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Dreams Come True Collection
Dreams Come True Collection Logo.png
Cards in set 451
Set number 2
Release date December 20, 2019
Theme Decks

GX Starter Deck (All types)

Sun & Moon: Dreams Come True Collection (Chinese: 太陽 & 月亮 美夢成真組合篇 Sun & Moon Dreams Come True Collection) is the name given to the second of three Sun & Moon Era amalgamated catch-up "Collections" in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is exclusively available in Traditional Chinese and is an amalgamation of the Hidden Shadow and Sky Ruler catch-up sets that were released in Indonesian and Thai.


Following on from the All Stars Collection, the Dreams Come True Collection was released on December 20, 2019 in Taiwan and Hong Kong. This set is composed of cards from the Japanese Sun & Moon Era. It is split into two sets, Set A and Set B, each of which focuses on specific types. Set A features Grass-type, Psychic-type, Fighting-type, Darkness-type, and Dragon-type Pokémon, while Set B features Fire-type, Water-type, Lightning-type, Metal-type, Fairy-type, and Dragon-type Pokémon. As with the All Stars Collection, Kouki Saitou was commissioned to produce exclusive booster pack artwork for the two sets.[1] Each pack contains seven cards, including a guaranteed Holofoil card.

Set lists

Set A
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/200 B Exeggcute     Promotion
002/200 B Alolan Exeggutor     Promotion
003/200 B Chikorita     Promotion
004/200 B Bayleef     Promotion
005/200 B Meganium     Promotion
006/200 B Spinarak     Promotion
007/200 B Hoppip     Promotion
008/200 B Skiploom     Promotion
009/200 B Jumpluff     Promotion
010/200 B Shuckle     Promotion
011/200 B Shuckle      Promotion
012/200 B Heracross     Promotion
013/200 B Celebi       Promotion
014/200 B Treecko     Promotion
015/200 B Grovyle     Promotion
016/200 B Sceptile     Promotion
017/200 B Sceptile      Promotion
018/200 B Seedot     Promotion
019/200 B Nuzleaf     Promotion
020/200 B Shiftry      Promotion
021/200 B Nincada     Promotion
022/200 B Ninjask     Promotion
023/200 B Cherubi     Promotion
024/200 B Cherrim     Promotion
025/200 B Snover     Promotion
026/200 B Abomasnow     Promotion
027/200 B Leafeon      Promotion
028/200 B Mow Rotom     Promotion
029/200 B Shaymin     Promotion
030/200 B Shaymin     Promotion
031/200 B Shaymin       Promotion
032/200 B Virizion      Promotion
033/200 B Tapu Bulu     Promotion
034/200 B Pheromosa     Promotion
035/200 B Litten     Promotion
036/200 B Torracat     Promotion
037/200 B Mr. Mime      Promotion
038/200 B Mr. Mime      Promotion
039/200 B Natu     Promotion
040/200 B Unown     Promotion
041/200 B Unown     Promotion
042/200 B Unown     Promotion
043/200 B Wobbuffet     Promotion
044/200 B Girafarig     Promotion
045/200 B Shedinja     Promotion
046/200 B Sableye     Promotion
047/200 B Shuppet     Promotion
048/200 B Banette      Promotion
049/200 B Deoxys     Promotion
050/200 B Deoxys     Promotion
051/200 B Deoxys     Promotion
052/200 B Deoxys     Promotion
053/200 B Spiritomb     Promotion
054/200 B Rotom     Promotion
055/200 B Uxie     Promotion
056/200 B Mesprit     Promotion
057/200 B Azelf     Promotion
058/200 B Giratina     Promotion
059/200 B Giratina       Promotion
060/200 B Cresselia     Promotion
061/200 B Sigilyph      Promotion
