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Storming Emergence
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Cards in set 627
Set number 1
Release date October 28, 2022
Theme Decks

GX Starter Deck (All types)

Sun & Moon: Storming Emergence (Chinese: 太阳 & 月亮 横空出世 Sun & Moon Storming Emergence) is the name given to the first Simplified Chinese Pokémon Trading Card Game.


Prior to 2022, Chinese TCG products were officially released in Taiwan and Hong Kong only, and all products were printed in Traditional Chinese, which is the standard character set of written Chinese used in the said regions. On February 22, 2022, Nintendo Co., Ltd. registered the Sun & Moon brand with the Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration along with a new brand name Storming Emergence under the toys and games category, which raised speculation of the TCG's official release in Mainland China. The release was officially announced on September 21, 2022 by Pokémon Shanghai Toy Limited (Chinese: 宝可梦(上海)玩具有限公司), The Pokémon Company's subsidiary in Mainland China, and Storming Emergence was later revealed on September 28 to be the name of the first TCG set in Mainland China. It is also the first set printed in Simplified Chinese, the standard character set used in Mainland China.

The set was released on October 28, 2022 and consists of 3 subsets: Radiant (Chinese: ), Verdant (Chinese: ) and Abundant (Chinese: ), with each subset covering specific types of Pokémon cards. The Radiant subset was assigned expansion mark CSM1a, has the flame Pokémon Charizard as cover Pokémon, and features Fire, Psychic and Metal Pokémon. The Verdant subset was assigned expansion mark CSM1b, has the sky high Pokémon Rayquaza as cover Pokémon, and features Grass, Lightning and Darkness Pokémon. The Abundant subset was assigned expansion mark CSM1c, has the intertwining Pokémon Sylveon as cover Pokémon, and features Water, Fighting and Fairy Pokémon.

As with all other Asian-exclusive sets in the Sun & Moon era, Storming Emergence contains a large selection of cards in an effort to catch up with Japanese and international releases, with cards sourced from Japanese sets Collection Sun/Collection Moon to GX Ultra Shiny. However, this set also includes Reverse Type Holofoil prints of all Common, Uncommon and Rare cards, which are exclusive to Simplified Chinese sets. Another feature exclusive to the Simplified Chinese cards is that all Holofoil cards including Reverse Holofoil have an English Pokémon logo embossed at the bottom left corner of the card under Expansion and Regulation Marks as proof of authenticity.[1] Secret cards feature an additional watermark with larger Pokémon logo and a latent image of Poké Ball, which is printed inside the card's rule box or on the right of the rarity symbol if the card doesn't have a rule box.

This set comes in two different packaging:

  • 5-card booster packs include 5 cards per pack with one card guaranteed to be either Reverse Holofoil or has a rarity of Rare or above. Each 5-card booster box includes 30 booster packs.
  • 25-card booster packs include 25 cards per pack with one guaranteed PokémonGX card. Each 25-card booster box includes 24 booster packs.

With 627 set cards or 1080 after adding the Reverse Holofoil variants, this set is the largest TCG set in all languages.

Set lists

No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/151 B Scyther Grass C Promotion
002/151 B Charmander Fire C Promotion
003/151 B Charmeleon Fire U Promotion
004/151 A CharizardGX Fire RR Promotion
005/151 B Alolan Marowak Fire U Promotion
006/151 B Moltres Fire U Promotion
007/151 B Cyndaquil Fire C Promotion
008/151 B Quilava Fire C Promotion
009/151 B Typhlosion Fire R Promotion
010/151 B Slugma Fire C Promotion
011/151 B Magcargo Fire U Promotion
