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Sword & Shield
Sword Shield Logo Chinese.png
Cards in set 374
Set number 7
Release date Traditional Chinese: June 19, 2020
Thai: September 8, 2020
Indonesian: November 21, 2020
Theme Decks

V Starter Deck (All types)

Thai logo
Indonesian logo

Sword & Shield is the name given to the first of three asian Sword & Shield Era catch-up sets in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is available in Traditional Chinese, Thai and Indonesian.


Sword & Shield was first released on June 19, 2020 in Taiwan and Hong Kong, followed by releases in Thailand on September 8 and Indonesia on November 21. The set is composed of cards sourced from the dual Japanese Sword and Shield expansions, the Rebellion Crash expansion, as well as the VMAX Rising subset, featuring Generation VIII Pokémon and the Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX mechanics for the first time in their respective markets. It is split into two collections, Set A and Set B, each of which feature specific type rosters. Set A focuses on Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, and Metal-type Pokémon, while Set B focuses on Grass, Fire, Water, and Darkness-type Pokémon. The symbols for each set are also uniform across all three languages for the first time and feature a letter to denote their localized release. Products available in Taiwan and Hong Kong have symbols with 'F' (Fanti, traditional Chinese characters); those available in Thailand have symbols with 'T'; those available in Indonesia have symbols with 'I'. Booster packs available in all languages contain five cards.

