Storming Emergence GX Starter Deck (ATCG)

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Storming Emergence GX Starter Deck
CSM1D Box.png
Box art
Expansion Storming Emergence
Release date October 28, 2022

The Storming Emergence GX Starter Deck (Chinese: GX起始卡组 横空出世 GX Starter Deck: Storming Emergence) is a randomized deck for the Pokémon Trading Card Game released alongside the inaugural Sun & Moon Series set in Simplified Chinese.


The deck was released in Mainland China on October 28, 2023. Each GX Starter Deck comes with a rulesheet and a cardboard sheet containing damage counters, and status markers.

Set list

Storming Emergence GX Starter Deck
No. Mark Card name Type
001/324 A Bulbasaur     Promotion
002/324 A Ivysaur     Promotion
003/324 A Venusaur     Promotion
004/324 A Paras     Promotion
005/324 A Parasect     Promotion
006/324 A Exeggcute     Promotion
007/324 A Tangela     Promotion
008/324 A Tangrowth     Promotion
009/324 B Scyther     Promotion
010/324 B Pinser     Promotion
011/324 B Cacnea     Promotion
012/324 A Cacturne     Promotion
013/324 B Tropius     Promotion
014/324 B Snover     Promotion
015/324 B Abomasnow     Promotion
016/324 A Shaymin     Promotion
017/324 B Virizion      Promotion
018/324 B Skiddo     Promotion
019/324 B Gogoat     Promotion
020/324 A Phantump     Promotion
021/324 A Trevenant     Promotion
022/324 A Rowlet     Promotion
023/324 A Dartrix     Promotion
024/324 A Decidueye     Promotion
025/324 A Decidueye      Promotion
026/324 B Dhelmise     Promotion
027/324 B Tapu Bulu     Promotion
028/324 A Charmander     Promotion
029/324 A Charmaleon     Promotion
030/324 B Charizard     Promotion
031/324 A Growlithe     Promotion
032/324 A Arcanine     Promotion
033/324 B Houndour     Promotion
034/324 B Houndoom     Promotion
035/324 B Entei     Promotion
036/324 A Torkoal     Promotion
037/324 B Heatran     Promotion
038/324 B Darumaka     Promotion
039/324 B Darmanitan     Promotion
040/324 A Larvesta     Promotion
041/324 A Volcarona     Promotion
042/324 A Reshiram     Promotion
043/324 A Litten     Promotion
044/324 A Torracat     Promotion
045/324 A Incineroar     Promotion
046/324 A Incineroar      Promotion
047/324 A Oricorio     Promotion
048/324 B Salandit     Promotion

{{Setlist/entry|049/324|A|[[Fire (Slazzle  {{{3}}})|Fire]]