062/200 B Yamask     Promotion
063/200 B Cofagrigus     Promotion
064/200 B Inkay     Promotion
065/200 B Malamar     Promotion
066/200 B Cosmog     Promotion
067/200 B Cosmoem     Promotion
068/200 B Lunala      Promotion
069/200 B Lunala       Promotion
070/200 B Nihilego     Promotion
071/200 B Dawn Wings Necrozma     Promotion
072/200 B Dawn Wings Necrozma      Promotion
073/200 B Poipole     Promotion
074/200 B Naganadel     Promotion
075/200 B Naganadel      Promotion
076/200 B Onix     Promotion
077/200 B Larvitar     Promotion
078/200 B Pupitar     Promotion
079/200 B Meditite     Promotion
080/200 B Medicham     Promotion
081/200 B Baltoy     Promotion
082/200 B Claydol     Promotion
083/200 B Regirock     Promotion
084/200 B Cranidos     Promotion
085/200 B Rampardos     Promotion
086/200 B Gible     Promotion
087/200 B Gabite     Promotion
088/200 B Garchomp     Promotion
089/200 B Riolu     Promotion
090/200 B Lucario     Promotion
091/200 B Lucario      Promotion
092/200 B Hippopotas     Promotion
093/200 B Tyrunt     Promotion
094/200 B Tyrantrum     Promotion
095/200 B Zygarde      Promotion
096/200 B Zygarde      Promotion
097/200 B Diancie       Promotion
098/200 B Rockruff     Promotion
099/200 B Lycanroc     Promotion
100/200 B Lycanroc      Promotion
101/200 B Passimian     Promotion
102/200 B Buzzwole     Promotion
103/200 B Alolan Rattata     Promotion
104/200 B Alolan Raticate      Promotion
105/200 B Alolan Meowth     Promotion
106/200 B Alolan Persian     Promotion
107/200 B Alolan Grimer     Promotion
108/200 B Alolan Muk     Promotion
109/200 B Sneasel     Promotion
110/200 B Weavile     Promotion
111/200 B Tyranitar      Promotion
112/200 B Absol     Promotion
113/200 B Darkrai       Promotion
114/200 B Zorua     Promotion
115/200 B Zoroark     Promotion
116/200 B Yveltal     Promotion
117/200 B Yveltal      Promotion
118/200 B Hoopa      Promotion
119/200 B Incineroar      Promotion
120/200 B Guzzlord     Promotion
121/200 B Alolan Exeggutor     Promotion
122/200 B Dratini     Promotion
123/200 B Dragonair     Promotion
124/200 B Dragonite      Promotion
125/200 B Altaria     Promotion
126/200 B Altaria      Promotion
127/200 B Bagon     Promotion
128/200 B Shelgon     Promotion
129/200 B Salamence     Promotion
130/200 B Salamence      Promotion
131/200 B Latios       Promotion
132/200 B Gible     Promotion
133/200 B Gabite     Promotion
134/200 B Garchomp     Promotion
135/200 B Dialga      Promotion
136/200 B Palkia      Promotion
137/200 B Zekrom     Promotion
138/200 B Kyurem     Promotion
139/200 B White Kyurem      Promotion
140/200 B Zygarde     Promotion
141/200 B Drampa     Promotion
142/200 B Ultra Necrozma      Promotion
143/200 B Chansey     Promotion
144/200 B Blissey     Promotion
145/200 B Ditto       Promotion
146/200 B Eevee     Promotion
147/200 B Lugia      Promotion
148/200 B Slakoth     Promotion
149/200 B Vigoroth     Promotion
150/200 B Slaking     Promotion
151/200 B Skitty     Promotion
152/200 B Delcatty     Promotion
153/200 B Swablu     Promotion
154/200 B Kecleon     Promotion
155/200 B Arceus       Promotion
156/200 B Wait and See Hammer I   Promotion
157/200 B Eneporter I   Promotion
158/200 B Energy Spinner I   Promotion
159/200 B Custom Catcher I   Promotion
160/200 B Fossil Excavation Map I   Promotion
161/200 B Dangerous Drill I   Promotion
162/200 B Unidentified Fossil I   Promotion
