Shining Synergy GX Starter Deck (ATCG)

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起始卡组 交相辉映GX
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Release date January 18, 2023

The Shining Synergy GX Starter Deck (Simplified Chinese: 起始卡组 交相辉映GX) is an Simplified Chinese exclusive Pokémon Trading Card Game deck with random elements that was first released in Mainland China on May 18, 2023.


The deck was released in Mainland China on January 18, 2023. Each GX Starter Deck comes with a rulesheet and a cardboard sheet containing damage counters, and status markers.

Set list

Shining Synergy GX Starter Deck
No. Mark Card name Type
001/342 C Celebi & Venusaur      Promotion
002/342 C Weedle     Promotion
003/342 C Kakuna     Promotion
004/342 C Beedrill     Promotion
005/342 C Oddish     Promotion
006/342 C Gloom     Promotion
007/342 C Vileplume     Promotion
008/342 C Vileplume      Promotion
009/342 C Venonat     Promotion
010/342 C Venomoth     Promotion
011/342 C Venomoth      Promotion
012/342 C Bellsprout     Promotion
013/342 C Weepinbell     Promotion
014/342 C Victreebell     Promotion
015/342 C Tangela     Promotion
016/342 C Tangrowth     Promotion
017/342 C Heracross     Promotion
018/342 C Tropius     Promotion
019/342 C Dwebble     Promotion
020/342 C Crustle     Promotion
021/342 C Deerling     Promotion
022/342 C Sawsbuck     Promotion
023/342 C Karrablast     Promotion
024/342 A Virizion     Promotion
025/342 C Grubbin     Promotion
026/342 B Dhelmise     Promotion
027/342 B Tapu Bulu     Promotion
028/342 C Buzzwole     Promotion
029/342 C Kartana     Promotion
030/342 C Growlithe     Promotion
031/342 C Arcanine     Promotion
032/342 C Ponyta     Promotion
033/342 C Rapidash     Promotion
034/342 C Magmar     Promotion
035/342 C Magmortar     Promotion
036/342 C Flareon     Promotion
037/342 C Flareon      Promotion
038/342 B Moltres     Promotion
039/342 C Moltres     Promotion
040/342 C Slugma     Promotion
041/342 C Magcargo     Promotion
042/342 C Entei     Promotion
043/342 C Victini     Promotion
044/342 C Darumaka     Promotion
045/342 C Darmanitan     Promotion
046/342 C Larvesta     Promotion
047/342 C Volcarona      Promotion
048/342 A Reshiram     Promotion
049/342 C Fletchinder     Promotion
050/342 C Talonflame     Promotion
051/342 C Alolan Vulpix     Promotion
052/342 C Psyduck     Promotion
053/342 C Golduck     Promotion
054/342 C Krabby     Promotion
055/342 C Kingler     Promotion
056/342 A Staryu     Promotion
057/342 C Starmie      Promotion
058/342 C Magikarp     Promotion
059/342 B Gyarados     Promotion
060/342 C Lapras     Promotion
061/342 C Vaporeon     Promotion
062/342 C Vaporeon      Promotion
063/342 C Articuno     Promotion
064/342 C Spheal     Promotion
065/342 C Sealeo     Promotion
066/342 C Walrein     Promotion
067/342 B Regice     Promotion
068/342 C Kyogre     Promotion
069/342 A Palkia     Promotion
070/342 C Ducklett     Promotion
071/342 C Swanna     Promotion
072/342 C Black Kyurem     Promotion
073/342 B Dewpider     Promotion
074/342 B Araquanid     Promotion
075/342 A Pyukumuku     Promotion
076/342 C Pyukumuku     Promotion
077/342 C Tapu Fini     Promotion
078/342 A Pikachu     Promotion
079/342 C Pikachu     Promotion
080/342 C Raichu     Promotion