Set lists

Set A
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/154 D Scyther     Promotion
002/154 D Grubbin     Promotion
003/154 D Voltorb     Promotion
004/154 D Electrode     Promotion
005/154 D Electabuzz     Promotion
006/154 D Electivire     Promotion
007/154 D Chinchou     Promotion
008/154 D Lanturn     Promotion
009/154 D Shinx     Promotion
010/154 D Luxio     Promotion
011/154 D Luxray     Promotion
012/154 D Helioptile     Promotion
013/154 D Heliolisk     Promotion
014/154 D Charjabug     Promotion
015/154 D Vikavolt     Promotion
016/154 D Tapu Koko      Promotion
017/154 D Yamper     Promotion
018/154 D Boltund     Promotion
019/154 D Boltund      Promotion
020/154 D Toxel     Promotion
021/154 D Toxtricity     Promotion
022/154 D Toxtricity      Promotion
023/154 D Toxtricity      Promotion
024/154 D Toxtricity      Promotion
025/154 D Pincurchin     Promotion
026/154 D Pincurchin      Promotion
027/154 D Morpeko     Promotion
028/154 D Morpeko      Promotion
029/154 D Morpeko      Promotion
030/154 D Clefairy     Promotion
031/154 D Clefable     Promotion
032/154 D Galarian Ponyta     Promotion
033/154 D Galarian Ponyta     Promotion
034/154 D Galarian Rapidash     Promotion
035/154 D Gastly     Promotion
036/154 D Haunter     Promotion
037/154 D Gengar     Promotion
038/154 D Natu     Promotion
039/154 D Xatu     Promotion
040/154 D Wobbuffet      Promotion
041/154 D Galarian Corsola     Promotion
042/154 D Galarian Cursola     Promotion
043/154 D Munna     Promotion
044/154 D Musharna     Promotion
045/154 D Sigilyph     Promotion
046/154 D Sandygast     Promotion
047/154 D Palossand     Promotion
048/154 D Sinistea     Promotion
049/154 D Polteageist     Promotion
050/154 D Polteageist      Promotion
051/154 D Hatenna     Promotion
052/154 D Hattrem     Promotion
053/154 D Hatterene     Promotion
054/154 D Milcery     Promotion
055/154 D Alcremie     Promotion
056/154 D Indeedee     Promotion
057/154 D Indeedee      Promotion
058/154 D Dreepy     Promotion
059/154 D Drakloak     Promotion
060/154 D Dragapult     Promotion
061/154 D Dragapult      Promotion
062/154 D Dragapult      Promotion
063/154 D Galarian Farfetch'd     Promotion
064/154 D Galarian Sirfetch'd     Promotion
065/154 D Hitmonlee     Promotion
066/154 D Hitmonchan     Promotion
067/154 D Rhyhorn     Promotion
068/154 D Rhydon     Promotion
069/154 D Rhyperior     Promotion
070/154 D Sudowoodo     Promotion
071/154 D Nosepass     Promotion
072/154 D Meditite     Promotion
073/154 D Medicham     Promotion
074/154 D Barboach     Promotion
075/154 D Whiscash     Promotion
076/154 D Baltoy     Promotion
077/154 D Claydol     Promotion
078/154 D Regirock      Promotion
079/154 D Galarian Yamask     Promotion
080/154 D Galarian Runerigus     Promotion
081/154 D Binacle     Promotion
082/154 D Barbaracle     Promotion
083/154 D Rolycoly     Promotion
084/154 D Carkol     Promotion
085/154 D Coalossal     Promotion
086/154 D Silicobra     Promotion
087/154 D Sandaconda     Promotion
088/154 D Sandaconda      Promotion
089/154 D Clobbopus     Promotion
090/154 D Grapploct     Promotion
091/154 D Falinks     Promotion
092/154 D Falinks      Promotion
093/154 D Stonjourner     Promotion
094/154 D Stonjourner      Promotion
095/154 D Stonjourner      Promotion
096/154 D Galarian Meowth     Promotion
097/154 D Galarian Meowth     Promotion
098/154 D Galarian Perrserker     Promotion
099/154 D Galarian Perrserker     Promotion
100/154 D Scizor     Promotion
101/154 D Mawile     Promotion
102/154 D Bronzor     Promotion
103/154 D Bronzong     Promotion
104/154 D Probopass     Promotion
105/154 D Ferroseed     Promotion
106/154 D Ferrothorn     Promotion
107/154 D Galarian Stunfisk     Promotion
108/154 D Pawniard     Promotion
109/154 D Bisharp     Promotion
110/154 D Durant     Promotion
111/154 D Honedge     Promotion
112/154 D Doublade     Promotion
113/154 D Aegislash     Promotion
114/154 D Corviknight     Promotion
115/154 D Cufant     Promotion
116/154 D Copperajah     Promotion
117/154 D Copperajah      Promotion
118/154 D Copperajah      Promotion
119/154 D Duraludon     Promotion
120/154 D Duraludon     Promotion
121/154 D Zacian     Promotion
122/154 D Zacian      Promotion
123/154 D Zamazenta     Promotion
124/154 D Zamazenta      Promotion
125/154 D Meowth      Promotion
126/154 D Meowth      Promotion
127/154 D Snorlax     Promotion
128/154 D Hoothoot     Promotion
129/154 D Noctowl     Promotion
130/154 D Minccino     Promotion
131/154 D Cinccino     Promotion
132/154 D Skwovet     Promotion
133/154 D Greedent     Promotion
134/154 D Rookidee     Promotion
135/154 D Corvisquire     Promotion
136/154 D Nugget I   Promotion
137/154 D Evolution Incense I   Promotion
138/154 D Tool Scrapper I   Promotion
139/154 D Ordinary Rod I   Promotion
140/154 D Metal Saucer I   Promotion
141/154 D Sitrus Berry I   Promotion
142/154 D Adversity Gloves I   Promotion
143/154 D Vitality Band I   Promotion
144/154 D Lucky Egg I   Promotion
145/154 D Cursed Shovel I   Promotion
146/154 D Oleana Su   Promotion
147/154 D Professor's Research Su   Promotion
148/154 D Bede Su   Promotion
149/154 D Skyla Su   Promotion
150/154 D Milo Su   Promotion
151/154 D Training Court St   Promotion
152/154 D Speed   Energy   E   Promotion
153/154 D Horror   Energy   E   Promotion
154/154 D Aurora Energy   E   Promotion
155/154 D Boltund      Promotion
156/154 D Toxtricity      Promotion
157/154 D Morpeko      Promotion
158/154 D Wobbuffet      Promotion
159/154 D Indeedee      Promotion
160/154 D Dragapult      Promotion
161/154 D Sandaconda      Promotion
162/154 D Falinks      Promotion
163/154 D Stonjourner      Promotion
164/154 D Copperajah      Promotion
165/154 D Zacian      Promotion
166/154 D Zamazenta      Promotion
167/154 D Oleana Su   Promotion
168/154 D Professor's Research Su   Promotion
169/154 D Bede Su   Promotion
170/154 D Pokémon Center Lady Su   Promotion
171/154 D Hop Su   Promotion
172/154 D Milo Su   Promotion
173/154 D Toxtricity      Promotion
174/154 D Morpeko      Promotion
175/154 D Dragapult      Promotion
176/154 D Stonjourner      Promotion
177/154 D Copperajah      Promotion
178/154 D Oleana Su   Promotion
179/154 D Professor's Research Su   Promotion
180/154 D Bede Su   Promotion
181/154 D Milo Su   Promotion
182/154 D Galarian Perrserker     Promotion
183/154 D Zacian      Promotion
184/154 D Zamazenta      Promotion
185/154 D Tool Scrapper I   Promotion
186/154 D Ordinary Rod I   Promotion
187/154 D Metal Saucer I   Promotion