012/151 B MagcargoGX Fire R Promotion
013/151 A EnteiGX Fire RR Promotion
014/151 A Ho-OhGX Fire RR Promotion
015/151 B Torchic Fire C Promotion
016/151 B Combusken Fire C Promotion
017/151 B BlazikenGX Fire RR Promotion
018/151 B Chimchar Fire C Promotion
019/151 B Monferno Fire C Promotion
020/151 B Infernape Fire R Promotion
021/151 B Heat Rotom Fire U Promotion
022/151 A Victini Fire R Promotion
023/151 B VictiniPrism Star Fire PR Promotion
024/151 B ReshiramGX Fire RR Promotion
025/151 B Fennekin Fire C Promotion
026/151 B Braixen Fire C Promotion
027/151 B Delphox Fire R Promotion
028/151 B Litleo Fire C Promotion
029/151 B Pyroar Fire R Promotion
030/151 A TurtonatorGX Fire RR Promotion
031/151 A MewtwoGX Psychic RR Promotion
032/151 B Natu Psychic C Promotion
033/151 B Xatu Psychic C Promotion
034/151 A EspeonGX Psychic RR Promotion
035/151 B Unown Psychic U Promotion
036/151 B Unown Psychic U Promotion
037/151 B Unown Psychic U Promotion
038/151 A Seviper Psychic U Promotion
039/151 B Shuppet Psychic C Promotion
040/151 B Banette Psychic U Promotion
041/151 B BanetteGX Psychic RR Promotion
042/151 B Rotom Psychic U Promotion
043/151 B GiratinaPrism Star Psychic RR Promotion
044/151 B Yamask Psychic C Promotion
045/151 B Cafagrigus Psychic U Promotion
046/151 A Trubbish Psychic C Promotion
047/151 A Garbador Psychic U Promotion
048/151 B Inkay Psychic C Promotion
049/151 B Malamar Psychic U Promotion
050/151 A Pumpkaboo Psychic C Promotion
051/151 A Gourgeist Psychic U Promotion
052/151 B Hoopa Psychic C Promotion
053/151 A Oricorio Psychic U Promotion
054/151 A Tapu LeleGX Psychic RR Promotion
055/151 A Cosmog Psychic C Promotion
056/151 B Cosmoem Psychic C Promotion
057/151 A LunalaGX Psychic RR Promotion
058/151 A NihilegoGX Psychic RR Promotion
059/151 A NecrozmaGX Psychic RR Promotion
060/151 A Marshadow Psychic R Promotion
061/151 B Poipole Psychic C Promotion
062/151 B Naganadel Psychic R Promotion
063/151 B NaganadelGX Psychic RR Promotion
064/151 B Cubone Fighting C Promotion
065/151 A Alolan Diglett Metal C Promotion
066/151 A Alolan Dugtrio Metal R Promotion
067/151 B Magnemite Metal C Promotion
068/151 B Magneton Metal C Promotion
069/151 B Magnezone Metal R Promotion
070/151 B ScizorGX Metal RR Promotion
071/151 A Skarmory Metal C Promotion
072/151 A Mawile Metal C Promotion
073/151 A Beldum Metal C Promotion
074/151 A Metang Metal C Promotion
075/151 B Metagross Metal R Promotion
076/151 A MetagrossGX Metal RR Promotion
077/151 B Jirachi Metal R Promotion
078/151 B JirachiGX Metal RR Promotion
079/151 B Bronzor Metal C Promotion
080/151 B Bronzong Metal U Promotion
081/151 B DialgaGX Metal RR Promotion
082/151 B Ferroseed Metal C Promotion
083/151 B Ferrothorn Metal U Promotion
084/151 B Durant Metal C Promotion
085/151 B CobalionGX Metal RR Promotion
086/151 B GenesectGX Metal RR Promotion
087/151 B Honedge Metal C Promotion
088/151 B Doublade Metal C Promotion
089/151 B Aegislash Metal R Promotion
090/151 A SolgaleoGX Metal RR Promotion
091/151 B Celesteela Metal R Promotion
092/151 B Kartana Metal U Promotion
093/151 A KartanaGX Metal RR Promotion
094/151 A Magearna Metal U Promotion
095/151 B StakatakaGX Metal RR Promotion
096/151 B Bagon Dragon C Promotion
097/151 B Shelgon Dragon U Promotion
098/151 B Salamence Dragon R Promotion
099/151 B SalamenceGX Dragon RR Promotion
100/151 B Goomy Dragon C Promotion
101/151 B Sliggoo Dragon C Promotion
102/151 B Goodra Dragon R Promotion
103/151 B Jamgmo-o Dragon C Promotion
104/151 B Hakamo-o Dragon C Promotion
105/151 B Kommo-o Dragon R Promotion
106/151 B Ultra NecrozmaGX Dragon RR Promotion
107/151 A Chansey Colorless C Promotion
108/151 B Blissey Colorless R Promotion
109/151 B Eevee Colorless C Promotion
110/151 A Porygon Colorless C Promotion