163/200 B Net Ball I   Promotion
164/200 B Looker Whistle I   Promotion
165/200 B Return Label I   Promotion
166/200 B Lure Ball I   Promotion
167/200 B Rainbow Brush I   Promotion
168/200 B Lost Blender I   Promotion
169/200 B Escape Board I   Promotion
170/200 B Counter Gain I   Promotion
171/200 B Choice Helmet I   Promotion
172/200 B Spell Tag I   Promotion
173/200 B Hustle Belt I   Promotion
174/200 B Dragon Talon I   Promotion
175/200 B Whitney Su   Promotion
176/200 B Ultra Recon Squad Su   Promotion
177/200 B Aether Foundation Employee Su   Promotion
178/200 B Nanu Su   Promotion
179/200 B Cynthia Su   Promotion
180/200 B Underground Expedition Su   Promotion
181/200 B Gardenia Su   Promotion
182/200 B Zinnia Su   Promotion
183/200 B Tate & Liza Su   Promotion
184/200 B Pokémon Fan Club Su   Promotion
185/200 B Apricorn Maker Su   Promotion
186/200 B Morty Su   Promotion
187/200 B Bonnie Su   Promotion
188/200 B Lusamine   Su   Promotion
189/200 B Lance   Su   Promotion
190/200 B Morgan Su   Promotion
191/200 B Dana Su   Promotion
192/200 B Evelyn Su   Promotion
193/200 B Nita Su   Promotion
194/200 B Shrine of Punishment St   Promotion
195/200 B Sky Pillar St   Promotion
196/200 B Black Market   St   Promotion
197/200 B Life Forest   St   Promotion
198/200 B Beast Energy     E   Promotion
199/200 B Memory Energy   E   Promotion
200/200 B Unit Energy       E   Promotion
201/200 A Acerola Su   Promotion
202/200 B Cynthia Su   Promotion
203/200 B Pheromosa     Promotion
204/200 B Shuppet     Promotion
205/200 B Inkay     Promotion
206/200 B Malamar     Promotion
207/200 B Poipole     Promotion
208/200 B Riolu     Promotion
209/200 B Lucario     Promotion
210/200 B Rockruff     Promotion
211/200 B Buzzwole     Promotion
212/200 B Guzzlord     Promotion
213/200 B Altaria     Promotion
214/200 B Gible     Promotion
215/200 B Gabite     Promotion
216/200 B Garchomp     Promotion
217/200 B Swablu     Promotion
218/200 B Leafeon      Promotion
219/200 B Banette      Promotion
220/200 B Naganadel       Promotion
221/200 B Lucario      Promotion
222/200 B Zygarde      Promotion
223/200 B Lycanroc      Promotion
224/200 B Altaria      Promotion
225/200 B Lunala      Promotion
226/200 B Ultra Necrozma      Promotion

Set B
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/200 B Scyther     Promotion
002/200 B Charmander     Promotion
003/200 B Charmeleon     Promotion
004/200 B Charizard     Promotion
005/200 B Alolan Marowak     Promotion
006/200 B Alolan Marowak      Promotion
007/200 B Moltres     Promotion
008/200 B Cyndaquil     Promotion
009/200 B Quilava     Promotion
010/200 B Typhlosion     Promotion
011/200 B Slugma     Promotion
012/200 B Magcargo     Promotion
013/200 B Magcargo      Promotion
014/200 B Entei     Promotion
015/200 B Torchic     Promotion
016/200 B Combusken     Promotion
017/200 B Blaziken     Promotion
018/200 B Blaziken      Promotion
019/200 B Heat Rotom     Promotion
020/200 B Heatran     Promotion
021/200 B Heatran     Promotion
022/200 B Victini     Promotion
023/200 B Victini       Promotion
024/200 B Reshiram      Promotion
025/200 B Blacephalon      Promotion
026/200 B Alolan Vulpix     Promotion
027/200 B Slowpoke     Promotion
028/200 B Slowking     Promotion
029/200 B Horsea     Promotion
030/200 B Seadra     Promotion
031/200 B Kingdra      Promotion
032/200 B Lapras     Promotion