Set B
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/153 D Caterpie     Promotion
002/153 D Metapod     Promotion
003/153 D Butterfree     Promotion
004/153 D Shuckle     Promotion
005/153 D Heracross     Promotion
006/153 D Celebi      Promotion
007/153 D Lotad     Promotion
008/153 D Lombre     Promotion
009/153 D Ludicolo     Promotion
010/153 D Surskit     Promotion
011/153 D Masquerain     Promotion
012/153 D Roselia     Promotion
013/153 D Roserade     Promotion
014/153 D Snover     Promotion
015/153 D Abomasnow     Promotion
016/153 D Maractus     Promotion
017/153 D Phantump     Promotion
018/153 D Trevenant     Promotion
019/153 D Dhelmise      Promotion
020/153 D Grookey     Promotion
021/153 D Thwackey     Promotion
022/153 D Rillaboom     Promotion
023/153 D Rillaboom      Promotion
024/153 D Rillaboom      Promotion
025/153 D Blipbug     Promotion
026/153 D Dottler     Promotion
027/153 D Orbeetle     Promotion
028/153 D Gossifleur     Promotion
029/153 D Gossifleur     Promotion
030/153 D Eldegoss     Promotion
031/153 D Eldegoss      Promotion
032/153 D Applin     Promotion
033/153 D Applin     Promotion
034/153 D Flapple     Promotion
035/153 D Appletun     Promotion
036/153 D Vulpix     Promotion
037/153 D Ninetales     Promotion
038/153 D Ninetales      Promotion
039/153 D Growlithe     Promotion
040/153 D Arcanine     Promotion
041/153 D Magmar     Promotion
042/153 D Magmortar     Promotion
043/153 D Flareon     Promotion
044/153 D Torkoal      Promotion
045/153 D Victini      Promotion
046/153 D Litwick     Promotion
047/153 D Lampent     Promotion
048/153 D Chandelure     Promotion
049/153 D Heatmor     Promotion
050/153 D Salandit     Promotion
051/153 D Salazzle     Promotion
052/153 D Scorbunny     Promotion
053/153 D Raboot     Promotion
054/153 D Cinderace     Promotion
055/153 D Cinderace      Promotion
056/153 D Cinderace      Promotion
057/153 D Sizzlipede     Promotion
058/153 D Centiskorch     Promotion
059/153 D Krabby     Promotion
060/153 D Kingler     Promotion
061/153 D Goldeen     Promotion
062/153 D Seaking     Promotion
063/153 D Galarian Mr. Mime     Promotion
064/153 D Galarian Mr. Rime     Promotion
065/153 D Magikarp     Promotion
066/153 D Gyarados     Promotion
067/153 D Lapras      Promotion
068/153 D Lapras      Promotion
069/153 D Qwilfish     Promotion
070/153 D Mantine     Promotion
071/153 D Wingull     Promotion
072/153 D Pelipper     Promotion
073/153 D Milotic      Promotion
074/153 D Tympole     Promotion
075/153 D Palpitoad     Promotion
076/153 D Seismitoad     Promotion
077/153 D Galarian Darumaka     Promotion
078/153 D Galarian Darmanitan     Promotion
079/153 D Keldeo      Promotion
080/153 D Sobble     Promotion
081/153 D Drizzile     Promotion
082/153 D Inteleon     Promotion
083/153 D Inteleon      Promotion
084/153 D Inteleon      Promotion
085/153 D Chewtle     Promotion
086/153 D Drednaw     Promotion
087/153 D Cramorant     Promotion
088/153 D Arrokuda     Promotion
089/153 D Barraskewda     Promotion
090/153 D Snom     Promotion
091/153 D Frosmoth     Promotion
092/153 D Eiscue     Promotion
093/153 D Eiscue      Promotion
094/153 D Koffing     Promotion
095/153 D Galarian Weezing     Promotion
096/153 D Galarian Zigzagoon     Promotion
097/153 D Galarian Linoone     Promotion
098/153 D Galarian Obstagoon     Promotion
099/153 D Sableye      Promotion
100/153 D Stunky     Promotion
101/153 D Skuntank     Promotion
102/153 D Spiritomb     Promotion