111/151 A Porygon2 Colorless C Promotion
112/151 A Porygon-Z Colorless R Promotion
113/151 B Ho-Oh Colorless U Promotion
114/151 B Fan Rotom Colorless U Promotion
115/151 A Fletchling Colorless C Promotion
116/151 A Fletchinder Colorless C Promotion
117/151 A Talonflame Colorless U Promotion
118/151 A Oranguru Colorless R Promotion
119/151 B Beast Ball I C Promotion
120/151 A Energy Retrieval I U Promotion
121/151 B Order Pad I C Promotion
122/151 A Enhanced Hammer I U Promotion
123/151 A Nest Ball I U Promotion
124/151 B Fiery Flint I U Promotion
125/151 B Beast Ring I U Promotion
126/151 A Field Blower I U Promotion
127/151 A Multi Switch I U Promotion
128/151 A Max Potion I U Promotion
129/151 B Escape Board I U Promotion
130/151 A Exp. Share I U Promotion
131/151 B Metal Frying Pan I U Promotion
132/151 B Choice Helmet I U Promotion
133/151 B Spell Tag I U Promotion
134/151 B Hustle Belt I U Promotion
135/151 B Metal Goggles I U Promotion
136/151 B Lady Su U Promotion
137/151 A Kiawe Su U Promotion
138/151 A Guzma Su U Promotion
139/151 B Faba Su U Promotion
140/151 B Steven's Resolve Su R Promotion
141/151 B Ingo & Emmet Su U Promotion
142/151 B Tate & Liza Su U Promotion
143/151 A Plumeria Su U Promotion
144/151 B Jasmine Su U Promotion
145/151 B Lusamine Prism Star Su PR Promotion
146/151 A Altar of the Moone St U Promotion
147/151 A Altar of the Sunne St U Promotion
148/151 B Heat Factory Prism Star St PR Promotion
149/151 B Lysandre Labs St U Promotion
150/151 B Beast Energy Prism Star Colorless E PR Promotion
151/151 A Rainbow Energy Rainbow E U Promotion
152/151 B Scyther Grass S Promotion
153/151 B Charmander Fire S Promotion
154/151 B Charmeleon Fire S Promotion
155/151 A Seviper Psychic S Promotion
156/151 B Shuppet Psychic S Promotion
157/151 B Inkay Psychic S Promotion
158/151 B Malamar Psychic S Promotion
159/151 B Poipole Psychic S Promotion
160/151 B Magnemite Metal S Promotion
161/151 B Magneton Metal S Promotion
162/151 B Magnezone Metal S Promotion
163/151 A Beldum Metal S Promotion
164/151 A Metang Metal S Promotion
165/151 B Celesteela Metal S Promotion
166/151 B Kartana Metal S Promotion
167/151 A Oranguru Colorless S Promotion
168/151 A CharizardGX Fire SR Promotion
169/151 A Ho-OhGX Fire SR Promotion
170/151 B ReshiramGX Fire SR Promotion
171/151 A MewtwoGX Psychic SR Promotion
172/151 A EspeonGX Psychic SR Promotion
173/151 B BanetteGX Psychic SR Promotion
174/151 A Tapu LeleGX Psychic SR Promotion
175/151 A LunalaGX Psychic SR Promotion
176/151 B NaganadelGX Psychic SR Promotion
177/151 A MetagrossGX Metal SR Promotion
178/151 A SolgaleoGX Metal SR Promotion
179/151 A KartanaGX Metal SR Promotion
180/151 B StakatakaGX Metal SR Promotion
181/151 B Ultra NecrozmaGX Dragon SR Promotion
182/151 B Lady Su SR Promotion
183/151 A Kiawe Su SR Promotion
184/151 A Guzma Su SR Promotion
185/151 B Steven's Resolve Su SR Promotion
186/151 B Ingo & Emmet Su SR Promotion
187/151 B Tate & Liza Su SR Promotion
188/151 A Plumeria Su SR Promotion
189/151 B Jasmine Su SR Promotion
190/151 A CharizardGX Fire SSR Promotion
191/151 A Ho-OhGX Fire SSR Promotion
192/151 B ReshiramGX Fire SSR Promotion
193/151 A TurtonatorGX Fire SSR Promotion
194/151 A MewtwoGX Psychic SSR Promotion
195/151 A EspeonGX Psychic SSR Promotion
196/151 B BanetteGX Psychic SSR Promotion
197/151 B NaganadelGX Psychic SSR Promotion
198/151 B ScizorGX Metal SSR Promotion
199/151 A MetagrossGX Metal SSR Promotion
200/151 A KartanaGX Metal SSR Promotion
201/151 B StakatakaGX Metal SSR Promotion
202/151 A Tapu LeleGX Psychic UR Promotion
203/151 A LunalaGX Psychic UR Promotion
204/151 A SolgaleoGX Metal UR Promotion
205/151 B Ultra NeceozmaGX Dragon UR Promotion
206/151 A Nest Ball I UR Promotion
207/151 A Field Blower I UR Promotion
208/151 B Beast Ring I UR Promotion
209/151 B Escape Board I UR Promotion