081/342 A Alolan Raichu     Promotion
082/342 C Pikachu      Promotion
083/342 C Magnemite     Promotion
084/342 C Magneton     Promotion
085/342 C Magnezone     Promotion
086/342 C Voltorb     Promotion
087/342 C Electrode     Promotion
088/342 B Electabuzz     Promotion
089/342 B Electivire     Promotion
090/342 C Jolteon     Promotion
091/342 C Jolteon      Promotion
092/342 C Zapdos     Promotion
093/342 C Zapdos     Promotion
094/342 A Minun     Promotion
095/342 C Joltik     Promotion
096/342 C Galvantula     Promotion
097/342 B Stunfisk     Promotion
098/342 C Stunfisk     Promotion
099/342 C Thunderus     Promotion
100/342 B Helioptile     Promotion
101/342 B Heliolisk     Promotion
102/342 C Dedenne      Promotion
103/342 C Charjabug     Promotion
104/342 C Vikavolt     Promotion
105/342 C Togedemaru     Promotion
106/342 C Xurkitree     Promotion
107/342 C Zeraora     Promotion
108/342 C Espeon & Deoxys      Promotion
109/342 C Ekans     Promotion
110/342 C Arbok     Promotion
111/342 C Zubat     Promotion
112/342 C Golbat     Promotion
113/342 C Crobat     Promotion
114/342 C Starmie     Promotion
115/342 C Mewtwo     Promotion
116/342 C Ralts     Promotion
117/342 C Kirlia     Promotion
118/342 C Gallade     Promotion
119/342 C Wynaut     Promotion
120/342 A Latios     Promotion
121/342 B Deoxys     Promotion
122/342 C Skorupi     Promotion
123/342 C Rotom     Promotion
124/342 C Cresselia     Promotion
125/342 C Woobat     Promotion
126/342 C Swoobat     Promotion
127/342 C Phantump     Promotion
128/342 C Trevenant     Promotion
129/342 C Dhelmise     Promotion
130/342 C Blacephalon     Promotion
131/342 C Marshadow & Machamp      Promotion
132/342 C Geodude     Promotion
133/342 C Graveler     Promotion
134/342 C Golem     Promotion
135/342 C Onix     Promotion
136/342 C Steelix     Promotion
137/342 C Onix      Promotion
138/342 A Rhydon     Promotion
139/342 A Rhyhorn     Promotion
140/342 B Sudowoodo     Promotion
141/342 C Heracross     Promotion
142/342 C Meditite     Promotion
143/342 C Medicham     Promotion
144/342 C Trapinch     Promotion
145/342 C Vibrava     Promotion
146/342 C Flygon      Promotion
147/342 C Relicanth     Promotion
148/342 C Groudon     Promotion
149/342 C Gible     Promotion
150/342 C Gabite     Promotion
151/342 C Garchomp     Promotion
152/342 C Drilbur     Promotion
153/342 C Excadrill     Promotion
154/342 C Meloetta     Promotion
155/342 C Pancham     Promotion
156/342 C Pangoro     Promotion
157/342 B Hawlucha     Promotion
158/342 B Zygarde     Promotion
159/342 C Crabrawler     Promotion
160/342 C Crabominable     Promotion
161/342 C Passimian     Promotion
162/342 B Buzzwole     Promotion
163/342 C Umbreon & Darkrai      Promotion
164/342 C Alolan Grimer     Promotion
165/342 C Alolan Muk     Promotion
166/342 C Murkrow     Promotion
167/342 C Honchkrow      Promotion
168/342 C Sableye     Promotion
169/342 C Carvanha     Promotion
170/342 C Sharpedo     Promotion
171/342 A Absol     Promotion
172/342 C Drapion     Promotion
173/342 C Purrloin     Promotion
174/342 C Liepard     Promotion
175/342 C Sandile     Promotion
176/342 C Krokorok     Promotion
177/342 C Krookodile     Promotion
178/342 C Scraggy     Promotion
179/342 C Scrafty     Promotion