103/153 D Skorupi     Promotion
104/153 D Drapion     Promotion
105/153 D Croagunk     Promotion
106/153 D Toxicroak     Promotion
107/153 D Trubbish     Promotion
108/153 D Garbodor     Promotion
109/153 D Vullaby     Promotion
110/153 D Mandibuzz     Promotion
111/153 D Malamar      Promotion
112/153 D Malamar      Promotion
113/153 D Nickit     Promotion
114/153 D Thievul     Promotion
115/153 D Impidimp     Promotion
116/153 D Morgrem     Promotion
117/153 D Grimmsnarl     Promotion
118/153 D Eevee     Promotion
119/153 D Snorlax      Promotion
120/153 D Snorlax      Promotion
121/153 D Rayquaza     Promotion
122/153 D Chatot     Promotion
123/153 D Pidove     Promotion
124/153 D Tranquill     Promotion
125/153 D Unfezant     Promotion
126/153 D Bunnelby     Promotion
127/153 D Diggersby     Promotion
128/153 D Hawlucha     Promotion
129/153 D Stufful     Promotion
130/153 D Bewear     Promotion
131/153 D Oranguru     Promotion
132/153 D Wooloo     Promotion
133/153 D Dubwool     Promotion
134/153 D Dubwool      Promotion
135/153 D Cramorant      Promotion
136/153 D Scoop Up Net I   Promotion
137/153 D Hyper Potion I   Promotion
138/153 D Capacious Bucket I   Promotion
139/153 D Rare Candy I   Promotion
140/153 D Rotom Bike I   Promotion
141/153 D Big Charm I   Promotion
142/153 D Air Balloon I   Promotion
143/153 D Burning Scarf I   Promotion
144/153 D Lum Berry I   Promotion
145/153 D Team Yell Grunt Su   Promotion
146/153 D Sonia Su   Promotion
147/153 D Dan Su   Promotion
148/153 D Boss's Orders Su   Promotion
149/153 D Marnie Su   Promotion
150/153 D Galar Mine St   Promotion
151/153 D Turffield Stadium St   Promotion
152/153 D Capture Energy   E   Promotion
153/153 D Twin Energy   E   Promotion
154/153 D Dhelmise      Promotion
155/153 D Rillaboom      Promotion
156/153 D Eldegoss      Promotion
157/153 D Ninetales      Promotion
158/153 D Torkoal      Promotion
159/153 D Cinderace      Promotion
160/153 D Lapras      Promotion
161/153 D Milotic      Promotion
162/153 D Inteleon      Promotion
163/153 D Sableye      Promotion
164/153 D Malamar      Promotion
165/153 D Snorlax      Promotion
166/153 D Dubwool      Promotion
167/153 D Cramorant      Promotion
168/153 D Team Yell Grunt Su   Promotion
169/153 D Sonia Su   Promotion
170/153 D Boss's Orders Su   Promotion
171/153 D Marnie Su   Promotion
172/153 D Rillaboom      Promotion
173/153 D Cinderace      Promotion
174/153 D Lapras      Promotion
175/153 D Inteleon      Promotion
176/153 D Malamar      Promotion
177/153 D Snorlax      Promotion
178/153 D Team Yell Grunt Su   Promotion
179/153 D Sonia Su   Promotion
180/153 D Boss's Orders Su   Promotion
181/153 D Marnie Su   Promotion
182/153 D Frosmoth     Promotion
183/153 D Scoop Up Net I   Promotion
184/153 D Quick Ball I   Promotion
185/153 D Big Charm I   Promotion
186/153 D Air Balloon I   Promotion
187/153 D Twin Energy   E   Promotion

Pack artwork

Chinese Set A pack
Chinese Set B pack
Thai Set A pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
Thai Set B pack
Indonesian Set A pack
Indonesian Set B pack
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Sword & Shield sets are released in Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian, and lacked any Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 劍&盾 Gim yúh Téuhn
Mandarin 劍&盾 Jiàn yǔ Dùn
  Indonesian Pedang & Perisai
  Thai ซอร์ด&ชีลด์ Sword & Shield

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