210/151 B Metal Frying Pan I UR Promotion
211/151 A Rainbow Energy Rainbow E UR Promotion

No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/151 A Oddish Grass C Promotion
002/151 A Gloom Grass C Promotion
003/151 A Vileplume Grass R Promotion
004/151 B Exeggcute Grass C Promotion
005/151 B Alolan Exeggutor Grass R Promotion
006/151 A Pinsir Grass C Promotion
007/151 B Chikorita Grass C Promotion
008/151 B Bayleef Grass C Promotion
009/151 B Meganium Grass R Promotion
010/151 B Hoppip Grass C Promotion
011/151 B Skiploom Grass C Promotion
012/151 B Jumpluff Grass R Promotion
013/151 B Shuckle Grass U Promotion
014/151 B ShuckleGX Grass RR Promotion
015/151 B Treecko Grass C Promotion
016/151 B Grovyle Grass U Promotion
017/151 B Sceptile Grass R Promotion
018/151 B SceptileGX Grass RR Promotion
019/151 B Nincada Grass C Promotion
020/151 B Ninjask Grass C Promotion
021/151 B Combee Grass C Promotion
022/151 B Vespiquen Grass C Promotion
023/151 B Cherubi Grass C Promotion
024/151 B Cherrim Grass U Promotion
025/151 B LeafeonGX Grass RR Promotion
026/151 B Mow Rotom Grass U Promotion
027/151 B Shaymin Prism Star Grass PR Promotion
028/151 A Rowlet Grass C Promotion
029/151 A Dartrix Grass C Promotion
030/151 A DecidueyeGX Grass RR Promotion
031/151 A Grubbin Grass C Promotion
032/151 A Fomantis Grass C Promotion
033/151 A Lurantis Grass R Promotion
034/151 A LurantisGX Grass RR Promotion
035/151 A Bounsweet Grass C Promotion
036/151 A Steenee Grass U Promotion
037/151 A Tsareena Grass R Promotion
038/151 A Wimpod Grass C Promotion
039/151 A Golisopod Grass R Promotion
040/151 A GolisopodGX Grass RR Promotion
041/151 A Tapu BuluGX Grass RR Promotion
042/151 B Pheromosa Grass R Promotion
043/151 A PheromosaGX Grass RR Promotion
044/151 A Pikachu Lightning C Promotion
045/151 A Raichu Lightning R Promotion
046/151 A Alolan Geodude Lightning C Promotion
047/151 A Alolan Graveler Lightning U Promotion
048/151 A Alolan Golem Lightning R Promotion
049/151 B Voltorb Lightning C Promotion
050/151 B ElectrodeGX Lightning RR Promotion
051/151 B Zapdos Lightning R Promotion
052/151 B Mareep Lightning C Promotion
053/151 B Flaaffy Lightning C Promotion
054/151 B Ampharos Lightning R Promotion
055/151 B AmpharosGX Lightning RR Promotion
056/151 B Raikou Lightning R Promotion
057/151 B Electrike Lightning C Promotion
058/151 B Manectric Lightning U Promotion
059/151 B Pachirisu Lightning C Promotion
060/151 B Rotom Lightning U Promotion
061/151 B Blitzle Lightning C Promotion
062/151 B Zebstrika Lightning U Promotion
063/151 B ZekromGX Lightning RR Promotion
064/151 A Charjabug Lightning U Promotion
065/151 A Vikavolt Lightning R Promotion
066/151 A VikavoltGX Lightning RR Promotion
067/151 B Oricorio Lightning C Promotion
068/151 A Togedemaru Lightning C Promotion
069/151 A Tapu Koko Lightning R Promotion
070/151 A Tapu KokoGX Lightning RR Promotion
071/151 B Xurkitree Lightning R Promotion
072/151 A XurkitreeGX Lightning RR Promotion
073/151 B Shedinja Psychic U Promotion
074/151 A Alolan Rattata Darkness C Promotion
075/151 A Alolan Raticate Darkness U Promotion
076/151 B Alolan RaticateGX Darkness RR Promotion
077/151 B Alolan Meowth Darkness C Promotion
078/151 B Alolan Persian Darkness U Promotion
079/151 B Alolan Grimer Darkness C Promotion
080/151 B Alolan Muk Darkness U Promotion
081/151 B Alolan MukGX Darkness RR Promotion
082/151 B Umbreon Darkness U Promotion
083/151 A UmbreonGX Darkness RR Promotion
084/151 B Sableye Darkness C Promotion
085/151 A Spiritomb Darkness U Promotion
086/151 A DarkraiGX Darkness RR Promotion
087/151 B DarkraiPrism Star Darkness PR Promotion
088/151 A Purrloin Darkness C Promotion
089/151 A Liepard Darkness U Promotion
090/151 A Zorua Darkness C Promotion
091/151 A ZoroarkGX Darkness RR Promotion
