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Gotta Invent 'Em All! This is a page created by Bulbapedia's user, and by no means it is official. Thus, information written below are not part of any canon Pokémon media. Do not take this page seriously.

I personally would love a new Pokémon Chronicles like series, especially with how many more characters that have been introduced in the anime. So I will be putting the stories of episodes I made here (REMEMBER, this is not offical, so please don't be saying these FAN-MADE EPISODES ruin the characters personallities, these are clones of other episodes, etc).

Live at Oak's Lab: Part 1

Professor Oak lets out Ash's Pokémon he caught in Kalos (finding out that two of the Pokéballs are empty) and sees that one of the Pokémon is a Noivern. He tries to study it (by sticking his head in it's ear) but Hawlucha Karate Chops Professor Oak away. Talonflame, Hawlucha and Noivern go to meet new friends, while Tracey helps Oak with bandages.

Talonflame while flying, sees Ash's Swellow, Staraptor and Unfezant racing each other. Once there done (with Staraptor winning) Talonflame introduces itself to them, and they become friends very quickly.

Hawlucha and Noivern walk around the lab seeing other Pokémon, when Ash's Gible bites Noivern's head. Noivern uses Boomburst to blast Gible off, making it mad, the two get in an argument that Hawlucha stops when he thinks the two should battle each other to see who's stronger. The two start fighting with Noivern almost fainting Gible with Dragon Claw, but then Gible uses Draco Meteor, hitting Noivern and fainting it.

Meanwhile, Tracey commands Ash's Bulbasaur to use Solar Beam to call the other Pokémon for food, which Bulbasaur does. The Pokémon arrive, but Tracey and Bulbasaur aren't giving the food out quick enough, so Tracey sends out his Venonat, Marill and Scyther to help give out food.

Inside the lab, Professor Oak is starting to feel better, so he calls his cousin Samson Oak to see how the egg he gave Ash is doing. Samson says it hatched into a Vulpix, and is currently with Kiawe, Professor Oak hangs up, with his Rotom being sad it didn't see the Rotom inside the Rotom Pokédex.

For Charizard's turf, think this but more rocks and surronded by water

Back with Tracey, his Venonat relizes that two Pokémon didn't come to eat their food, Ash's Charizard and Ash's Oshawott. Tracey leaves to put the food bowls away, while his Venonat, Marill and Scyther go to find Charizard and Oshawott. While looking, they find Gary's Arcanine, who says Charizard's turf is on rocks surronded by water. The three go there and see Charizard battling Oshawott on Charizard's turf.

Scyther flys over the water and Marill swims through it to get to the rocks (Venonat has to stay behind), after Charizard wins against Oshawott, Marill and Scyther ask what happened. Charizard says that Oshawott went onto it's turf and woulden't leave, so he had to battle him to get him out.

Ash's Oshawott goes to where the other Pokémon are and says that Charizard bullied it. Pokémon like Ash's Pignite are quick to think Oshawott's a fool, but others go to attack Charizard. Many Pokémon (mainly Ash's) come to help Charizard, but not even Ash's Bulbasaur could break up this fight. Just then Tracey's Venonat defeats a Quagsire with Signal Beam, and evolves into Venomoth. It then puts Oshawott's supporters to sleep with Sleep Powder.

With Oshawott defeated, Bulbasaur punishs it by throwing him across the Corral. All the Pokémon laugh and the episode ends.

Major events




Live at Oak's Lab: Part 2

At Team Rocket HQ, James's Inkay and Jessie's Gourgeist are floating around, when they find James's Mime Jr. sleeping in a tent. They're confused but don't interrupt it's beauty sleep, they go to the cafeteria and see theres a Pokémon section. When they arrive, they meet Jessie's Seviper, Yanmega, Woobat and Frillish, as well as James's Carnivine, Yamask and Amoonguss. They talk about how they miss there trainers (which is when Inkay and Gourgeist realize they've had the same owners) and how they all hate Team Rocket's Pokémon food (except James's Amoonguss).

Jessie's Gourgeist mentions the Mime Jr. they saw, and James's Carnivine says that Mime Jr. has become depressed, due to how long it's been waiting for James. Jessie's Seviper comes up with an idea to make Mime Jr. happy, attack Oak's Lab and defeat the Pokémon there. Jessie's Frillish wakes up Mime Jr., and James's Yamask leads the group to Oak's Lab.

At Oak's Lab, Ash's Kingler, Ash's Corphish and Gary's Krabby are playing a game of catch, when James's Carnivine captures them with Bind. Carnivine let's Mime Jr. defeat the three, but it's having trouble thinking of a move to use, after a while it decides to use a new move it learned recently, Fairy Wind. Kingler, Corphish and Krabby faint and Team Rocket's Pokémon congratulate Mime Jr., but Mime Jr. realizes that it is part Fairy type, which only makes it happier.