180/342 C Yveltal     Promotion
181/342 A Hoopa     Promotion
182/342 B Alolan Diglett     Promotion
183/342 B Alolan Dugtrio     Promotion
184/342 B Registeel     Promotion
185/342 B Jirachi     Promotion
186/342 B Heatran     Promotion
187/342 C Escavalier     Promotion
188/342 B Ferroseed     Promotion
189/342 B Ferrothorn     Promotion
190/342 B Pawniard     Promotion
191/342 B Bisharp     Promotion
192/342 C Genesect     Promotion
193/342 C Meltan     Promotion
194/342 C Melmetal      Promotion
195/342 C Togepi & Cleffa & Igglybuff      Promotion
196/342 C Clefairy     Promotion
197/342 C Clefable     Promotion
198/342 B Alolan Ninetails     Promotion
199/342 C Flabébé     Promotion
200/342 C Floette     Promotion
201/342 C Florges     Promotion
202/342 C Dedenne     Promotion
203/342 B Tapu Fini     Promotion
204/342 A Drampa     Promotion
205/342 C Drampa     Promotion
206/342 C Spearow     Promotion
207/342 C Fearow     Promotion
208/342 C Farfetch'd     Promotion
209/342 B Kangaskhan     Promotion
210/342 C Kangaskhan     Promotion
211/342 C Tauros     Promotion
212/342 C Eevee     Promotion
213/342 C Snorlax     Promotion
214/342 B Lugia     Promotion
215/342 B Ho-Oh     Promotion
216/342 B Zangoose     Promotion
217/342 C Zangoose     Promotion
218/342 A Rayquaza     Promotion
219/342 C Chatot     Promotion
220/342 B Shaymin     Promotion
221/342 A Bouffalant     Promotion
222/342 C Tornadus     Promotion
223/342 C Fletchling     Promotion
224/342 B Furfrou     Promotion
225/342 A Oranguru     Promotion
226/342 C Type: Null     Promotion
227/342 C Silvally     Promotion
228/342 C Silvally      Promotion
229/342 B Drampa     Promotion
230/342 C Celesteela      Promotion
231/342 A Aqua Patch I   Promotion
232/342 A Escape Rope I   Promotion
233/342 A Tormenting Spray I   Promotion
234/342 B Switch Raft I   Promotion
235/342 A Energy Loto I   Promotion
236/342 A Energy Retrieval I   Promotion
237/342 B Energy Recycle System I   Promotion
238/342 B Energy Spinner I   Promotion
239/342 A Energy Switch I   Promotion
240/342 A Energy Recycler I   Promotion
241/342 B Electropower I   Promotion
242/342 A Big Malasada I   Promotion
243/342 B Order Pad I   Promotion
244/342 A Enhanced Hammer I   Promotion
245/342 A Counter Catcher I   Promotion
246/342 A Potion I   Promotion
247/342 A Crushing Hammer I   Promotion
248/342 C Chip-Chip Ice Axe I   Promotion
249/342 C Judge Whistle I   Promotion
250/342 A Great Ball I   Promotion
251/342 A Super Scoop Up I   Promotion
252/342 B Acro Bike I   Promotion
253/342 A Timer Ball I   Promotion
254/342 A Damage Mover I   Promotion
255/342 B Pal Pad I   Promotion
256/342 A Nest Ball I   Promotion
257/342 B Net Ball I   Promotion
258/342 A Ultra Ball I   Promotion
259/342 B Fiery Flint I   Promotion
260/342 A Rare Candy I   Promotion
261/342 B Life Herb I   Promotion
262/342 C Pokégear 3.0 I   Promotion
263/342 A Switch I   Promotion
264/342 A Pokémon Catcher I   Promotion
265/342 C Pokémon Communication I   Promotion
266/342 A Multi Switch I   Promotion
267/342 A Repel I   Promotion
268/342 B Moomoo Milk I   Promotion
269/342 C Dusk Stone I   Promotion
270/342 C Lillie's Poké Doll I   Promotion
271/342 C Reset Stamp I   Promotion
272/342 B Lure Ball I   Promotion