092/151 B Vullaby Darkness C Promotion
093/151 B Mandibuzz Darkness U Promotion
094/151 A Deino Darkness C Promotion
095/151 A Zweilous Darkness U Promotion
096/151 A Hydreigon Darkness R Promotion
097/151 A Yveltal Darkness R Promotion
098/151 B HoopaGX Darkness RR Promotion
099/151 B Guzzlord Darkness R Promotion
100/151 A GuzzlordGX Darkness RR Promotion
101/151 A Dratini Dragon C Promotion
102/151 A Dragonair Dragon U Promotion
103/151 B DragoniteGX Dragon RR Promotion
104/151 B RayquazaGX Dragon RR Promotion
105/151 A NoivernGX Dragon RR Promotion
106/151 A Spearow Colorless C Promotion
107/151 A Fearow Colorless C Promotion
108/151 A Eevee Colorless C Promotion
109/151 B Miltank Colorless U Promotion
100/151 B Skitty Colorless C Promotion
111/151 B Delcatty Colorless R Promotion
112/151 A Castform Colorless C Promotion
113/151 B ArceusPrism Star Colorless PR Promotion
114/151 A Noibat Colorless C Promotion
115/151 B Oranguru Colorless C Promotion
116/151 A Komala Colorless U Promotion
117/151 A DrampaGX Colorless RR Promotion
118/151 B Wait and See Hammer I U Promotion
119/151 B Energy Spinner I U Promotion
120/151 B Custom Catcher I C Promotion
121/151 B Pal Pad I C Promotion
122/151 B Net Ball I U Promotion
123/151 A Rare Candy I U Promotion
124/151 B Adventure Bag I C Promotion
125/151 B Moomoo Milk I U Promotion
126/151 A Rescue Stretcher I U Promotion
127/151 B Lost Blender I U Promotion
128/151 B Counter Gain I U Promotion
129/151 A Weakness Policy I U Promotion
130/151 A Dashing Pouch I U Promotion
131/151 A Wishul Baton I U Promotion
132/151 A Bodybuilding Dumbbells I U Promotion
133/151 B Dragon Talon I C Promotion
134/151 B Whitney Su U Promotion
135/151 B Nanu Su U Promotion
136/151 B Gardenia Su U Promotion
137/151 A Pokémon Breeder Su U Promotion
138/151 A Mallow Su U Promotion
139/151 B Mars Su U Promotion
140/151 A Sophocles Su U Promotion
141/151 B Copycat Su U Promotion
142/151 A Olivia Su U Promotion
143/151 A Lillie Su U Promotion
144/151 A Lusamine Su U Promotion
145/151 B Ultra Space St U Promotion
146/151 A Aether Paradise Conservation Area St U Promotion
147/151 B Thunder MountainPrism Star St PR Promotion
148/151 B Black MarketPrism Star St PR Promotion
149/151 B Life ForestPrism Star St PR Promotion
150/151 A Counter Energy Rainbow E U Promotion
151/151 A Warp Energy Colorless E U Promotion}
152/151 A Rowlet Grass S Promotion
153/151 A Dartrix Grass S Promotion
154/151 A Wimpod Grass S Promotion
155/151 B Pheromosa Grass S Promotion
156/151 B Voltorb Lightning S Promotion
157/151 B Xurkitree Lightning S Promotion
158/151 A Zorua Darkness S Promotion
159/151 B Guzzlord Darkness S Promotion
160/151 A Noibat Colorless S Promotion
161/151 B LeafeonGX Grass SR Promotion
162/151 A DecidueyeGX Grass SR Promotion
163/151 A GolisopodGX Grass SR Promotion
164/151 A Tapu BuluGX Grass SR Promotion
165/151 B ElectrodeGX Lightning SR Promotion
166/151 A Tapu KokoGX Lightning SR Promotion
167/151 A XurkitreeGX Lightning SR Promotion
168/151 A UmbreonGX Darkness SR Promotion
169/151 A DarkraiGX Darkness SR Promotion
170/151 A ZoroarkGX Darkness SR Promotion
171/151 A GuzzlordGX Darkness SR Promotion
172/151 B RayquazaGX Dragon SR Promotion
173/151 A NoivernGX Dragon SR Promotion
174/151 A DrampaGX Colorless SR Promotion
175/151 B Whitney Su SR Promotion
176/151 B Gardenia Su SR Promotion
177/151 A Pokémon Breeder Su SR Promotion
178/151 A Mallow Su SR Promotion
179/151 B Mars Su SR Promotion
180/151 B Copycat Su SR Promotion
181/151 A Lillie Su SR Promotion
182/151 A Lusamine Su SR Promotion
183/151 B LeafeonGX Grass SSR Promotion
184/151 A DecidueyeGX Grass SSR Promotion
185/151 A GolisopodGX Grass SSR Promotion
186/151 B ElectrodeGX Lightning SSR Promotion
187/151 A XurkitreeGX Lightning SSR Promotion
188/151 A UmbreonGX Darkness SSR Promotion
