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Vivid Portrayals
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Cards in set 286
Set number 4
Release date August 18, 2023

Sword & Shield: Vivid Portrayals (Chinese: 剑 & 盾 浓墨重彩 Sword & Shield Vivid Portrayals) is the name given to the second Simplified Chinese Pokémon Trading Card Game set in the Sword and Shield Era, and fourth overall set.


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The set was released on August 18, 2023 and consists of 2 subsets: Obsidian (Chinese: ) and Indigo (Chinese: ), with each subset covering specific types of Pokémon cards. The Obsidian subset was assigned expansion mark CS2a, has Gigantamax Charizard as its cover Pokémon, and features Grass, Fire, Fighting and Metal Pokémon. The Indigo subset was assigned expansion mark CS2b, has Eternatus as its cover Pokémon, and features Water, Lightning, Psychic and Darkness Pokémon.

As with all other Asian-exclusive sets, Vivid Portrayals contains a large selection of cards in an effort to catch up with Japanese and international releases. However, this set also includes Reverse Type Holofoil prints of all Common, Uncommon and Rare cards, which are exclusive to Simplified Chinese sets. Another feature exclusive to the Simplified Chinese cards is that all Holofoil cards including Reverse Holofoil have an English Pokémon logo embossed at the bottom left corner of the card under Expansion and Regulation Marks as proof of authenticity.[1] Secret cards feature an additional watermark with larger Pokémon logo and a latent image of Poké Ball, which is printed inside the card's rule box or on the right of the rarity symbol if the card doesn't have a rule box.

This set comes in two different types of packs:

  • 5-card booster packs include 5 cards per pack with one card guaranteed to be either Reverse Holofoil or has a rarity of Rare or above. Each 5-card booster box includes 30 booster packs.
  • 25-card booster packs include 25 cards per pack with one guaranteed Pokémon card. Each 25-card booster box includes 24 booster packs.

