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All Stars Collection
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Cards in set 364
Set number 1
Release date October 9, 2019
Theme Decks

GX Starter Deck (All types)

Sun & Moon: All Stars Collection (Chinese: 太陽 & 月亮 眾星雲集組合篇 Sun & Moon All Stars Collection) is the name given to the first of three Sun & Moon Era amalgamated catch-up "Collections" in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is exclusively available in Traditional Chinese and is an amalgamation of the First Impact and Legends Awakened catch-up sets that were released in Indonesian and Thai.


The All Stars Collection and its complementary GX Starter Deck were the first official TCG products translated into Chinese since EX Legend Maker in 2006, and the first released under the unified Pokémon brand transcription. These products were released in Taiwan and Hong Kong on October 9, 2019 and were promoted at a launch event held on October 11-13, 2019 at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store in Taipei, Taiwan.[1]. The collection itself is split into two sets, Set A and Set B, each of which focuses on specific types. Set A features Grass, Fire, Lightning, Fighting, and Darkness-type Pokémon, while Set B features Water, Psychic, Metal, Fairy, and Dragon-type Pokémon. The booster packs for both sets feature specially commissioned artwork by Kouki Saitou[2]. Each pack contains seven cards, including a guaranteed Holofoil card.

Much like the comparable First Impact set released in Thailand and Indonesia, All Stars Collection contains a relatively large selection of cards in effort to catch up with Japanese and international releases. It comprises cards sourced from the first three of the Japanese Sun & Moon Era, as well as a number of Shiny Pokémon from the GX Ultra Shiny subset. The set does not include any Full Art or Secret versions of any Pokémon-GX, however. The cards themselves are created by Creatures, Inc. and feature aesthetics consistent with Japanese releases, albeit with the international design on the reverse. The cards also have similar expansion symbols and use the same rarities as Japanese ones.