189/151 A DarkraiGX Darkness SSR Promotion
190/151 A ZoroarkGX Darkness SSR Promotion
191/151 A GuzzlordGX Darkness SSR Promotion
192/151 B RayquazaGX Dragon SSR Promotion
193/151 A NoivernGX Dragon SSR Promotion
194/151 A DrampaGX Colorless SSR Promotion
195/151 A Tapu BuluGX Grass UR Promotion
196/151 A Tapu KokoGX Lightning UR Promotion
197/151 B Net Ball I UR Promotion
198/151 A Rare Candy I UR Promotion
199/151 B Adventure Bag I UR Promotion
200/151 A Switch I UR Promotion
201/151 A Rescue Stretcher I UR Promotion
202/151 A Wishful Baton I UR Promotion
203/151 A Aether Paradise Conservation Area St UR Promotion
204/151 A Counter Energy Rainbow E UR Promotion

No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/151 A Alolan Sandshrew Water C Promotion
002/151 A Alolan Sandslash Water U Promotion
003/151 A Alolan Vulpix Water C Promotion
004/151 A Alolan Ninetails Water R Promotion
005/151 A Alolan NinetailsGX Water RR Promotion
006/151 A Poliwag Water C Promotion
007/151 A Poliwhirl Water C Promotion
008/151 A Poliwrath Water R Promotion
009/151 A Politoed Water R Promotion
010/151 B Slowpoke Water C Promotion
011/151 B Slowbro Water U Promotion
012/151 A Magikarp Water C Promotion
013/151 A Gyarados Water R Promotion
014/151 B Lapras Water U Promotion
015/151 A LaprasGX Water RR Promotion
016/151 B ArticunoGX Water RR Promotion
017/151 B Wooper Water C Promotion
017/151 B Quagsire Water U Promotion
019/151 B Corsola Water C Promotion
020/151 B Suicune Water R Promotion
021/151 B SuicuneGX Water RR Promotion
022/151 B Mudkip Water C Promotion
023/151 B Marshtomp Water C Promotion
024/151 B Swampert Water R Promotion
025/151 A Shellos Water C Promotion
026/151 B GlaceonGX Water RR Promotion
027/151 B Wash Rotom Water U Promotion
028/151 B Frost Rotom Water U Promotion
029/151 B PalkiaGX Water RR Promotion
030/151 B Froakie Water C Promotion
031/151 B Frogadier Water C Promotion
032/151 B GreninjaGX Water RR Promotion
033/151 B VolcanionPrism Star Water PR Promotion
034/151 B Wishiwashi Water C Promotion
035/151 A WishiwashiGX Water RR Promotion
036/151 A Tapu FiniGX Water RR Promotion
037/151 A Sudowoodo Fighting U Promotion
038/151 B Phanpy Fighting C Promotion
039/151 B Donphan Fighting U Promotion
040/151 B Baltoy Fighting C Promotion
041/151 B Claydol Fighting U Promotion
042/151 B Cranidos Fighting U Promotion
043/151 B Rampardos Fighting R Promotion
044/151 A Gastrodon Fighting C Promotion
045/151 B Gible Fighting C Promotion
046/151 B Gabite Fighting C Promotion
047/151 B Garchomp Fighting R Promotion
048/151 B Riolu Fighting C Promotion
049/151 B Lucario Fighting R Promotion
050/151 B LucarioGX Fighting RR Promotion
051/151 B Tyrunt Fighting U Promotion
052/151 B Tyrantrum Fighting R Promotion
053/151 B Zygarde Fighting C Promotion
054/151 B ZygardeGX Fighting RR Promotion
055/151 B DianciePrism Star Fighting PR Promotion
056/151 A Crabrawler Fighting C Promotion
056/151 A Crabominable Fighting U Promotion
058/151 B Rockruff Fighting C Promotion
059/151 B Lycanroc Fighting R Promotion
060/151 A LycanrocGX Fighting RR Promotion
061/151 A Passimian Fighting C Promotion
062/151 B Minior Fighting C Promotion
063/151 B Buzzwole Fighting R Promotion
064/151 A BuzzwoleGX Fighting RR Promotion
065/151 A MarshadowGX Fighting RR Promotion
066/151 A Clefairy Fairy C Promotion
067/151 A Clefable Fairy C Promotion
068/151 B Alolan NinetailsGX Fairy RR Promotion
069/151 B Jigglypuff Fairy C Promotion
070/151 B Wigglytuff Fairy U Promotion
071/151 B Snubbull Fairy C Promotion
072/151 B Granbull Fairy U Promotion
073/151 A Ralts Fairy C Promotion
074/151 A Kirlia Fairy C Promotion
075/151 B Gardevoir Fairy R Promotion
076/151 A GardevoirGX Fairy RR Promotion
077/151 A Cottonee Fairy C Promotion
078/151 A Whimsicott Fairy U Promotion
