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Seeds (Japanese: タネ Seeds) are consumable items in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series that have a wide variety of effects when eaten. Seeds may be eaten directly from the inventory or thrown at a Pokémon. A Pokémon hit by a thrown Seed will eat the seed immediately, with the exception of Blast Seeds, which explode on impact instead. In addition to any other effects, all Seeds restore a Pokémon's Belly by 5 (before Super Mystery Dungeon)/2 (since Super Mystery Dungeon) when eaten.

Seeds can be found randomly in dungeons or purchased from Kecleon Shops, though there may be additional ways to obtain certain Seeds, depending on the game. Some jobs and missions may require that a specific kind of Seed is delivered to the client.


The available Seeds vary depending on the game.

Item Game
Ban Seed
Blast Seed
Blinker Seed
Decoy Seed
Doom Seed
Empowerment Seed
Encourage Seed
Energy Seed ✔?
Eyedrop Seed
Golden Seed
Heal Seed
Hunger Seed
Joy Seed
Life Seed
Plain Seed
Pure Seed
Quick Seed
Reviver Seed
Sleep Seed
Soothing Seed
Stun Seed
Tiny Reviver Seed
Totter Seed
Training Seed
Vanish Seed
Vile Seed
Violent Seed
Warp Seed
X-Eye/Allure Seed

List of Seeds

"Post-story dungeons" refers to dungeons that can only be unlocked after the credits roll in the game.

Lookalike seeds

Main article: Lookalike Item

Five lookalike items for seeds exist: Reviser Seed, Via Seed, Slip Seed, Dough Seed, and Dropeye Seed.



Sprite of Seed from Red and Blue Rescue Team Sprite of Seed from Explorers series Sprite of Seed from Gates to Infinity Sprite of Seed from Super Mystery Dungeon Sprite of Seed from Rescue Team DX
Sprite of Golden Seed from Explorers series Sprite of Golden Seed from Super Mystery Dungeon
Sprite of Energy Seed from Gates to Infinity
Model of Seed from Gates to Infinity and Super Mystery Dungeon Model of Energy Seed from Gates to Infinity*


In the anime

A Quick Seed in the anime

A Quick Seed appeared in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!, where Pikachu gave it to Squirtle so the Tiny Turtle Pokémon could outrun the Skarmory that was keeping Pikachu and his little brother Pichu as hostages, and defeat it.

In other languages


Language Title
  French Graine
  German Samen
  Italian Seme
  Korean 씨앗
  Portuguese Semente*
  Spanish Semilla
English   French   German   Italian   Spanish   Korean
Ban Seed Entravegraine Verbotssamen Vietaseme Semilla Veto N/A
Blast Seed Explograine Plosivsamen Semefuoco Semilla Bomba 폭렬의씨앗
Blinker Seed Eblouigraine Blendsamen Semetenebra Semilla Ceguera 앞못봄씨앗
Doom Seed Pépingraine Schwundsamen Semefato Semilla Condena 불행의씨앗
Decoy Seed Appâgraine Ködersamen Escaseme Semilla Señuelo N/A
Empowerment Seed Graine Transcendance Erkenntnissamen Semecarica Semilla Plétora N/A
Encourage Seed Stimugraine Spornsamen Incoraggiaseme Semilla Ánimo N/A
Energy Seed Graine Santé Muntersamen Semenergia Semilla Salud N/A
Eyedrop Seed Collygraine Sichtsamen Semevista Semilla Colirio 안약의씨앗
Famous Seed Graine Illustre Toller Samen Semecelebre Semilla Famosa N/A
Golden Seed Aurigraine Goldsamen Seme d'Oro Semilla Oro 황금씨앗
Heal Seed Guérigraine Heilsamen Semesalute Semilla Cura 치유의씨앗
Hunger Seed Famigraine Gustosamen Semevorax Sem. Hambre 공복의씨앗
Joy Seed Allégraine Lv.+ Samen Gaudioseme Semilla Júbilo 행복의씨앗
Life Seed Pévégraine Lebenssamen Semevita Semilla Vida 생명의씨앗
Plain Seed Graine Vide Samen Semebase Semilla Común 보통씨앗
Pure Seed Puregraine Reinsamen Semepuro Semilla Pura 성스러운씨앗
Quick Seed Hâtigraine Flinksamen Semesprint Semilla Rapidez 발빠름의씨앗
Reviver Seed Résugraine Belebersamen Revitalseme Semilla Revivir 부활의씨앗
Sleep Seed Roupigraine Schlafsamen Semedormita Semilla Sueño 수면의씨앗
Soothing Seed Réinigraine Besänftigungssamen Seme Sollievo Semilla Calma N/A
Stun Seed Pétrigraine Taubsamen Pietriseme Semilla Susto 경직의씨앗
Tiny Reviver Seed Mini-Résugraine Mini-Belebersamen Revitalseme Mini Semillita Revivir N/A
Totter Seed Foligraine Chaossamen Stordiseme Semilla Torpeza 비틀비틀씨앗
Training Seed Bachograine Trainingssamen Allenaseme Semilla Voluntad N/A
Vanish Seed Disparigraine Tarnsamen Svaniseme Semilla Velo 사라짐씨앗
Vile Seed Infâmigraine Schadsamen Semeturpe Semilla Vil 사악한씨앗
Violent Seed Virugraine Grimmsamen Semeimpeto Semilla Ira 맹공격씨앗
Warp Seed Télégraine Warp-Samen Teleseme Semilla TeleporteSMDRTDX
Semilla TeletransporteRBTDSGtI
X-Eye Seed Hallucigraine Flairsamen Semestrabico Sem. Alucin. 환각의씨앗

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