Set lists

No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/115   Weedle     Promotion
002/115   Kakuna     Promotion
003/115   Beedrill     Promotion
004/115   Paras     Promotion
005/115   Parasect     Promotion
006/115   Exeggcute     Promotion
007/115   Exeggutor     Promotion
008/115   Yanma     Promotion
009/115   Yanmega     Promotion
010/115   Pineco     Promotion
011/115   Nincada     Promotion
012/115   Ninjask     Promotion
013/115   Carnivine     Promotion
014/115   Shaymin     Promotion
015/115   Pansage     Promotion
016/115   Simisage     Promotion
017/115   Genesect     Promotion
018/115   Skiddo     Promotion
019/115   Gogoat     Promotion
020/115   Rowlet     Promotion
021/115   Dartrix     Promotion
022/115   Decidueye     Promotion
023/115   Dhelmise     Promotion
024/115   Orbeetle      Promotion
025/115   Orbeetle      Promotion
026/115   Zarude      Promotion
027/115   Charmander     Promotion
028/115   Charmeleon     Promotion
029/115   Charizard     Promotion
030/115   Charizard      Promotion
031/115   Charizard      Promotion
032/115   Slugma     Promotion
033/115   Magcargo     Promotion
034/115   Houndoom      Promotion
035/115   Pansear     Promotion
036/115   Simisear     Promotion
037/115   Reshiram     Promotion
038/115   Shedinja     Promotion
039/115   Wooper     Promotion
040/115   Quagsire     Promotion
041/115   Shuckle     Promotion
042/115   Phanpy     Promotion
043/115   Donphan     Promotion
044/115   Hitmontop     Promotion
045/115   Trapinch     Promotion
046/115   Vibrava     Promotion
047/115   Flygon     Promotion
048/115   Regirock     Promotion
049/115   Riolu     Promotion
050/115   Hippopotas     Promotion
051/115   Hippowdon     Promotion
052/115   Rhyperior      Promotion
053/115   Drilbur     Promotion
054/115   Terrakion     Promotion
055/115   Zygarde     Promotion
056/115   Rockruff     Promotion
057/115   Lycanroc     Promotion
058/115   Mudbray     Promotion
059/115   Mudsdale     Promotion
060/115   Passimian     Promotion
061/115   Coalossal      Promotion
062/115   Coalossal      Promotion
063/115   Clobbopus     Promotion
064/115   Grapploct     Promotion
065/115   Zamazenta     Promotion
066/115   Galarian Meowth     Promotion
067/115   Galarian Perrserker     Promotion
068/115   Forretress     Promotion
069/115   Steelix      Promotion
070/115   Scizor      Promotion
071/115   Scizor      Promotion
072/115   Skarmory     Promotion
073/115   Beldum     Promotion
074/115   Metang     Promotion
075/115   Metagross     Promotion
076/115   Lucario     Promotion
077/115   Dialga     Promotion
078/115   Excadrill     Promotion
079/115   Ferroseed     Promotion
080/115   Ferrothorn     Promotion
081/115   Galarian Stunfisk     Promotion
082/115   Magearna     Promotion
083/115   Duraludon     Promotion
084/115   Zacian     Promotion
085/115   Zamazenta     Promotion
086/115   Snorlax     Promotion
087/115   Teddiursa     Promotion
088/115   Ursaring     Promotion
089/115   Skitty     Promotion
090/115   Delcatty     Promotion
091/115   Salamence      Promotion
092/115   Salamence      Promotion
093/115   Rayquaza     Promotion
094/115   Starly     Promotion
095/115   Staravia     Promotion
096/115   Staraptor     Promotion
097/115   Ducklett     Promotion
098/115   Swanna     Promotion
099/115   Pikipek     Promotion
100/115   Trumbeak     Promotion
101/115   Toucannon     Promotion
102/115   Yell Horn I   Promotion
103/115   Moomoo Cheese I   Promotion
104/115   Struggle Gloves I   Promotion
105/115   Cape of Toughness I   Promotion
106/115   Billowing Smoke I   Promotion
107/115   Allister Su   Promotion
108/115   Bea Su   Promotion
109/115   Leon Su   Promotion
110/115   Bird Keeper Su   Promotion
111/115   League Staff Su   Promotion
112/115   Circhester Bath St   Promotion
113/115   Wyndon Stadium St   Promotion
114/115   Stone   Energy   E   Promotion
115/115   Powerful   Energy   E   Promotion
116/115   Rowlet     Promotion
117/115   Dartrix     Promotion
118/115   Decidueye     Promotion
119/115   Ducklett     Promotion
120/115   Swanna     Promotion
121/115   Orbeetle      Promotion
122/115   Zarude      Promotion
123/115   Houndoom      Promotion
124/115   Rhyperior      Promotion
125/115   Coalossal      Promotion
126/115   Steelix      Promotion
127/115   Scizor      Promotion
128/115   Salamence      Promotion
129/115   Allister Su   Promotion
130/115   Bea Su   Promotion
131/115   Leon Su   Promotion
132/115   Bird Keeper Su   Promotion
133/115   Charizard      Promotion
134/115   Charizard      Promotion
135/115   Orbeetle      Promotion
136/115   Coalossal      Promotion
137/115   Scizor      Promotion
138/115   Salamence      Promotion
139/115   Allister Su   Promotion
140/115   Bea Su   Promotion
141/115   Leon Su   Promotion
142/115   Snorlax     Promotion
143/115   Cape of Toughness I   Promotion