Set lists

Set A
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/158 A Bulbasaur     Promotion
002/158 A Ivysaur     Promotion
003/158 A Venusaur     Promotion
004/158 A Oddish     Promotion
005/158 A Gloom     Promotion
006/158 A Vileplume     Promotion
007/158 A Heracross     Promotion
008/158 A Carnivine     Promotion
009/158 A Shaymin     Promotion
010/158 A Virizion     Promotion
011/158 A Rowlet     Promotion
012/158 A Dartrix     Promotion
013/158 A Decidueye      Promotion
014/158 A Grubbin     Promotion
015/158 A Dewpider     Promotion
016/158 A Araquanid     Promotion
017/158 A Fomantis     Promotion
018/158 A Lurantis     Promotion
019/158 A Lurantis      Promotion
020/158 A Bounsweet     Promotion
021/158 A Steenee     Promotion
022/158 A Tsareena     Promotion
023/158 A Tsareena      Promotion
024/158 A Wimpod     Promotion
025/158 A Golisopod     Promotion
026/158 A Golisopod      Promotion
027/158 A Tapu Bulu     Promotion
028/158 A Tapu Bulu      Promotion
029/158 A Pheromosa      Promotion
030/158 A Charmander     Promotion
031/158 A Charmeleon     Promotion
032/158 A Charizard      Promotion
033/158 A Alolan Marowak     Promotion
034/158 A Entei      Promotion
035/158 A Ho-Oh      Promotion
036/158 A Victini     Promotion
037/158 A Larvesta     Promotion
038/158 A Volcarona     Promotion
039/158 A Reshiram     Promotion
040/158 A Litten     Promotion
041/158 A Torracat     Promotion
042/158 A Incineroar      Promotion
043/158 A Oricorio     Promotion
044/158 A Salandit     Promotion
045/158 A Salazzle     Promotion
046/158 A Salazzle      Promotion
047/158 A Turtonator      Promotion
048/158 A Pikachu     Promotion
049/158 A Raichu     Promotion
050/158 A Raichu      Promotion
051/158 A Alolan Geodude     Promotion
052/158 A Alolan Graveler     Promotion
053/158 A Alolan Golem      Promotion
054/158 A Raikou     Promotion
055/158 A Zekrom     Promotion
056/158 A Charjabug     Promotion
057/158 A Vikavolt     Promotion
058/158 A Vikavolt      Promotion
059/158 A Tapu Koko     Promotion
060/158 A Tapu Koko      Promotion
061/158 A Xurkitree      Promotion
062/158 A Machop     Promotion
063/158 A Machoke     Promotion
064/158 A Machamp     Promotion
065/158 A Machamp      Promotion
066/158 A Cubone     Promotion
067/158 A Rhyhorn     Promotion
068/158 A Rhydon     Promotion
069/158 A Rhyperior     Promotion
070/158 A Sudowoodo     Promotion
071/158 A Lunatone     Promotion
072/158 A Solrock     Promotion
073/158 A Barboach     Promotion
074/158 A Whiscash     Promotion
075/158 A Regirock     Promotion
076/158 A Stunfisk     Promotion
077/158 A Crabrawler     Promotion
078/158 A Crabominable     Promotion
079/158 A Rockruff     Promotion
080/158 A Lycanroc      Promotion
081/158 A Lycanroc      Promotion
082/158 A Stufful     Promotion
083/158 A Bewear     Promotion
084/158 A Passimian     Promotion
085/158 A Sandygast     Promotion
086/158 A Palossand      Promotion
087/158 A Minior     Promotion
088/158 A Buzzwole      Promotion
089/158 A Marshadow      Promotion
090/158 A Alolan Rattata     Promotion
091/158 A Alolan Rattata     Promotion
092/158 A Alolan Raticate     Promotion
093/158 A Alolan Raticate     Promotion
094/158 A Alolan Grimer     Promotion
095/158 A Alolan Muk      Promotion
096/158 A Umbreon      Promotion
097/158 A Murkrow     Promotion
098/158 A Honchkrow     Promotion
099/158 A Sneasel     Promotion
100/158 A Weavile     Promotion
101/158 A Sableye     Promotion
102/158 A Spiritomb     Promotion
103/158 A Darkrai     Promotion
104/158 A Darkrai      Promotion
105/158 A Zorua     Promotion
106/158 A Zoroark      Promotion
107/158 A Deino     Promotion
108/158 A Zweilous     Promotion
109/158 A Hydreigon     Promotion
110/158 A Hoopa     Promotion
111/158 A Guzzlord      Promotion
112/158 A Chansey     Promotion
113/158 A Blissey     Promotion
114/158 A Kangaskhan     Promotion
115/158 A Eevee     Promotion
116/158 A Porygon     Promotion
117/158 A Porygon2     Promotion
118/158 A Porygon-Z     Promotion
119/158 A Rayquaza     Promotion
120/158 A Regigigas     Promotion
121/158 A Minccino     Promotion
122/158 A Cinccino     Promotion
123/158 A Bouffalant     Promotion
124/158 A Oranguru     Promotion
125/158 A Type: Null     Promotion
126/158 A Silvally      Promotion
127/158 A Aqua Patch I   Promotion
128/158 A Energy Recycler I   Promotion
129/158 A Enhanced Hammer I   Promotion
130/158 A Counter Catcher I   Promotion
131/158 A Damage Mover I   Promotion
132/158 A Ultra Ball I   Promotion
133/158 A Multi Switch I   Promotion
134/158 A Max Potion I   Promotion
135/158 A Rescue Stretcher I   Promotion
136/158 A Rotom Dex Poké Finder Mode I   Promotion
137/158 B Water Memory I   Promotion
138/158 A Electric Memory I   Promotion
139/158 B Grass Memory I   Promotion
140/158 A Choice Band I   Promotion
141/158 A Psychic Memory I   Promotion
142/158 A Poison Barb I   Promotion
143/158 A Fighting Memory I   Promotion
144/158 A Fire Memory I   Promotion
145/158 A Kiawe Su   Promotion
146/158 A Guzma Su   Promotion
147/158 A Team Skull Grunt Su   Promotion
148/158 A Hau Su   Promotion
149/158 A Hiker Su   Promotion
150/158 A Olivia Su   Promotion
151/158 A Lillie Su   Promotion
152/158 A Lusamine Su   Promotion
153/158 A Aether Paradise Conservation Area St   Promotion
154/158 A Devoured Field St   Promotion
155/158 A Altar of the Sunne St   Promotion
156/158 A Po Town St   Promotion
157/158 A Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
158/158 A Warp Energy   E   Promotion
159/158 A Guzma Su   Promotion
160/158 A Lusamine Su   Promotion
161/158 A Rowlet     Promotion
162/158 A Dartrix     Promotion
163/158 A Wimpod     Promotion
164/158 A Sudowoodo     Promotion
165/158 A Zorua     Promotion
166/158 A Oranguru     Promotion
167/158 A Type: Null     Promotion
168/158 A Decidueye      Promotion
169/158 A Golisopod      Promotion
170/158 A Charizard      Promotion
171/158 A Ho-Oh      Promotion
172/158 A Turtonator      Promotion
173/158 A Xurkitree      Promotion
174/158 A Lycanroc      Promotion
175/158 A Buzzwole      Promotion
176/158 A Umbreon      Promotion
177/158 A Darkrai      Promotion
178/158 A Zoroark      Promotion
179/158 A Guzzlord      Promotion
180/158 A Silvally      Promotion
181/158 A Tapu Bulu      Promotion
182/158 A Tapu Koko      Promotion

