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Decision at Ancient Retreat
Player chooses Adaman during Mission 13 Player chooses Irida during Mission 13
Mission 13 - "Disaster Looming"
Ancient Retreat
After the player chooses a clan leader
"Thought so! You can count on me"
"Right—and we'd better get a move on! No time to waste!"
"I'll meet you wherever we decide to go. We'd be in hot water if we were seen traveling together."
"Leftover? Think again. <player> trusts me enough to leave the tough job up to me alone. I'll be keeping an eye on the commander, so I can let you all know if anything happens."
"All right, Irida... You and <player>... Well, you two do what needs doing."
If the player tries to leave
"So, where are you headed?"
Mission 14 - "The Trial of Lake Verity"
Obsidian Fieldlands (Lake Verity)
Outside Verity Cavern
"Let's do this, <player>!"
Inside Verity Cavern
"There's something about this place I can't quite put into words..."
"Trounce that thing, <player>! Prove to the Pokémon of the lake how strong you are!"
After the player defeats/catches the alpha Goodra
"That's the way, <player>! I can tell by watching that you and the Pokémon you've caught in those little balls truly understand one another. Now, let's see about the Pokémon of the lake..."
After Mesprit appears
"So it speaks from its mind straight to yours... Makes sense for a Pokémon that embodies an aspect of the mind, I guess."
Mission 15 - "The Trial of Lake Valor"
Crimson Mirelands (Lake Valor)
Outside Valor Cavern
"In we go, <player>!"
Inside Valor Cavern
"Let's see what we're up against."
"Watch it, <player>! I've heard about this one from my grandfather. Those quills—they're venomous!"
After the player defeats/catches the alpha Overqwil
"That's my <player>!"
After Azelf appears
"Did those balms just...appear out of nowhere? I guess you're meant to throw them at Azelf..."
Mission 16 - "The Trial of Lake Acuity"
Alabaster Icelands (Lake Acuity)
Outside Acuity Cavern
"Let's go, <player>!"
Inside Acuity Cavern
"Now let's see what's waiting for us..."
"I know you don't need me to tell you this, <player>, but I've still got to say it... Be careful around that thing!"
After the player defeats/catches the alpha Zoroark
"Knew you could do it, <player>!"
Mission 17 - "Atop Mount Coronet"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
"There you are, <player>! Irida's already headed to Mount Coronet. How're things looking here?"
"He's already started up the mountain?! He must be more reckless than that dignified manner of his lets on. Not that I can blame anyone for wanting to avoid wasting time."
"Well, all right, then! Guess I'm going after him. Let me go first, <player>. If you were to show up with no warning, there'd probably be a fight! Time's a-wasting. See you there!"
Coronet Highlands (Temple of Sinnoh)
Before the player battles Kamado
"That Pokémon that's apparently been sighted through the rift... I...I think it may be almighty Sinnoh. But Commander Kamado stopped us from heading toward the temple."
"What—do you think even the Red Chain is some trick on <player>'s part? He/She worked mightily to get that thing, and I should know—I was with him/her the whole time! I saw her rise to the trials set by the three Pokémon of the lakes! If he/she somehow concocted all of that on his/her own, then what hope do we even have anyway?"
"Then work together with us! Should something go wrong, I'll take complete responsibility!"
"You'd better take that Red Chain up to the top of the mountain. That Pokémon threatening to descend on the peak at any moment now... I may be almighty Sinnoh. But all this has to be stopped, and you're the only one who can do it!"
After the player defeats Kamado
"Don't you worry, Commander. We've got the Red Chain!"
If talked to before reaching the end of the temple
"I wonder just what is happening on the other side of the space-time rift..."
After reaching the end of the temple
"Hold one a sec... My head... Something's talking...inside my head!"
""You hold...the Red Chain... Try to catch me, then, human!""
"Almighty Sinnoh? I-I think almighty Sinnoh just spoke to me!"
"It's telling me... "You hold...the Red Chain... Try to catch me, then, human! For the fight to come!""
"Come on! Now's the time! Use the Red Chain!"
"Whoa, Irida! Do you hear what you're saying? Catch you?!"
After the player catches Dialga After the player catches Palkia
"He/She caught it!"
"Wait—it's happening again! I can hear almighty Sinnoh... No! No, it's called Dialga! Mighty Dialga's speaking to me in my mind!"
""Space-time is torn... Awful power spills forth... The frenzied one...comes to fight! Now, human! Fight it with me!""
"The Red Chain's been shattered, but...we've still got the Pokémon of the lakes to thank for getting this far!"
After Palkia appears After Dialga appears
"But, Commander—!"
Coronet Highlands (Summit Camp)
"I can't believe there really were TWO almighty Sinnoh, after all. Guess that means neither of our clans was really wrong, huh?"
"Well, it's not like we could just sit back and ignore the space-time rift."
"That's the stuff, Mr. Professor! You'd rather face what's in front of us than dwell on the past, huh? Just what I'd expect from a real scientist!"
"Yeah—thank goodness you were here, huh? We'd have had no chance getting through this disaster without you!"
"Relax. I've got a plan...thanks to what mighty Dialga told me!"
"Yeah—and along with its name, it also told me what we need. "The stone of creation's beginning. The chain of red. The vessel of humankind's invention. Unite these three, and calm the chaos now pervading space.""
"And finally, mighty Dialga said it wants to go with us back to the temple."
"Whoa, whoa! Slow down! Did you forget that the Red Chain broke?"
""Palkia?" The Pokémon that talked to you?"
"Well, that "chain of red" is in pieces now, but if little bits will do, I gathered those."
"That's got to be it! But what about that "stone of creation's beginning" part?"
"Now that you mention it, that Volo fellow's come around the Diamond settlement asking about those plates before, too."

