List of Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon names

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This list is a record of the official Brazilian Portuguese spellings for Pokémon names. Names are listed by number in the order dictated by the National Pokédex.

The Brazilian Portuguese names of most Pokémon are the same as their English names, and are not listed below. Although these names are spelled identically to how they are spelled in English, some Pokémon names are pronounced in the anime in a way that only approximates their English pronunciation; the most famous examples are Bulbasaur and Meowth, which are pronounced as if they were spelled "Bulbassauro" and "Miau", respectively. The same happens with Bulbasaur's evolutions, namely Ivysaur (pronounced "Ivyssauro") and Venusaur (pronounced "Venussauro"), and with Magikarp (pronounced "Magikarpa") in the earlier episodes of the anime.

Type: Null and the Paradox Pokémon (with the exceptions of Koraidon and Miraidon) are the only Pokémon whose names have been localized into Brazilian Portuguese.


  • English: The official English name as dictated by Nintendo of America and used in all English-language games and merchandise.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: The official Brazilian Portuguese name used in Pokémon GO, Pokémon UNITE, and in the Brazilian Portuguese-language TCG, anime, and merchandise.

List of Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon names

Generation VII

Ndex MS English Brazilian Portuguese
#0772   Type: Null Tipo Nulo

Generation IX

Ndex MS English Brazilian Portuguese
#0984   Great Tusk Presa Grande
#0985   Scream Tail Cauda Brado
#0986   Brute Bonnet Capuz Bruto
#0987   Flutter Mane Juba Sopro
#0988   Slither Wing Asa Rasteira
#0989   Sandy Shocks Choque Areia
#0990   Iron Treads Trilho Férreo
#0991   Iron Bundle Pacote Férreo
#0992   Iron Hands Mãos Férreas
#0993   Iron Jugulis Jugulares Férreas
#0994   Iron Moth Mariposa Férrea
#0995   Iron Thorns Espinhos Férreos
#1005   Roaring Moon Lua Estrondo
#1006   Iron Valiant Valentia Férrea
#1009   Walking Wake Onda Ando
#1010   Iron Leaves Folhas Férreas


English Brazilian Portuguese
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