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Hearthome City

Hearthome City

Once you enter and walk a little distance to the signpost, a Buneary appears followed by a woman who thanks you for stopping her Buneary from running away and returns it to its Poké Ball. The woman introduces herself as Keira, a Pokémon Contest Judge, who asks you to meet her at the Contest Hall, so she can thank you properly.

Until you finish this mission you cannot exit to the new routes, Route 209 and Route 212. If you talk to the Hiker next to the east exit to Route 209, he'll give you a Pokémon Egg from Solaceon Town's Pokémon Day Care. However, you will need an empty slot in your party to accept it. If allowed to hatch, it will become a Happiny, which is Chansey's pre-evolved form.

Foreign Building

The large building on the western side that is directly north of the entrance you used resembles a large church or cathedral. Inside people inside will talk about the love and joy of the Pokémon world. While this has no significant value to the game, it is unique as no music is played inside.

Pokémon Fan Club

Poffin Case

East of the Poké Mart you will find the building where the Pokémon Fan Club is located. Talk to the Chairman to receive the Poffin Case that will allow you to make Poffins.

Hearthome Hotel

The building next to the Pokémon Fan Club is the Hearthome Hotel. On the 1F is the landlord and on the 2F is a woman with a Clefairy that will give you a Shell Bell.

Poffin House

Between the Poké Mart and Foreign Building is the Poffin House where you can make Poffins, the bread for boosting stats for the Super Contests. The Poffins are the replacement for the Pokéblock from the previous generation's Hoenn region. Just like a Pokéblock, it requires a Berry, but this time you have to use the DS's stylus to stir the bread in the rotational direction the game points when cooking it similar to stirring real bread. The level of the Poffin is determined by how many times you Do Not let it burn (Not stirring fast enough) or overflow (stirring it too fast).

Bebe's House

Right next to the Pokémon Center is the house belonging to Bebe, the woman in charge of the Pokémon Storage System for Sinnoh. After you talk with her, the Storage system is now identified as "Bebe's PC".


Talk to Bebe after getting the National Dex to receive a Lv. 5 Eevee.

Mr. Goods

The man standing below the Pokémon Center and Bebe's house, Mr. Goods, will give out items that can be placed in the Secret Base in the Underground for accomplishing certain noteworthy tasks throughout the game.

Contest Hall

Once ready head to the large building in the north that is next to Bebe's House to complete the next part of the game. In front of the building is Fantina, the Hearthome Gym Leader, who is also a Contest expert. However, she'll deny your challenge until you're stronger, so you'll have to wait until you acquire the next two Gym Badges and complete the mission in Celestic Town before you can challenge her.

Once Fantina leaves, enter and you'll see Keira together with your mother, Johanna. Keira is surprised that she is your mom and gives you the Glitter Powder for your Fashion Case. After Keira leaves, Johanna mentions that Contests will involve dressing up and will give you the Tuxedo/Dress, for dressing yourself up for the Super Contests. Now that this event has taken place you can now leave Hearthome City on the new routes.

Also, talk to the guy above the entrance to receive a mild Poffin. The middle counter he was standing by is for registering for Super Contests. The counter on the left is for linking with other players for a Super Contest. The counter on the right is for practice sessions if you wish to train for a Super Contest first.

Amity Square

Before leaving Hearthome City, head to either gate by the Pokémon Center or Hearthome Gym to reach Amity Square. If you have a cute Pokémon, such as Buneary or Pachirisu, you will be permitted to enter and your Pokémon will walk behind you. If you communicate with your chosen Pokémon every 200 steps they will give you a random Accessory for your Fashion Case, or a rare Berry which is determined by your partner. Right by the west entrance is TM43 (Secret Power). Then head north and a little towards east towards the middle of the field below the houses to find TM45 (Attract). Then head north of the east entrance to find a Spooky Plate, which enhances the power of Ghost-type attacks. Then look carefully on the house to the left to find an Amulet Coin that doubles the amount of money from a Trainer battle if the Pokémon holding it participates.

Once you are done here, prepare to head to Route 209.

2nd Rival battle

Make sure that your Pokémon are fully healed, because you will have a battle very soon.

As you head for the exit, rival Barry will burst out from nowhere and challenge you to a battle:

  If the player chose Turtwig:   If the player chose Chimchar:   If the player chose Piplup:

The main changes to his team are that his first partner Pokémon has evolved. Based on his first partner Pokémon choice you could be facing Grotle, Monferno, or Prinplup. Also he has 2 new Pokémon that are based around the types of the first partner Pokémon that Barry did not choose. There will be Roselia if he did not pick Turtwig, Ponyta if he did not pick Chimchar, or Buizel if he did not pick Piplup.

Once the battle is over, go back to the Pokémon Center to heal your Pokémon, then head to the east gate to reach Route 209. You can't visit Route 212 for now because the southern exit of the gate is blocked by a reporter and a cameraman. Visit there after you have arrived in Veilstone City, especially if you want to find a Soothe Bell and a Pichu or Pikachu.

Route 209

Route 209

While this route is a small, you can find some unique items on this route. First, go up the large grass field to find a bottle of Honey. Then talk to the Fisherman on the bridge to receive the Good Rod, which allows you to catch better Water-type Pokémon. Also behind a small tree near the Lost Tower that can be cut is TM47 (Steel Wing).

The Hallowed Tower is on this route. Once you put the Odd Keystone in and interact with people 32 times through a game linkup in the Underground, you can click on the Hallowed Tower to get a Lv.25 Spiritomb.

You can also find a Chansey on this route which has a 5% chance of holding a Lucky Egg. If you can take it, it allows its holder to gain the same experience percentage as a traded Pokémon. While you can go north to Solaceon Town to rest and prepare another team, it is best to explore the Lost Tower first.

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