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Under The Alolan Moon
English opening themes


The Challenge of Life
Dub OP 22
Artist Dani Marcus and The Sad Truth (additional vocals by James Mosely, Charity Goodin, and Ben Dixon; guitars by James Harman)
Lyrics Ed Goldfarb
Composer Ed Goldfarb

The Challenge of Life is the opening theme song for the English dub of the twenty-second season, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends. It first aired with Lillier and the Staff!. The opening animation is composed of clips from the third and fourth Sun & Moon series Japanese openings, Future Connection and Your Adventure, as well as a clip from Episode 3 of Where Are You Going, Eevee?, while the ending animation is composed of clips from the second Sun & Moon series Japanese ending, Twerp, Twerpette.



Rise if you're prepared for the challenge
(Rise to the challenge)
Rise if you're a champion at heart
(Rise to the challenge)

Take my hand, we'll train as one
And triumph together
(Rise to the challenge)
Nothing's gonna stand in our way

Stronger and stronger we'll
Rise to the challenge of


Opening animation spoilers

Ending variants

  1. SM093 - SM102: The original animation.
  2. SM103 - Present: Sandy now displays its haircut from Lana.


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