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Herbal medicine can be used during or outside of a battle to restore a Pokémon's HP, remove status conditions, or revive a fainted Pokémon, all with the side effect of lowering a Pokémon's friendship due to their bitter taste. They can be found on the ground, whether readily visible or hidden from sight and requiring an Itemfinder to locate; however, herbal medicine is usually bought from special Herb Shops. It should be noted that the Revival Herb’s friendship-unaffecting counterpart, the Max Revive cannot be bought in Poké Marts, while the other herbs are cheaper than their friendship-unaffecting counterparts.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has a set of herbal medicine unique to the game, which can be obtained through crafting.

Types of herbal medicine

Name Effect
  Heal Powder Heals all status problems on a Pokémon.
  Energy Powder Restores a Pokémon by 50/60 HP.
  Energy Root Restores a Pokémon by 200/120 HP.
  Revival Herb Revives a fainted Pokémon and restores it to full HP*.
  Remedy Restores a Pokémon by 60 HP.
  Fine Remedy Restores a Pokémon by 100 HP.
  Superb Remedy Restores a Pokémon by 120 HP.

Herb shop

Herb shops (Japanese: かんぽうや Kampo Shop), known as Kanpo in Johto and Herboriste in Kalos, are stores that exclusively sell herbal medicine. Each herb shop sells the same stock of items. Herb shops have appeared in every region with the exception of Kanto and Paldea, though herbal medicine can still be bought in the latter from Chansey Supply.

Region Location
Johto Goldenrod TunnelSaSu
Hoenn Lavaridge Town
Orre The UnderColo
Gateon PortXD
Sinnoh Eterna City
Unova Driftveil City
Kalos Lumiose City (Vernal Avenue)
Alola Konikoni City
Galar Hulbury


Generations II-VI, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Generation VII, Sword and Shield

Shiny Pokémon display

Chain fishing   SOS Battle   Horde encounter   Evolution   Egg   Dynamax Adventure   Gift/Event   DexNav encounter   Sandwich   Outbreak   Trade  



V: Area Zero

1006 Sandwich  
1006 Sandwich  


X: Wonder Trade
X: Wonder Trade
X: Wonder Trade
M: Route 1 (641 summons)
X: Route 2
X: Evolved Pidgey
X: Evolved Pidgeotto
M: Mount Hokulani
AS: Route 111
X: Friend Safari (×3)
LA: Golden Lowlands
M: Poni Gauntlet (×2)
M: Route 2 (40 summons)
M: 25 Eggs
X: ???
M: Melemele Sea (137 summons)
LA: Coronet Highlands
V: Oni Mountain

Test for displaying paid-gem-only scouts in conjunction with non-paid variants

Event Duration Category Notes
Silver Master Fair Scout March 1 to April 8, 2024 Master Fair
  • 1% chance of recruiting Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar.
  • The player receives a Strike, Tech, and Support Move Candy Coin after using Sync Pair Scout ×11 (1st time), 5★ Power-Up ×2 (2nd time), a Sprint and Field Move Candy Coin (3rd time), 5★ Power-Up ×4 (4th time), and a Move Candy Coin (5th time).
Special Present! Silver Master Fair Scout
  • Can only be used with paid Gems.
  • The player receives the same presents for using Sync Pair Scout ×11 and a Sprint Roll Cake for recruiting Silver (Champion) & Tyranitar for the first time.
Irida Costume Scout March 16 to April 3, 2024 Costume
Irida Costume Tiered Scout
  • Can only be used with paid Gems.
  • The player receives a 5★ Great Scout Ticket C after reaching Tier 5 and a 5★ Master Scout Ticket C after reaching Tier 10.
Tierno Spotlight Scout March 18 to April 3, 2024 Spotlight
  • 2% chance of recruiting Tierno & Crawdaunt
  • The player receives a Support Move Candy Coin after using Sync Pair Scout ×11 (up to 3 times).
Tierno Spotlight Scout + Present! Limit 3!
  • Can only be used with paid Gems (up to 3 times); the first scout is half price.
  • The player receives Custom ★ Power-Up ×5 and Sync Orb ×200 after using Sync Pair Scout ×11 (1st and 2nd time) and a 5★ Master Scout Ticket D, Custom ★ Power-Up ×5, and Sync Orb ×200 (3rd time).