're here to go to the deepest depths of Area Zero... And see what's even deeper!"
Regardless of choice: "Heath mentioned in his writings that he fell from the depths to someplace even deeper."
"Yes! It's quite curious, isn't it?"
"However, Heath also wrote that he was utterly unable to recall how he got down there. If his writings are to be believed, there must be an entire uncharted space below Area Zero..."
"Well, either way, we should start by making for the Zero Lab down in the depths. You take the lead, <player>."
  • In front of the Zero Lab
"This is the Zero Lab, I take it? The structure's exterior matches Geeta's description, at least."
"Well, yes and no. This is the deepest point that the Area Zero Expedition managed to reach long ago. You know, I've been told that the lowest level of this laboratory contains a mysterious room whose purpose is entirely unknown. However, where I want to go is even deeper than that..."
"Well then, can we count on you to unlock the gate, <player>?"
"It opened before though, right? Is there some extra step we're missing?"
Regardless of choice: "I see... So last time, you went through a series of steps to unlock the gate, and the professor was also there to guide you from the inside..."
""Indigo Disk"... What could it mean by that?"
"Oh? Geeta gave you a mysterious item before we departed, did she? You think that's it?"
  • If talked to before entering the Zero Lab
"So the disk Geeta gave you ended up being the key to the Zero Lab... My, what a dazzling surprise!"
Zero Lab
  • After entering the lab
""Down," you say?!"
"Oh my! Did you use this elevator last time to reach the mysterious room I mentioned earlier?"
Sure did!: "How exciting!"
I...think so?: "Oh? Did you already forget what happened last time you were here? Perhaps this is a side effect of prolonged exposure to Area Zero..."
"Well, we've no time to waste. Let's go down!"
  • If talked to before entering the elevator
"Come now, let's keep making our way down!"
  • Inside the elevator
"Oh, wonderful! This elevator just keeps going further and further down!"
"As far as I know, there is only one elevator inside the Zero Lab... So the panel must have been referring to the elevator we're currently inside."
"Hohoho... Where, indeed?"
Area Zero Underdepths
  • Upon arrival
"Oh my... OH MY GOODNESS!"
"Yes! According to my data, our current position is far deeper than where we last were! Could the elevator have taken us even further down than its previous destination?"
"Oh my... Oh my, this is... This is a report written by the esteemed Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV!"
"Terapagos is the hidden treasure of Area Zero?! And it's slumbering in the form of...a crystal? And what is this about a Stellar Tera Type?"
"Brilliant! Absolutely marvelous! To think there was so much that Heath didn't write about! These documents are a veritable treasure trove! And we've only just begun our expedition!"
"I still haven't gotten my fill of these documents, but...OK! Let's go! It would be best to discover the truth with our own eyes, after all!"
  • If talked to before continuing
"I'm going to read every single one of these documents when we return!"
  • Upon approaching the first crystal cluster
"Hold on, hold on! PLEASE, hold on!"
"This is quite likely a manifestation of pure Terastal energy... We have no idea what might happen if we try to destroy it with brute force."
"Hrmmm... Hm?"
"There are Pokémon all the way down here?! And what's going on with this one? It seems to be charged with some kind of strange energy..."
After the player sends out their first Pokémon: "What on earth is that energy?! couldn't be?!"
  • After the wild Glimmora has been defeated
"It's just like in that report we found earlier... What we just witnessed was a Pokémon wielding the powers of each and every type. That means it must have had the Stellar Tera Type!"
"I can't say for certain, I don't think so. The professor's notes said the hidden treasure of Area Zero is slumbering in crystal form. The Glimmora you just fought off doesn't fully fit that description, so I don't think it's the Pokémon the professor called Terapagos."
  • If talked to before destroying the second crystal cluster
"It seems we've found another one of those crystal flowers... Could the Terastal energy that's saturating the air be condensing into a crystallized form?"
  • If talked to before destroying the third crystal cluster
"Watch your footing. If you slip and fall into the abyss, we won't be able to help you."
  • After the third crystal cluster has been destroyed
"Hey, <player>! The path opened up!"
"Sorry we have you doing all the work. We really appreciate it, <player>!"
"Now then, it appears the Terastal energy around us is growing more dense the farther down we go. Come. We've no time to lose!"
  • If talked to before destroying the fourth crystal cluster
"Marvelous! The Terastal energy here is positively overflowing!"
  • After the fourth crystal cluster has been destroyed
"Hahaha! You two are simply dazzling as always!"
"I'm picking up a truly astounding level of Terastal energy! It seems to be coming from in there..."
"Ooh, I can't wait another second! The truth behind the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV is so close now!"
  • After entering Terapagos's room
"There, Kieran—up ahead! There's something among those pillars!"
"Give me a moment. I just need to check something..."
"Found it! This crystal is definitely what we're looking for!"
"Go on, Kieran—pull with everything you've got! Show us the hidden treasure of Area Zero!"
