Biden (Japanese: ザブ Zabu) is a member of Team Snagem. In Pokémon Colosseum he and Agrev helped Gonzap lure Wes back to Snagem Hideout after he had caught the three Shadow first partner Pokémon. He helped spread rumors that the large Snag Machine had been fixed. Wes fell for the trap and returned to Snagem Hideout. Biden battled Wes with his team of four Smeargle, one of which was a Shadow Pokémon that Wes managed to Snag. After Wes defeated him he stated if he had won, he would have knocked Wes out and had his Smeargle paint on his face. Biden is one of the two Team Snagem members who has a unique appearance. His eyes are drawn differently from generic ones.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness Biden, along with Agrev and Wakin, stole Michael's Snag Machine and brought it back to Snagem Hideout to help resurrect Team Snagem. Michael defeated Gonzap to recover the Snag Machine.



Pokémon XD


Biden is shown to have this Pokémon when he is attacked by Zook.

At Snagem Hideout

At Orre Colosseum


Pokémon Colosseum

"Yo! If it isn't <player>! You've got guts showing up here after betraying Team Snagem! This is where it ends. I know you're here to wreck the Snag Machine like before."
Being defeated: "I couldn't win! Kaboom!"
After being defeated: "I was going to knock you out, then paint your loser face with my Smeargle... But I ended up on the receiving end of the paint..."

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

S.S. Libra
"Huh? You... you don't have a clue about who Team Snagem happens to be, do you? Back in the old days, grown men shook when they heard our name! Sheesh..."
Cipher Key Lair
"We've been spotted, so there's no point in hiding anymore. Who are we? We're Team Snagem!"
"Be quiet! We've finally managed to track down Cipher, haven't we? We're not just leaving now! Hey, you, big lunk! We have business in that building! Stand aside if you don't want to get hurt!"
Being defeated by Zook: "I got the short end of that one!"
After being defeated by Zook: "Gwaaah! Darn it!"
"We'll pull back and regroup! Let's get back to the hideout!"
Snagem Hideout
"Huh? Kid, didn't I see you before?"
Being defeated: "Have we met somewhere before?"
After being defeated: "I get it now! You were on the S.S. Libra when I went to get the Snag Machine! Okay, I get it now. I won't have to agonize over this! You're the kid from back there. I got it now."

In other languages

Language Title
  European French Zabb
  German Zabb
  Italian Biden
  European Spanish Biden

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