079/151 B Flabébé Fairy C Promotion
080/151 B Floette Fairy C Promotion
081/151 B Florges Fairy U Promotion
082/151 B Sylveon Fairy U Promotion
083/151 A SylveonGX Fairy RR Promotion
084/151 B XerneasGX Fairy RR Promotion
085/151 B XerneasPrism Star Fairy PR Promotion
086/151 A Diancie Fairy R Promotion
087/151 B Cutiefly Fairy C Promotion
088/151 B Ribombee Fairy U Promotion
089/151 A Morelull Fairy C Promotion
090/151 A Shiinotic Fairy R Promotion
091/151 A Comfey Fairy R Promotion
092/151 B Mimikyu Fairy U Promotion
093/151 B MimikyuGX Fairy RR Promotion
094/151 B Tapu Lele Fairy R Promotion
095/151 B Altaria Dragon R Promotion
096/151 B AltariaGX Dragon RR Promotion
097/151 B LatiosPrism Star Dragon PR Promotion
098/151 B Druddigon Dragon U Promotion
099/151 B White KyuremGX Dragon RR Promotion
100/151 A TaurosGX Colorless RR Promotion
101/151 A Eevee Colorless C Promotion
102/151 A SnorlaxGX Colorless RR Promotion
103/151 B Whismur Colorless C Promotion
104/151 B Loudred Colorless C Promotion
105/151 B Exploud Colorless U Promotion
106/151 B Swablu Colorless C Promotion
107/151 A Bunnelby Colorless C Promotion
108/151 A Diggersby Colorless C Promotion
109/151 B Pikipek Colorless C Promotion
110/151 B Trumbeak Colorless C Promotion
111/151 B Toucannon Colorless U Promotion
112/151 B Yungoos Colorless C Promotion
113/151 B Gumshoos Colorless C Promotion
114/151 A Stufful Colorless C Promotion
115/151 A BewearGX Colorless RR Promotion
116/151 A Type: Null Colorless R Promotion
117/151 A SilvallyGX Colorless RR Promotion
118/151 A Aqua Patch I U Promotion
119/151 A Escape Rope I U Promotion
120/151 A Energy Loto I U Promotion
121/151 A Energy Recycler I U Promotion
122/151 A Counter Catcher I U Promotion
123/151 B Last Chance Potion I U Promotion
124/151 B Acro Bike I U Promotion
125/151 B Unidentified Fossil I C Promotion
126/151 A Ultra Ball I U Promotion
127/151 B PokéNav I U Promotion
128/151 B Water Memory I U Promotion
129/151 A Choice Band I U Promotion
130/151 A Psychic Memory I U Promotion
131/151 A Fighting Memory I U Promotion
132/151 A Fire Memory I U Promotion
133/151 B Fairy Charm Grass I U Promotion
134/151 B Fairy Charm Psychic I U Promotion
135/151 B Fairy Charm Dragon I U Promotion
136/151 B CyrusPrism Star Su PR Promotion
137/151 A Acerola Su U Promotion
138/151 B Sightseer Su C Promotion
139/151 A Professor Kukui Su U Promotion
140/151 A Gladion Su U Promotion
141/151 B Cynthia Su R Promotion
142/151 A Lana Su U Promotion
143/151 B Pokémon Fan Club Su U Promotion
144/151 B Mina Su U Promotion
145/151 B Bonnie Su U Promotion
146/151 A Brooklet Hill St U Promotion
147/151 B Sky Pillar St U Promotion
148/151 A Po Town St U Promotion
149/151 A Double Colorless Energy Colorless E U Promotion
150/151 B Super Boost EnergyPrism Star Rainbow E PR Promotion
151/151 B Memory Energy Colorless E C Promotion
152/151 A Alolan Vulpix Water S Promotion
153/151 B Wooper Water S Promotion
154/151 B Quagsire Water S Promotion
155/151 B Froakie Water S Promotion
156/151 B Frogadier Water S Promotion
157/151 A Sudowoodo Fighting S Promotion
158/151 B Riolu Fighting S Promotion
159/151 B Lucario Fighting S Promotion
160/151 B Rockruff Fighting S Promotion
161/151 B Buzzwole Fighting S Promotion
162/151 A Ralts Fairy S Promotion
163/151 A Kirlia Fairy S Promotion
164/151 A Diancie Fairy S Promotion
165/151 B Altaria Dragon S Promotion
166/151 A Eevee Colorless S Promotion
167/151 B Swablu Colorless S Promotion
168/151 A Type: Null Colorless S Promotion
169/151 A Alolan NinetalesGX Water SR Promotion
170/151 B ArticunoGX Water SR Promotion
171/151 B GlaceonGX Water SR Promotion
172/151 B GreninjaGX Water SR Promotion
173/151 A Tapu FiniGX Water SR Promotion
174/151 B LucarioGX Fighting SR Promotion
175/151 B ZygardeGX Fighting SR Promotion
176/151 A LycanrocGX Fighting SR Promotion