Meanwhile, Professor Oak answers the front door of his lab and it's Anthony, he says that he's done training Ash's Primeape and come to return it. Tracey takes Primeape to the Corral and calls the Pokémon to meet it. Everyone appears to get along with Primeape except Ash's Charizard, who still remembers the battle they had when it was a Charmander. They decide to battle to see who's stronger after their outside training, and Professor Oak's Rotom will judge the battle.

You know, this battle

The battle ends up being a tie, and the last move used in the fight is Flamethrower. From a distance, Mime Jr. uses Mimic, which makes it use Flamethrower hitting Rotom. This alerts the Pokémon of Team Rocket, as they try to run before they catch them, however Ash's Infernape runs past them and stops the evil Pokémon with Mach Punch.

At the other side of the Oak Corral, Ash's Glalie and Boldore find Kingler, Corphish and Krabby beat up next to a tree and there taken to be better. Back with the others, Ash's Krookodile, Torkoal, Leavanny, Infernape, etc, have defeated all the Pokémon except Mime Jr. and Yanmega. Mime Jr. uses a combination Fairy Wind and Tickle to take the Pokémon off their guard, but Primeape wakes up and defeats Mime Jr. with Mega Kick.

Yanmega puts the other Pokémon on her back and flies back to Team Rocket HQ. When back there, Giovanni's secretary makes them their supper, but Mime Jr. actually wants to eat because it thinks it knows when James will return.

Major events




Live at Oak's Lab: Part 3

At Professor Oak's Laboratory, Gary is contacting his grandpa because he wants to send his Electivire back in exchange for his Magmar. After the trade is done, it's night time, so Oak goes to bed as well as most of the Pokémon, Ash's Talonflame. It still has lots of energy and tries to get rid of it by flying, it then sees another Pokémon flying around. Talonflame follows it and sees that it's Ash's Noctowl, Talonflame questions what Noctowl is doing, and Noctowl says that night time is it's day time.

Talonflame asks if theres a way it can get rid of it's energy and Noctowl talks about how Pokémon from Viridian Forest are sneaking into the Oak Corral. The night before, Noctowl asked a family of Caterpie why they came here and they say the Pidgeot thats been protecting them for months has been defeated by the evil Fearow. Talonflame and Noctowl decide to go to Viridian Forest and defeat the evil Fearow, however Ash's Palpitoad (who can't sleep because of a headache) hears them leave and decides to follow them.

When Noctowl and Talonflame arrive, they see Caterpie's, Metapod's, Weedle's and Kakuna's being put into slavery by multiple Fearow. Noctowl tries to sneak around, but Talonflame attacks all the Fearow at once with Flame Charge, which ends up fainting them and freeing the other Pokémon. Noctowl sneaks around more (thinking that bringing Talonflame was a waste) when it sees a cave guarded by sleeping Fearow, Noctowl sneaks by them and finds Ash's Pidgeot trapped in a wooden cage.

Noctowl breaks the cage, waking up Pidgeot. Noctowl asks what happened and Pidgeot says that a Fearow it's been defeating ever since it's trainer released it, finally gained the upper hand and defeated Pidgeot. This happened because the Fearow commands a bunch of weak Spearow, so Fearow decided to evolve them and teach them Mirror Move. So in the next battle for the Forest, every time Pidgeot used a move like Whirlwind, the Fearow would use Mirror Move and copy the attack all at once.

Noctowl and Pidgeot decide to take back the Forest, while Fearow is sleeping, however at another place in the Forest, a spy Beedrill hired to spot intruders, awakes the leader Fearow and tells it of the trust passers.

Talonflame reunites with Noctowl after defeating all the awake guard Fearow, however Talonflame is starting to feel sleepy, due to using most of it's energy already. Just then, the lead Fearow comes and attacks all three Pokémon at once with Brave Bird, Noctowl's wing is damaged, Talonflame falls asleep, and Pidgeot is barley hurt and ready for a rematch.

The battle goes in Pidgeot favour, until Pidgeot uses Double-Edge, misses, and Fearow uses Mirror Move. It makes Fearow use Double Edge, hitting Pidgeot, hurting it badly. When it looks like Fearow is about to win, Ash's Palpitoad comes and attacks with Hydro Pump, Fearow faints and the battle is won.

Pidgeot brings Talonflame back to the Lab, and tells the Forest Pokémon that they can come back now. They leave and Pidgeot thanks Noctowl and Palpatoad for their help before leaving. Palpatoad's headache is gone, it goes to bed and Noctowl takes an early rest too, so it can heal it's wing.