033/200 B Articuno      Promotion
034/200 B Wooper     Promotion
035/200 B Quagsire     Promotion
036/200 B Suicune     Promotion
037/200 B Suicune      Promotion
038/200 B Mudkip     Promotion
039/200 B Marshtomp     Promotion
040/200 B Swampert     Promotion
041/200 B Regice     Promotion
042/200 B Kyogre     Promotion
043/200 B Piplup     Promotion
044/200 B Prinplup     Promotion
045/200 B Empoleon     Promotion
046/200 B Snover     Promotion
047/200 B Abomasnow     Promotion
048/200 B Glaceon      Promotion
049/200 B Wash Rotom     Promotion
050/200 B Frost Rotom     Promotion
051/200 B Palkia      Promotion
052/200 B White Kyurem     Promotion
053/200 B Froakie     Promotion
054/200 B Frogadier     Promotion
055/200 B Greninja      Promotion
056/200 B Volcanion       Promotion
057/200 B Wishiwashi     Promotion
058/200 B Magnemite     Promotion
059/200 B Magneton     Promotion
060/200 B Magnezone     Promotion
061/200 B Voltorb     Promotion
062/200 B Electrode      Promotion
063/200 B Zapdos     Promotion
064/200 B Mareep     Promotion
065/200 B Flaaffy     Promotion
066/200 B Ampharos     Promotion
067/200 B Ampharos      Promotion
068/200 B Raikou     Promotion
069/200 B Raikou      Promotion
070/200 B Electrike     Promotion
071/200 B Manectric     Promotion
072/200 B Shinx     Promotion
073/200 B Luxio     Promotion
074/200 B Luxray     Promotion
075/200 B Pachirisu     Promotion
076/200 B Rotom     Promotion
077/200 B Blitzle     Promotion
078/200 B Zebstrika     Promotion
079/200 B Emolga     Promotion
080/200 B Thundurus      Promotion
081/200 B Zekrom      Promotion
082/200 B Dedenne     Promotion
083/200 B Tapu Koko     Promotion
084/200 B Tapu Koko       Promotion
085/200 B Xurkitree     Promotion
086/200 B Zeraora      Promotion
087/200 B Alolan Marowak     Promotion
088/200 B Cosmog     Promotion
089/200 B Cosmoem     Promotion
090/200 B Cubone     Promotion
091/200 B Trapinch     Promotion
092/200 B Alolan Diglett     Promotion
093/200 B Alolan Dugtrio     Promotion
094/200 B Magnemite     Promotion
095/200 B Magneton     Promotion
096/200 B Magnezone     Promotion
097/200 B Scizor      Promotion
098/200 B Beldum     Promotion
099/200 B Metang     Promotion
100/200 B Metagross     Promotion
101/200 B Registeel     Promotion
102/200 B Jirachi     Promotion
103/200 B Jirachi       Promotion
104/200 B Empoleon     Promotion
105/200 B Dialga     Promotion
106/200 B Dialga      Promotion
107/200 B Heatran     Promotion
108/200 B Cobalion     Promotion
109/200 B Cobalion      Promotion
110/200 B Genesect      Promotion
111/200 B Honedge     Promotion
112/200 B Doublade     Promotion
113/200 B Aegislash     Promotion
114/200 B Solgaleo      Promotion
115/200 B Solgaleo       Promotion
116/200 B Celesteela     Promotion
117/200 B Kartana     Promotion
118/200 B Dusk Mane Necrozma     Promotion
119/200 B Dusk Mane Necrozma      Promotion
120/200 B Stakataka      Promotion
121/200 B Alolan Ninetales     Promotion
122/200 B Alolan Ninetales      Promotion
123/200 B Snubbull     Promotion
124/200 B Granbull     Promotion
125/200 B Xerneas      Promotion
126/200 B Xerneas       Promotion
127/200 B Cutiefly     Promotion
128/200 B Ribombee     Promotion
129/200 B Mimikyu     Promotion
130/200 B Mimikyu      Promotion
131/200 B Tapu Lele     Promotion
132/200 B Tapu Fini     Promotion
133/200 B Vibrava     Promotion