Set B
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/158 A Exeggcute     Promotion
002/158 A Alolan Sandshrew     Promotion
003/158 A Alolan Sandslash     Promotion
004/158 A Alolan Vulpix     Promotion
005/158 A Alolan Ninetales     Promotion
006/158 A Alolan Ninetales      Promotion
007/158 A Psyduck     Promotion
008/158 A Golduck     Promotion
009/158 A Magikarp     Promotion
010/158 A Gyarados     Promotion
011/158 A Gyarados      Promotion
012/158 A Lapras      Promotion
013/158 A Wailmer     Promotion
014/158 A Wailord     Promotion
015/158 A Regice     Promotion
016/158 A Manaphy     Promotion
017/158 A Keldeo     Promotion
018/158 A Popplio     Promotion
019/158 A Brionne     Promotion
020/158 A Primarina      Promotion
021/158 A Wishiwashi      Promotion
022/158 A Pyukumuku     Promotion
023/158 A Tapu Fini     Promotion
024/158 A Tapu Fini      Promotion
025/158 A Ekans     Promotion
026/158 A Arbok     Promotion
027/158 A Slowpoke     Promotion
028/158 A Slowbro     Promotion
029/158 A Slowking     Promotion
030/158 A Alolan Grimer     Promotion
031/158 A Alolan Muk     Promotion
032/158 A Gastly     Promotion
033/158 A Haunter     Promotion
034/158 A Gengar     Promotion
035/158 A Mewtwo      Promotion
036/158 A Espeon      Promotion
037/158 A Wobbuffet     Promotion
038/158 A Seviper     Promotion
039/158 A Duskull     Promotion
040/158 A Dusclops     Promotion
041/158 A Dusknoir     Promotion
042/158 A Chimecho     Promotion
043/158 A Latios     Promotion
044/158 A Trubbish     Promotion
045/158 A Garbodor     Promotion
046/158 A Espurr     Promotion
047/158 A Meowstic     Promotion
048/158 A Pumpkaboo     Promotion
049/158 A Gourgeist     Promotion
050/158 A Oricorio     Promotion
051/158 A Oricorio     Promotion
052/158 A Mareanie     Promotion
053/158 A Toxapex     Promotion
054/158 A Toxapex      Promotion
055/158 A Oranguru     Promotion
056/158 A Sandygast     Promotion
057/158 A Palossand     Promotion
058/158 A Mimikyu     Promotion
059/158 A Dhelmise     Promotion
060/158 A Tapu Lele     Promotion
061/158 A Tapu Lele      Promotion
062/158 A Cosmog     Promotion
063/158 A Cosmog     Promotion
064/158 A Cosmoem     Promotion
065/158 A Lunala     Promotion
066/158 A Lunala      Promotion
067/158 A Nihilego      Promotion
068/158 A Necrozma      Promotion
069/158 A Marshadow     Promotion
070/158 A Alolan Diglett     Promotion
071/158 A Alolan Dugtrio     Promotion
072/158 A Aron     Promotion
073/158 A Lairon     Promotion
074/158 A Aggron     Promotion
075/158 A Beldum     Promotion
076/158 A Metang     Promotion
077/158 A Metagross      Promotion
078/158 A Registeel     Promotion
079/158 A Solgaleo     Promotion
080/158 A Solgaleo      Promotion
081/158 A Celesteela      Promotion
082/158 A Kartana      Promotion
083/158 A Magearna     Promotion
084/158 A Jigglypuff     Promotion
085/158 A Wigglytuff     Promotion
086/158 A Ralts     Promotion
087/158 A Kirlia     Promotion
088/158 A Gardevoir      Promotion
089/158 A Cottonee     Promotion
090/158 A Whimsicott     Promotion
091/158 A Sylveon      Promotion
092/158 A Xerneas     Promotion
093/158 A Diancie     Promotion
094/158 A Cutiefly     Promotion