050/324 B Turtonator     Promotion
051/324 B Alolan Sandshrew     Promotion
052/324 B Alolan Sandslash     Promotion
053/324 A Alolan Vulpix     Promotion
054/324 A Tentacool     Promotion
055/324 A Tentacruel     Promotion
056/324 A Corsola     Promotion
057/324 B Mantine     Promotion
058/324 B Suicune     Promotion
059/324 B Feebas     Promotion
060/324 B Milotic     Promotion
061/324 B Luvdisc     Promotion
062/324 B Kyogre     Promotion
063/324 B Piplup     Promotion
064/324 B Prinplup     Promotion
065/324 B Empoleon     Promotion
066/324 A Shellos     Promotion
067/324 A Palkia     Promotion
068/324 B Cubchoo     Promotion
069/324 B Beartic     Promotion
070/324 A Keldeo     Promotion
071/324 B Froakie     Promotion
072/324 B Frogadier     Promotion
073/324 B Greninja      Promotion
074/324 A Popplio     Promotion
075/324 A Brionne     Promotion
076/324 A Primarina     Promotion
077/324 A Primarina      Promotion
078/324 A Pikachu     Promotion
079/324 A Raichu      Promotion
080/324 A Voltorb     Promotion
081/324 A Electrode     Promotion
082/324 B Electabuzz     Promotion
083/324 B Electivire     Promotion
084/324 A Raikou     Promotion
085/324 B Raikou      Promotion
086/324 B Plusle     Promotion
087/324 B Minun     Promotion
088/324 B Shinx     Promotion
089/324 B Luxio     Promotion
090/324 B Luxray     Promotion
091/324 B Blitzle     Promotion
092/324 B Zebstrika     Promotion
093/324 B Joltik     Promotion
094/324 B Galvantula     Promotion
095/324 A Helioptile     Promotion
096/324 A Heliolisk     Promotion
097/324 A Tapu Koko     Promotion
098/324 A Ekans     Promotion
099/324 A Arbok     Promotion
100/324 A Drowzee     Promotion
101/324 A Hypno     Promotion
102/324 B Sableye     Promotion
103/324 B Gulpin     Promotion
104/324 B Swalot     Promotion
105/324 A Latios     Promotion
106/324 B Deoxys     Promotion
107/324 B Drifloon     Promotion
108/324 B Drifblim     Promotion
109/324 B Cresselia     Promotion
110/324 B Litwick     Promotion
111/324 B Lampent     Promotion
112/324 B Chandelure     Promotion
113/324 A Golett     Promotion
114/324 A Golurk     Promotion
115/324 B Hoopa     Promotion
116/324 A Oricorio     Promotion
117/324 A Mareanie     Promotion
118/324 A Toxapex      Promotion
119/324 A Sandygast     Promotion
120/324 A Palosand     Promotion
121/324 A Tapu Lele      Promotion
122/324 A Machop     Promotion
123/324 A Machoke     Promotion
124/324 A Machamp     Promotion
125/324 A Machamp      Promotion
126/324 B Onix     Promotion
127/324 A Gligar     Promotion
128/324 A Gliscor     Promotion
129/324 B Larvitar     Promotion
130/324 B Pupitar     Promotion
131/324 A Makuhita     Promotion
132/324 A Hariyama     Promotion
133/324 A Nosepass     Promotion
134/324 A Solrock     Promotion
135/324 B Groudon     Promotion
136/324 A Gastrodon     Promotion
137/324 A Sawk     Promotion
138/324 B Binacle     Promotion
139/324 B Barbaracle     Promotion
140/324 B Carbink     Promotion
141/324 B Zygarde     Promotion
142/324 A Rockruff     Promotion
143/324 A Lycanroc      Promotion
144/324 A Stufful     Promotion
145/324 A Bewear     Promotion
146/324 A Murkrow     Promotion
147/324 A Honchkrow     Promotion
148/324 A Houndour     Promotion
149/324 A Houndoom     Promotion
150/324 B Tyranitar     Promotion
151/324 B Poochyena     Promotion
152/324 B Mightyena     Promotion
153/324 A Spiritomb     Promotion
154/324 A Darkrai     Promotion
155/324 A Scraggy     Promotion
156/324 A Scrafty     Promotion
157/324 B Zorua     Promotion
158/324 A Zoroark      Promotion
159/324 B Vullaby     Promotion
160/324 B Mandibuzz     Promotion
161/324 B Yveltal     Promotion
162/324 B Yveltal      Promotion
163/324 B Alolan Diglett     Promotion
164/324 B Alolan Dugtrio     Promotion
165/324 B Steelix     Promotion
166/324 B Scizor      Promotion
167/324 A Mawile     Promotion
168/324 A Aron     Promotion
169/324 A Lairon     Promotion
170/324 A Aggron     Promotion
171/324 B Bronzor     Promotion
172/324 B Bronzong     Promotion
173/324 A Probopass     Promotion
174/324 B Dialga     Promotion
175/324 B Heatran     Promotion
176/324 B Pawniard     Promotion
177/324 B Bisharp     Promotion
178/324 B Cobalion     Promotion
179/324 A Celesteela      Promotion
180/324 B Magearna     Promotion
181/324 A Clefairy     Promotion
182/324 A Clefable     Promotion
183/324 B Alolan Ninetails      Promotion
184/324 B Marill     Promotion
185/324 B Azumarill     Promotion
186/324 A Snubbull     Promotion
187/324 A Granbull     Promotion
188/324 B Ralts     Promotion
189/324 B Kirlia     Promotion
190/324 B Gardevoir     Promotion
191/324 B Dedenne     Promotion
192/324 B Carbink     Promotion
193/324 B Klefki     Promotion
194/324 A Xerneas     Promotion
195/324 B Xerneas      Promotion
196/324 A Morelull     Promotion
197/324 A Shiinotic     Promotion
198/324 A Tapu Lele     Promotion
199/324 B Tapu Fini     Promotion
200/324 A Alolan Exeggutor      Promotion