"There's no doubting it! This crystal must be Terapagos!"
"Very well done, Kieran! The fact that you brought along a Master Ball tells me you were well prepared for this! Now I can study Terapagos whenever I want... But! There's no time like the present! Think you could give us a little demonstration of Terapagos's power right now?"
  • If talked to before battling Kieran
"Ooh, I can hardly contain myself! I simply MUST see Terapagos's power right away!"
  • In battle, against Kieran
When Terapagos reaches low HP: "Terapagos's power should be far greater than this. Could it be...we're missing something?"
  • After Kieran has been defeated
"No. Something's not right. Its Terastal energy output is far too low. Not to mention the fact that it looks different from the illustration in the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV..."
"No, I'm sure it is. We must be missing something—a way to transform it into the treasure..."
"Of course! Terapagos is made of Terastal energy! Kieran! You must Terastallize Terapagos this instant!"
"If my hunch is correct, Terapagos will resonate with the energy from your Tera Orb... And the hidden treasure will finally reveal its true brilliance!"
"I KNEW IT! The Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV was right! Terapagos in its fully awakened form... THIS is the hidden treasure of Area Zero!"
  • In battle, against Stellar Form Terapagos
After sending out first Pokémon: "Its energy output is going haywire! We're all in serious danger if we can't bring it under control! I'm sorry, kids, but need to stop Terapagos!"
After first dealing damage to Terapagos: "It's using a barrier to reduce damage?! In that case, Terastallizing your Pokémon might help!"
Once the player is able to Terastallize: "Now's your chance! Use Terastallized Pokémon to strike back!"
After the first barrier breaks: "What?! It absorbed Terastal energy?!"
After the second barrier is put up: "It put up another barrier of such strength?! Did it use the Terastal energy it absorbed to do so?"
Once the player is able to Terastallize again: "Now, <player>! Terastallize your Pokémon so it shines once more!"
After the second barrier breaks: "It absorbed Terastal energy yet again?! Surely it can't keep doing that over and over, though..."
After the third barrier breaks: "It looks like it can't absorb any more energy or put up another barrier! Time to attack!"
  • After Terapagos has been caught
"Is everyone OK?!"
We're fine—don't worry!: "Oh, thank goodness... What a relief..."
Yup! How about you?: "I-I'm fine, thank you. Perfectly unharmed..."
"I let my obsession lead you all into a very dangerous situation... It's simply inexcusable. I'm so sorry, everyone..."
"Yes... You're absolutely right..."
"Oh, you two must've been so scared... But you all shone brilliantly just now. You were truly dazzling! And in the end, our <player> even managed to catch Terapagos! So I think we can consider our little expedition into Area Zero good and finished. Time to head back to Blueberry Academy!"
Blueberry Academy
  • After leaving Area Zero
"I need to get in touch with Geeta... No, scratch that. I need a publisher first!"
  • Inside Classroom 1-4
"Hey, <player>! Glad to see you. You feeling rested and recovered after our big adventure down in the underdepths?"
Yes: "Oh, youth really is an enviable thing! I'm still feeling all wrung out despite having been back for a while now!"
No: "Really? I thought you'd be all chipper by now. Youth is on your side, after all!"
"But on to why I called you here. Since our return, I've been writing up everything we discovered on our expedition. Honestly, I've hardly slept! I've obtained Geeta's permission to turn it all into a book, but don't worry—I've made sure to skip a few details and omit the names of those involved. So voilà! A proof copy of the book, freshly delivered from my publisher, just for you."
"I behaved recklessly in the underdepths. I don't know what we would've done if it weren't for you. You truly deserve a copy of this book—I just hope it's sufficient as an apology."
"Ah! But there was something else I needed to check with you... Would you mind showing me your Tera Orb, <player>?"
"Hmm, I thought as much. It's behaving just like Kieran's and Carmine's orbs... I think it might be because your orbs were directly exposed to the energy from Terapagos. Kieran and Carmine say that ever since the underdepths, they've been able to Terastallize their Pokémon without charging their Tera Orbs."
"Actually, there's one more piece of news I should share with you related to those deepest depths! You know the Terarium Core that hangs from the ceiling of the Terarium? Well, until now, I'd been keeping it topped up with a mixture of Paldean soil and water from the Crystal Pool in Kitakami. That's how we've been able to stabilize the Terastal phenomenon on our academy grounds. But the other day, I tried adding crystals I'd collected from the underdepths to that mix—and it caused the properties of the core to change! The result? Pokémon shining in rainbow colors have started appearing all over the Terarium! And they have the Stellar Tera Type! Thanks to this, my research into the Terastal phenomenon is shining brighter than ever!"
"Oh, and there was one last thing... A man in a blue suit was looking for you over by the entrance to the academy."
"That's all I have to report for now! Thanks for setting aside some time to chat. I'm off to pay a visit to my publisher, so I'll leave you to it. Next time we meet, I'll ask you for a good long look at Terapagos. Till then!"