095/158 A Ribombee     Promotion
096/158 A Morelull     Promotion
097/158 A Shiinotic     Promotion
098/158 A Comfey     Promotion
099/158 A Tapu Lele     Promotion
100/158 A Alolan Exeggutor     Promotion
101/158 A Alolan Exeggutor      Promotion
102/158 A Dratini     Promotion
103/158 A Dragonair     Promotion
104/158 A Dragonite     Promotion
105/158 A Noivern      Promotion
106/158 A Zygarde     Promotion
107/158 A Drampa     Promotion
108/158 A Jangmo-o     Promotion
109/158 A Jangmo-o     Promotion
110/158 A Hakamo-o     Promotion
111/158 A Hakamo-o     Promotion
112/158 A Kommo-o     Promotion
113/158 A Kommo-o      Promotion
114/158 A Spearow     Promotion
115/158 A Fearow     Promotion
116/158 A Tauros      Promotion
117/158 A Eevee     Promotion
118/158 A Snorlax      Promotion
119/158 A Miltank     Promotion
120/158 A Starly     Promotion
121/158 A Staravia     Promotion
122/158 A Staraptor     Promotion
123/158 A Noibat     Promotion
124/158 A Yungoos     Promotion
125/158 A Gumshoos      Promotion
126/158 A Stufful     Promotion
127/158 A Bewear      Promotion
128/158 A Drampa      Promotion
129/158 A Escape Rope I   Promotion
130/158 A Energy Loto I   Promotion
131/158 A Energy Switch I   Promotion
132/158 A Crushing Hammer I   Promotion
133/158 A Super Scoop Up I   Promotion
134/158 A Timer Ball I   Promotion
135/158 A Nest Ball I   Promotion
136/158 A Peeking Red Card I   Promotion
137/158 A Field Blower I   Promotion
138/158 A Rare Candy I   Promotion
139/158 A Rotom Dex I   Promotion
140/158 A Exp. Share I   Promotion
141/158 A Ancient Crystal I   Promotion
142/158 A Weakness Policy I   Promotion
143/158 A Dashing Pouch I   Promotion
144/158 A Wishful Baton I   Promotion
145/158 A Bodybuilding Dumbbells I   Promotion
146/158 A Acerola Su   Promotion
147/158 A Gladion Su   Promotion
148/158 A Hala Su   Promotion
149/158 A Plumeria Su   Promotion
150/158 A Mallow Su   Promotion
151/158 A Lillie Su   Promotion
152/158 A The Masked Royal Su   Promotion
153/158 A Sea of Nothingness St   Promotion
154/158 A Altar of the Moone St   Promotion
155/158 A Brooklet Hill St   Promotion
156/158 A Mount Lanakila St   Promotion
157/158 A Counter Energy   E   Promotion
158/158 A Rainbow Energy   E   Promotion
159/158 A Lillie Su   Promotion
160/158 A Alolan Vulpix     Promotion
161/158 A Seviper     Promotion
162/158 A Beldum     Promotion
163/158 A Metang     Promotion
164/158 A Ralts     Promotion
165/158 A Kirlia     Promotion
166/158 A Diancie     Promotion
167/158 A Eevee     Promotion
168/158 A Noibat     Promotion
169/158 A Alolan Ninetales      Promotion
170/158 A Mewtwo      Promotion
171/158 A Espeon      Promotion
172/158 A Nihilego      Promotion
173/158 A Metagross      Promotion
174/158 A Kartana      Promotion
175/158 A Gardevoir      Promotion
176/158 A Sylveon      Promotion
177/158 A Noivern      Promotion
178/158 A Drampa      Promotion

{{Setlist/entry}179/158|A|Tapu Fini |Water||UR}}

180/158 A Tapu Lele      Promotion
181/158 A Lunala      Promotion
182/158 A Solgaleo      Promotion


Set A pack
Set B pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins


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