Major events




A straight Mega battle

Sawyer and Steven Stone return to the Hoenn region, when Sawyer notices another trainer and his Houndoom. Steven goes to talk with the trainer, which confuses Sawyer, Steven reveals that this trainer is named Harrison, and he helped Steven get back his Champion spot back from Wallace. Through flashbacks, Steven reveals that he was once a shy person who refused to help or take advice from others, until he lost his Champion spot to Wallace. After this, Steven changed, he asked his father what to do to get his Champion spot back, and Mr. Stone get's Steven to train with a boy named Harrison. As soon as Steven defeated Harrison's Sneasel, the two became friends, grew stronger, found the Metagrossite, and Steven got back his Champion spot.

Harrison decides to battle Sawyer to see who's stronger, and Sawyer agrees.
685MS.png Sawyer sends out Slurpuff and Harrison sends out Miltank 241MS.png
685MS.png Slurpuff uses Jump Kick 241MS.png
685MS.png Miltank uses Zen Headbutt 241MS.png
685MS.png Slurpuff uses Energy Ball 241MS.png
685MS.png Miltank uses Milk Drink 241MS.png
373MS.png Sawyer recalls Slurpuff and sends out Salamence 241MS.png
373MS.png Salamence uses Dragon Tail and Miltank faints 241MS.png
373MS.png Harrison sends out Sneasel 215MS.png
373MS.png Sneasel uses Icy Wind 215MS.png
373MS.png Salamence uses Flamethrower 215MS.png
373MS.png Sneasel uses Feint Attack and Salamence faints 215MS.png
693MS.png Sawyer sends out Clawitzer 215MS.png
693MS.png Sneasel uses Agility 215MS.png
693MS.png Clawitzer uses Crabhammer, but misses 215MS.png
693MS.png Sneasel uses Punishment 215MS.png
693MS.png Clawitzer uses Aqua Jet 215MS.png
693MS.png Sneasel uses Metal Claw, but misses 215MS.png
693MS.png Clawitzer uses Dragon Pulse and Sneasel faints 215MS.png
693MS.png Harrison sends out Hypno 097MS.png
693MS.png Hypno uses Thunder Punch and Clawitzer faints 097MS.png
685MS.png Sawyer sends out Slurpuff 097MS.png
685MS.png Slurpuff uses Attract, but it fails 097MS.png
685MS.png Hypno uses Hypnosis 097MS.png
685MS.png Hypno uses Dream Eater and Slurpuff faints 097MS.png
289MS.png Sawyer sends out Slaking 097MS.png
289MS.png Slaking uses Shadow Ball 097MS.png
289MS.png Hypno uses Confusion 097MS.png
289MS.png Slaking's Truant activates 097MS.png
289MS.png Hypno uses Brick Break 097MS.png
289MS.png uses Counter and Hypno faints 097MS.png
289MS.png Harrison sends out Steelix 208MS.png
289MS.png Steelix starts using Dig 208MS.png
289MS.png Slaking's Truant activates 208MS.png
289MS.png Steelix uses Dig 208MS.png
289MS.png Slaking's uses Counter 208MS.png
289MS.png Steelix's Sturdy activates 208MS.png
289MS.png Steelix uses Crunch and Slaking faints 208MS.png
681MS.png Sawyer sends out Aegislash 208MS.png
681BMS.png Aegislash uses Slash and Steelix faints 208MS.png
681BMS.png Harrison sends out Houndoom 229MS.png
681BMS.png Houndoom uses Bite 229MS.png
681BMS.png Aegislash uses Sacred Sword 229MS.png
681MS.png Houndoom uses Fire Fang, but Aegislash uses King's Shield 229MS.png
681BMS.png Aegislash uses Night Slash and Houndoom faints 229MS.png
681BMS.png Harrison sends out Blaziken 257MS.png
681BMS.png Blaziken uses Blaze Kick and Aegislash faints 257MS.png
254MS.png Sawyer sends out Sceptile 257MS.png
254MS.png Blaziken uses Fire Punch 257MS.png
254MMS.png Sawyer Mega Evolves Sceptile 257MS.png
254MMS.png Sceptile uses Dragon Claw and Blaziken uses Blaze Kick 257MS.png
254MMS.png Sceptile uses Frenzy Plant and Blaziken uses Blast Burn 257MS.png
254MS.png Sceptile and Blaziken faint 257MS.png

Steven congratulates Sawyer and Harrison for their match, with the two deciding to get stronger to battle in the Ever Grande Conference. Steven goes to Ever Grande City, Sawyer goes to Littleroot Town, and Harrison goes to Mauville City.

Major events

  • Sawyer and Steven Stone return to Hoenn.
  • Sawyer meets Harrison.
  • Steven Stone reveals how he met Harrison, and how he became the Hoenn Champion.
  • Sawyer and Harrison battle, with it ending in a tie.
  • Sawyer and Steven go there separate ways.