List of Pokémon that appear in every regional Browser

This is a list of Pokémon that appear every regional Browser, listed in their National Pokédex order. As of Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, this includes the Fiore Regional Browser, the Almia Regional Browser and the Oblivia Regional Browser. 69 of the 386 Pokémon in existence at the time of the release of Fiore's Browser are in this list.

List of Pokémon that appear in every regional Browser

Fiore # Almia # Oblivia # Pokémon Group
R-140 R-137 R-206   Charmander Fire
R-141 R-138 R-207   Charmeleon Fire
R-142 R-139 R-208   Charizard Fire
R-078 R-013 R-294   Blastoise Water
R-023 R-002 R-005   Pikachu Electric
R-024 R-003 R-006   Raichu Electric
R-058 R-014 R-042   Zubat Poison
R-059 R-015 R-043   Golbat Poison
R-126 R-114 R-127   Oddish Grass
R-127 R-115 R-128   Gloom Grass
R-128 R-116 R-129   Vileplume Grass
R-149 R-126 R-182   Mankey Fighting
R-150 R-127 R-183   Primeape Fighting
R-064 R-041 R-047   Geodude Rock
R-065 R-042 R-048   Graveler Rock
R-066 R-043 R-049   Golem Rock
R-056 R-062 R-110   Magnemite Electric
R-057 R-063 R-111   Magneton Electric
R-042 R-135 R-242   Dodrio Normal
R-094 R-017 R-164   Gastly Ghost
R-095 R-018 R-165   Haunter Ghost
R-096 R-019 R-166   Gengar Ghost
R-079 R-076 R-113   Voltorb Electric
R-089 R-187 R-045   Koffing Poison
R-107 R-229 R-068   Horsea Water
R-108 R-230 R-069   Seadra Water
R-043 R-216 R-222   Scyther Bug
R-188 R-071 R-116   Electabuzz Electric
R-137 R-074 R-188   Magmar Fire
R-183 R-098 R-076   Vaporeon Water
R-185 R-099 R-077   Jolteon Electric
R-184 R-100 R-078   Flareon Fire
R-157 R-155 R-034   Spinarak Bug
R-158 R-156 R-035   Ariados Bug
R-060 R-169 R-044   Crobat Poison
R-022 R-001 R-004   Pichu Electric
R-186 R-101 R-079   Espeon Psychic
R-187 R-102 R-080   Umbreon Dark
R-046 R-185 R-055   Murkrow Dark
R-160 R-128 R-107   Gligar Ground
R-044 R-217 R-223   Scizor Steel
R-199 R-244 R-202   Sneasel Dark
R-172 R-200 R-280   Swinub Ground
R-173 R-201 R-281   Piloswine Ground
R-116 R-091 R-063   Mantine Water
R-045 R-189 R-231   Skarmory Steel
R-161 R-154 R-267   Houndoom Dark
R-109 R-231 R-070   Kingdra Water
R-193 R-120 R-216   Larvitar Ground
R-194 R-121 R-217   Pupitar Ground
R-195 R-122 R-218   Tyranitar Rock
R-212 R-263 R-057   Celebi Grass
R-131 R-254 R-144   Sceptile Grass
R-017 R-255 R-213   Blaziken Fire
R-122 R-078 R-023   Wingull Water
R-123 R-079 R-024   Pelipper Water
R-026 R-157 R-133   Ralts Psychic
R-027 R-158 R-134   Kirlia Psychic
R-028 R-159 R-135   Gardevoir Psychic
R-083 R-028 R-197   Makuhita Fighting
R-084 R-029 R-198   Hariyama Fighting
R-118 R-096 R-072   Sharpedo Water
R-135 R-124 R-214   Numel Fire
R-136 R-125 R-215   Camerupt Fire
R-171 R-191 R-149   Dusclops Ghost
R-200 R-256 R-285   Absol Dark
R-165 R-225 R-219   Bagon Dragon
R-166 R-226 R-220   Shelgon Dragon
R-167 R-227 R-221   Salamence Dragon


  • There are no Generation IV Pokémon in this list as they had not been released at the time of Fiore's Browser. However, every Generation IV Pokémon found in Almia's Browser is also featured in Oblivia's Browser, with the three exceptions of Spiritomb, Cresselia and Darkrai.
    • Similarly, because no Ranger games were made after Generation IV, all Pokémon from subsequent generations are absent from this list.

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