134/200 B Flygon     Promotion
135/200 B Latias       Promotion
136/200 B Rayquaza      Promotion
137/200 B Turtonator     Promotion
138/200 B Eevee     Promotion
139/200 B Dunsparce     Promotion
140/200 B Miltank     Promotion
141/200 B Ho-Oh     Promotion
142/200 B Kecleon     Promotion
143/200 B Kecleon     Promotion
144/200 B Fan Rotom     Promotion
145/200 B Tornadus      Promotion
146/200 B Pikipek     Promotion
147/200 B Trumbeak     Promotion
148/200 B Yungoos     Promotion
149/200 B Gumshoos     Promotion
150/200 B Oranguru     Promotion
151/200 B Drampa     Promotion
152/200 B Switch Raft I   Promotion
153/200 B Beast Ball I   Promotion
154/200 B Electrocharger I   Promotion
155/200 B Electropower I   Promotion
156/200 B Last Chance Potion I   Promotion
157/200 B Acro Bike I   Promotion
158/200 B Fiery Flint I   Promotion
159/200 B Beast Ring I   Promotion
160/200 B Friend Ball I   Promotion
161/200 B Adventure Bag I   Promotion
162/200 B Mysterious Treasure I   Promotion
163/200 B Mixed Herbs I   Promotion
164/200 B Missing Clover I   Promotion
165/200 B Moomoo Milk I   Promotion
166/200 B Metal Frying Pan I   Promotion
167/200 B Fairy Charm   I   Promotion
168/200 B Fairy Charm   I   Promotion
169/200 B Fairy Charm   I   Promotion
170/200 B Fairy Charm UB I   Promotion
171/200 B Fairy Charm   I   Promotion
172/200 B Metal Goggles I   Promotion
173/200 B Cyrus   Su   Promotion
174/200 B Professor Elm's Lecture Su   Promotion
175/200 B Lady Su   Promotion
176/200 B Blaine's Last Stand Su   Promotion
177/200 B Diantha Su   Promotion
178/200 B Sightseer Su   Promotion
179/200 B Faba Su   Promotion
180/200 B Judge Su   Promotion
181/200 B Steven's Resolve Su   Promotion
182/200 B Fisherman Su   Promotion
183/200 B Volkner Su   Promotion
184/200 B Samson Oak Su   Promotion
185/200 B Ingo & Emmet Su   Promotion
186/200 B Lysandre   Su   Promotion
187/200 B Crasher Wake Su   Promotion
188/200 B Mina Su   Promotion
189/200 B Jasmine Su   Promotion
190/200 B Copycat Su   Promotion
191/200 B Lisia Su   Promotion
192/200 B Wela Volcano Park St   Promotion
193/200 B Thunder Mountain   St   Promotion
194/200 B Mt. Coronet St   Promotion
195/200 B Heat Factory   St   Promotion
196/200 B Lysandre Labs St   Promotion
197/200 B Wondrous Labyrinth   St   Promotion
198/200 B Super Boost Energy   St   Promotion
199/200 B Unit Energy       E   Promotion
200/200 B Unit Energy       E   Promotion
201/200 A Guzma Su   Promotion
202/200 A Lillie Su   Promotion
203/200 B Scyther     Promotion
204/200 B Charmander     Promotion
205/200 B Charmeleon     Promotion
206/200 B Wooper     Promotion
207/200 B Quagsire     Promotion
208/200 B Froakie     Promotion
209/200 B Frogadier     Promotion
210/200 B Voltorb     Promotion
211/200 B Xurkitree     Promotion
212/200 B Magnemite     Promotion
213/200 B Magneton     Promotion
214/200 B Magnezone     Promotion
215/200 B Celesteela     Promotion
216/200 B Kartana     Promotion
217/200 B Reshiram      Promotion
218/200 B Articuno      Promotion
219/200 B Glaceon      Promotion
220/200 B Greninja      Promotion
221/200 B Electrode      Promotion
222/200 B Scizor      Promotion
223/200 B Stakataka      Promotion
224/200 B Rayquaza      Promotion
225/200 B Solgaleo      Promotion


Set A pack
Set B pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

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