177/151 A BuzzwoleGX Fighting SR Promotion
178/151 A GardevoirGX Fairy SR Promotion
179/151 A SylveonGX Fairy SR Promotion
180/151 B AltariaGX Dragon SR Promotion
181/151 A SilvallyGX Colorless SR Promotion
182/151 A Acerola Su SR Promotion
183/151 B Sightseer Su SR Promotion
184/151 A Professor Kukui Su SR Promotion
185/151 A Gladion Su SR Promotion
186/151 B Cynthia Su SR Promotion
187/151 A Lana Su SR Promotion
188/151 B Pokémon Fan Club Su SR Promotion
189/151 B Mina Su SR Promotion
190/151 B Bonnie Su SR Promotion
191/151 A Alolan NinetalesGX Water SSR Promotion
192/151 B ArticunoGX Water SSR Promotion
193/151 B GlaceonGX Water SSR Promotion
194/151 B GreninjaGX Water SSR Promotion
195/151 B LucarioGX Fighting SSR Promotion
196/151 B ZygardeGX Fighting SSR Promotion
197/151 A LycanrocGX Fighting SSR Promotion
198/151 A BuzzwoleGX Fighting SSR Promotion
199/151 A GardevoirGX Fairy SSR Promotion
200/151 A SylveonGX Fairy SSR Promotion
201/151 B AltariaGX Dragon SSR Promotion
202/151 A SilvallyGX Colorless SSR Promotion
203/151 A Tapu FiniGX Water UR Promotion
204/151 A Aqua Patch I UR Promotion
205/151 A Escape Rope I UR Promotion
206/151 A Energy Retrieval I UR Promotion
207/151 A Counter Catcher I UR Promotion
208/151 B Acro Bike I UR Promotion
209/151 A Ultra Ball I UR Promotion
210/151 A Choice Band I UR Promotion
211/151 A Brooklet Hill St UR Promotion
212/151 A Double Colorless Energy Colorless E UR Promotion


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Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions and releases
Bold indicates a main expansion. Italics indicate a special set. Releases that are entirely composed of prints from other releases are small.
Traditional Chinese exclusive releases
SM-P Promos
All Stars Collection: All Stars Collection GX Starter Deck
Dreams Come True Collection: Dreams Come True Collection GX Starter Deck
Double Burst: Double Burst GX Starter Deck
Legendary Clash: Legendary Clash GX Starter Deck
S-P Promos
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Infinite Power: Infinite Power V Starter Deck
Partners V Starter Deck
Challenge V Starter DeckEvolution V Starter Deck
Strength V Starter DeckV Starter Sets
SV-P Promotional cards
Simplified Chinese exclusive releases
SM-P Promos
Storming Emergence: Storming Emergence GX Starter Deck
Lillie's Support BoxBattle EliteEevee-GX Box Sets
Shining Synergy: Shining Synergy GX Starter Deck
Striking CompetitionShining Pokémon Poké Ball BoxArceus & Dialga & Palkia GX Premium Deck Building BoxBattle Party Combo
S-P Promos
Dynamax Clash: Dynamax Clash V Starter DeckDynamax Clash Deck Building Box
Thai exclusive releases
SM-P Promos
First Impact: First Impact GX Starter Deck
Legends Awakened: Legends Awakened GX Starter Decks
Hidden Shadow: Hidden Shadow GX Starter Decks
Sky Ruler: Sky Ruler GX Starter Deck
Double Burst: Double Burst GX Starter Deck
Legendary Clash: Legendary Clash GX Starter Deck
S-P Promos
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Partners V Starter Deck
Shiny VMAX Collection
Challenge V Starter DeckEvolution V Starter Deck
Strength V Starter DeckAwakening V Starter Deck
Transformation V Starter Deck
SV-P Promotional cards
Indonesian exclusive releases
SM-P Promos
First Impact: First Impact GX Starter Deck
Legends Awakened: Legends Awakened GX Starter Deck
Hidden Shadow: Hidden Shadow GX Starter Deck
Sky Ruler: Sky Ruler GX Starter Deck
Tag Team Collection: Tag Team Collection GX Starter Deck
S-P Promos
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Partners V Starter Deck
Shiny VMAX Collection
Challenge V Starter DeckEvolution V Starter DeckStrength V Starter Deck
Awakening V Starter DeckTransformation V Starter Deck
Venusaur & Blastoise Half DeckPikachu & Charizard Half Deck
SV-P Promotional cards