201/324 B Zekrom     Promotion
202/324 B Kyurem     Promotion
203/324 B Zygarde     Promotion
204/324 A Drampa     Promotion
205/324 B Lickitung     Promotion
206/324 B Kangaskhan     Promotion
207/324 B Dunsparce     Promotion
208/324 B Smeargle     Promotion
209/324 A Miltank     Promotion
210/324 B Lugia     Promotion
211/324 A Spinda     Promotion
212/324 B Zangoose     Promotion
213/324 A Rayquaza     Promotion
214/324 B Shaymin     Promotion
215/324 A Bouffalant     Promotion
216/324 B Furfrou     Promotion
217/324 B Noibat     Promotion
218/324 B Noivern     Promotion
219/324 A Yungoos     Promotion
220/324 A Gumshoos      Promotion
221/324 A Type: Null     Promotion
222/324 B Drampa     Promotion
223/324 A Aqua Patch I   Promotion
224/324 B Wait and See Hammer I   Promotion
225/324 A Escape Rope I   Promotion
226/324 A Tormenting Spray I   Promotion
227/324 B Switch Raft I   Promotion
228/324 A Energy Loto I   Promotion
229/324 B Eneporter I   Promotion
230/324 A Energy Retrieval I   Promotion
231/324 B Energy Recycle System I   Promotion
232/324 A Energy Switch I   Promotion
233/324 A Energy Recycler I   Promotion
234/324 A Big Malsada I   Promotion
235/324 B Order Pad I   Promotion
236/324 A Counter Catcher I   Promotion
237/324 A Potion I   Promotion
238/324 B Last Chance Potion I   Promotion
239/324 A Crushing Hammer I   Promotion
240/324 A Great Ball I   Promotion
241/324 A Super Scoop Up I   Promotion
242/324 B Acro Bike I   Promotion
243/324 A Timer Ball I   Promotion
244/324 A Damage Mover I   Promotion
245/324 B Dangerous Drill I   Promotion
246/324 B Pal Pad I   Promotion
247/324 A Next Ball I   Promotion
248/324 A Peeking Red Card I   Promotion
249/324 A Ultra Ball I   Promotion
250/324 B Looker Whistle I   Promotion
251/324 B Fiery Flint I   Promotion
252/324 A Field Blower I   Promotion
253/324 A Rare Candy I   Promotion
254/324 B Life Herb I   Promotion
255/324 B Friend Ball I   Promotion
256/324 B PokéNav I   Promotion
257/324 A Switch I   Promotion
258/324 A Pokémon Catcher I   Promotion
259/324 B Mixed Herbs I   Promotion
260/324 A Repel I   Promotion
261/324 A Poké Ball I   Promotion
262/324 B Lure Ball I   Promotion
263/324 B Rainbow Brush I   Promotion
264/324 A Rescue Stretcher I   Promotion
265/324 A Rotom Dex I   Promotion
266/324 A Rotom Dex Poké Finder Mode I   Promotion
267/324 B Counter Gain I   Promotion
268/324 A Exp. Share I   Promotion
269/324 A Choice Band I   Promotion
270/324 B Choice Helmet I   Promotion
271/324 A Dashing Pouch I   Promotion
272/324 A Poison Barb I   Promotion
273/324 A Wishful Baton I   Promotion
274/324 A Ilima Su   Promotion
275/324 A Kiawe Su   Promotion
276/324 B Blaine's Last Stand Su   Promotion
277/324 B Kahili Su   Promotion
278/324 B Diantha Su   Promotion
279/324 B Sightseer Su   Promotion
280/324 A Professor Kukui Su   Promotion
281/324 A Guzma Su   Promotion
282/324 B Nanu Su   Promotion
283/324 A Gladion Su   Promotion
284/324 B Judge Su   Promotion
285/324 B Cynthia Su   Promotion
286/324 A Lana Su   Promotion
287/324 A Team Skull Grunt Su   Promotion
288/324 B Steven's Resolve Su   Promotion
289/324 B Underground Expedition Su   Promotion
290/324 B Fisherman Su   Promotion
291/324 B TV Reporter Su   Promotion
292/324 B Gardenia Su   Promotion
293/324 B Samson Oak Su   Promotion
294/324 B Ingo & Emmet Su   Promotion
295/324 A Hau Su   Promotion
296/324 A Hala Su   Promotion
297/324 B Looker Su   Promotion
298/324 B Zinnia Su   Promotion
299/324 A Wicke Su   Promotion
300/324 B Tate & Liza Su   Promotion
301/324 B Pokémon Fan Club Su   Promotion
302/324 A Pokémon Breeder Su   Promotion
303/324 B Mars Su   Promotion
304/324 A Sophocles Su   Promotion
305/324 A Mallow Su   Promotion
306/324 B Crasher Wake Su   Promotion
307/324 B Bill's Maintenance Su   Promotion
308/324 B Morty Su   Promotion
309/324 B Mina Su   Promotion
310/324 B Jasmine Su   Promotion
311/324 B Copycat Su   Promotion
312/324 A Hiker Su   Promotion
313/324 A Lillie Su   Promotion
314/324 A Lusamine Su   Promotion
315/324 B Wela Volcano Park St   Promotion
316/324 A Sea of Nothingness St   Promotion
317/324 A Aether Paradise Conservation Area St   Promotion
318/324 A Altar of the Moone St   Promotion
319/324 A Brooklet Hill St   Promotion
320/324 B Sky Pillar St   Promotion
321/324 A Altar of the Sunne St   Promotion
322/324 A Po Town St   Promotion
323/324 A Mount Lanakila St   Promotion
324/324 A Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
325/324 A Raichu      Promotion
326/324 A Alolan Ninetails      Promotion
327/324 B Diantha Su   Promotion
328/324 B Underground Expedition Su   Promotion
329/324 A Wicke Su   Promotion
330/324 B Morty Su   Promotion
331/324 A Raichu      Promotion
332/324 A Alolan Ninetails      Promotion
333/324 A Switch Raft I   Promotion
334/324 A Crushing Hammer I   Promotion
335/324 A Super Scoop Up I   Promotion
336/324 A Rotom Dex I   Promotion

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