273/342 A Rescue Stretcher I   Promotion
274/342 A Rotom Dex Poké Finder Mode I   Promotion
275/342 B Escape Board I   Promotion
276/342 B Counter Gain I   Promotion
277/342 A Exp. Share I   Promotion
278/342 C Karate Belt I   Promotion
279/342 A Choice Band I   Promotion
280/342 B Choice Helmet I   Promotion
281/342 A Psychic Memory I   Promotion
282/342 A Weakness Policy I   Promotion
283/342 A Dashing Pouch I   Promotion
284/342 A Poison Barb I   Promotion
285/342 A Wishful Baton I   Promotion
286/342 B Spell Tag I   Promotion
287/342 B Hustle Belt I   Promotion
288/342 A Bodybuilding Dumbbells I   Promotion
289/342 C U-Turn Board I   Promotion
290/342 C Janine Su   Promotion
291/342 A Ilima Su   Promotion
292/342 B Professor Elm's Lecture Su   Promotion
293/342 C Erika Su   Promotion
294/342 C Erika's Hospitality Su   Promotion
295/342 C Misty's Determination Su   Promotion
296/342 B Sightseer Su   Promotion
297/342 C Grimsley Su   Promotion
298/342 C Koga's Trap Su   Promotion
299/342 A Professor Kukui Su   Promotion
300/342 A Guzma Su   Promotion
301/342 C Guzma & Hala Su   Promotion
302/342 B Nanu Su   Promotion
303/342 C Blue's Tactics Su   Promotion
304/342 B Judge Su   Promotion
305/342 B Cynthia Su   Promotion
306/342 C Cynthia & Caitlin Su   Promotion
307/342 C Brock's Training Su   Promotion
308/342 B TV Reporter Su   Promotion
309/342 B Volkner Su   Promotion
310/342 C Sabrina's Suggestion Su   Promotion
311/342 B Ingo & Emmet Su   Promotion
312/342 A Hau Su   Promotion
313/342 A Wicke Su   Promotion
314/342 B Tate & Liza Su   Promotion
315/342 B Apricorn Maker Su   Promotion
316/342 C Pokémon Center Lady Su   Promotion
317/342 B Pokémon Fan Club Su   Promotion
318/342 A Pokémon Breeder Su   Promotion
319/342 B Mars Su   Promotion
320/342 A Sophocles Su   Promotion
321/342 A Mallow Su   Promotion
322/342 C Mallow & Lana Su   Promotion
323/342 B Crasher Wake Su   Promotion
324/342 B Bill's Maintenance Su   Promotion
325/342 B Morty Su   Promotion
326/342 C Bug Catcher Su   Promotion
327/342 B Copycat Su   Promotion
328/342 C Clay Su   Promotion
329/342 C Welder Su   Promotion
330/342 A Lillie Su   Promotion
331/342 A Lusamine Su   Promotion
332/342 C Red & Blue Su   Promotion
333/342 C Red's Challenge Su   Promotion
334/342 C Roller Skater Su   Promotion
335/342 C Martial Arts Dojo St   Promotion
336/342 C Misty's Cerulean City Gym St   Promotion
337/342 A Devoured Field St   Promotion
338/342 A Brooklet Hill St   Promotion
339/342 C Sky Pillar St   Promotion
340/342 C Brock's Pewter City Gym St   Promotion
341/342 C Viridian Forest St   Promotion
342/342 A Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
343/342 C Vileplume      Promotion
344/342 C Flygon      Promotion
345/342 C Erika's Hospitality Su   Promotion
346/342 B Welder Su   Promotion
347/342 B TV Reporter Su   Promotion
348/342 A Sophocles Su   Promotion
349/342 C Weedle Su   Promotion
350/342 C Celebi & Venusaur      Promotion
351/342 C Vileplume      Promotion
352/342 C Dedenne      Promotion
353/342 C Marshadow & Machamp      Promotion
354/342 C Melmetal      Promotion
355/342 C Judge Whistle I   Promotion
356/342 B Fiery Flint I   Promotion
357/342 B Counter Gain I   Promotion

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