Briar's Book

Briar's Book (Japanese: ゼロの秘宝 Hidden Treasure of Zero) is a Key Item introduced in Generation IX. It is a copy of Briar's book about her and the player's expedition to the Area Zero Underdepths, titled The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

Briar's Book
Hidden Treasure of Zero
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Briar's Book
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Introduced in Generation IX
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In the core series games


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If the player has Terapagos either in their party or Pokémon Storage System and brings Briar's Book to the Crystal Pool, a strange mist causes Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV to appear before them. After a brief discussion with the Professor, the player exchanges Briar's Book for their copy of the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV.


Games Description
SV A proof copy of the exploration notes covering the Area Zero Underdepths. It's filled with long paragraphs describing what happened, along with Briar's thoughts.


Games Method
SVID Blueberry Academy (from Briar after catching Terapagos)


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 零之秘寶 Lìhng jī Beibóu
Mandarin 零之秘寶 / 零之秘宝 Líng zhī Mìbǎo
  French Livre de Bria
  German Briannas Buch
  Italian Libro di Rea
  Korean 제로의 비보 Zero-ui Bibo
  Spanish Libro de Brie

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