No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/115   Galarian Darmanitan     Promotion
002/115   Suicune     Promotion
003/115   Wailmer     Promotion
004/115   Wailord     Promotion
005/115   Relicanth     Promotion
006/115   Kyogre     Promotion
007/115   Panpour     Promotion
008/115   Simipour     Promotion
009/115   Galarian Darumaka     Promotion
010/115   Galarian Darmanitan      Promotion
011/115   Galarian Darmanitan      Promotion
012/115   Vanillite     Promotion
013/115   Vanillish     Promotion
014/115   Vanilluxe     Promotion
015/115   Mareanie     Promotion
016/115   Toxapex     Promotion
017/115   Chewtle     Promotion
018/115   Drednaw     Promotion
019/115   Drednaw      Promotion
020/115   Drednaw      Promotion
021/115   Cramorant     Promotion
022/115   Arrokuda     Promotion
023/115   Barraskewda     Promotion
024/115   Dracovish     Promotion
025/115   Arctovish     Promotion
026/115   Zapdos     Promotion
027/115   Ampharos      Promotion
028/115   Raikou     Promotion
029/115   Electrike     Promotion
030/115   Manectric     Promotion
031/115   Rotom     Promotion
032/115   Blitzle     Promotion
033/115   Zebstrika     Promotion
034/115   Joltik     Promotion
035/115   Galvantula     Promotion
036/115   Tynamo     Promotion
037/115   Eelektrik     Promotion
038/115   Eelektross     Promotion
039/115   Zekrom     Promotion
040/115   Tapu Koko     Promotion
041/115   Zeraora     Promotion
042/115   Pincurchin     Promotion
043/115   Pincurchin      Promotion
044/115   Dracozolt     Promotion
045/115   Arctozolt     Promotion
046/115   Clefairy     Promotion
047/115   Clefable     Promotion
048/115   Jigglypuff     Promotion
049/115   Wigglytuff     Promotion
050/115   Alakazam      Promotion
051/115   Girafarig     Promotion
052/115   Shuppet     Promotion
053/115   Banette     Promotion
054/115   Chimecho     Promotion
055/115   Woobat     Promotion
056/115   Swoobat     Promotion
057/115   Cottonee     Promotion
058/115   Whimsicott     Promotion
059/115   Gothita     Promotion
060/115   Gothorita     Promotion
061/115   Gothitelle     Promotion
062/115   Golett     Promotion
063/115   Golurk     Promotion
064/115   Dedenne     Promotion
065/115   Xerneas     Promotion
066/115   Diancie     Promotion
067/115   Milcery     Promotion
068/115   Alcremie     Promotion
069/115   Alcremie      Promotion
070/115   Alcremie      Promotion
071/115   Zacian     Promotion
072/115   Spinarak     Promotion
073/115   Ariados     Promotion
074/115   Crobat      Promotion
075/115   Crobat      Promotion
076/115   Poochyena     Promotion
077/115   Mightyena     Promotion
078/115   Sableye     Promotion
079/115   Drapion      Promotion
080/115   Sandile     Promotion
081/115   Krokorok     Promotion
082/115   Krookodile     Promotion
083/115   Scraggy     Promotion
084/115   Scrafty     Promotion
085/115   Trubbish     Promotion
086/115   Garbodor     Promotion
087/115   Inkay     Promotion
088/115   Malamar     Promotion
089/115   Hoopa     Promotion
090/115   Nickit     Promotion
091/115   Thievul     Promotion
092/115   Eternatus      Promotion
093/115   Eternatus      Promotion
094/115   Kangaskhan     Promotion
095/115   Dunsparce     Promotion
096/115   Whismur     Promotion
097/115   Loudred     Promotion
098/115   Exploud     Promotion
099/115   Chatot     Promotion
100/115   Tornadus     Promotion
101/115   Skwovet     Promotion
102/115   Greedent     Promotion
103/115   Team Yell Towel I   Promotion
104/115   Drone Rotom I   Promotion
105/115   Rare Fossil I   Promotion
106/115   Hero's Medal I   Promotion
107/115   Rocky Helmet I   Promotion
108/115   Telescopic Sight I   Promotion
109/115   Cara Liss Su   Promotion
110/115   Piers Su   Promotion
111/115   Opal Su   Promotion
112/115   Nessa Su   Promotion
113/115   Spikemuth St   Promotion
115/115   Wash   Energy   E   Promotion
115/115   Hiding   Energy   E   Promotion
116/115   Suicune     Promotion
117/115   Dracovish     Promotion
118/115   Arctovish     Promotion
119/115   Rotom     Promotion
120/115   Dracozolt     Promotion
121/115   Arctozolt     Promotion
122/115   Galarian Darmanitan      Promotion
123/115   Drednaw      Promotion
124/115   Ampharos      Promotion
125/115   Alakazam      Promotion
126/115   Alcremie      Promotion
127/115   Crobat      Promotion
128/115   Drapion      Promotion
129/115   Eternatus      Promotion
130/115   Piers Su   Promotion
131/115   Opal Su   Promotion
132/115   Nessa Su   Promotion
133/115   Eternatus      Promotion
134/115   Eternatus      Promotion
135/115   Galarian Darmanitan      Promotion
136/115   Drednaw      Promotion
137/115   Alcremie      Promotion
138/115   Eternatus      Promotion
139/115   Piers Su   Promotion
140/115   Opal Su   Promotion
141/115   Nessa Su   Promotion
142/115   Hero's Metal I   Promotion
143/115   Telescopic Sight I   Promotion

Pack artwork

Obsidian 5 card booster pack
Obsidian 25 card booster pack
Indigo 5 card booster pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins


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