Fashion Case

The Fashion Case (Japanese: アクセサリーいれ Accessory Container) is a Key Item introduced in Generation IV. It allows the player to store Accessories and Backdrops.

Fashion Case
Accessory Container
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Fashion Case
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Introduced in Generation IV
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There are several different sections for these Accessories: Fluffs, Pebbles and Boulders, Scales, Feathers, Facial Hair, Natural, Flowers, Specs, Misc, and Contest prizes, among others. Additionally, there are fifteen Backdrops.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the Fashion Case comes with two Backdrops and a few Accessories. Additional Accessories can be picked up by Pokémon in Amity Square, obtained as prizes for winning Super Contests, found by the Massage Girl in Veilstone City, traded for Berries at the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop in Floaroma Town, or given by various NPCs.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, random Accessories are picked up at random by the Pokémon leading the party while walking, won in the Accessory drawing in the Goldenrod Tunnel, or given by various NPCs. However, in HeartGold and SoulSilver they serve no purpose other than taking photos in Goldenrod Tunnel.

Additional Backdrops can be won in the Pokémon Lottery Corner, given by the woman in the Global Terminal, or won in the Accessory drawing in the Goldenrod Tunnel. There is also a woman in Pal Park building who will give the player certain Accessories or Backdrops when certain Pokémon Game Boy Advance games are in the Nintendo DS's GBA slot.


Games Description
DPPt A fancy case for the tidy and organized storage of colorful Pokémon Accessories.
HGSS A fancy case for the tidy arrangement and storage of whimsical Pokémon Accessories.
A lovely case to store colorful Props for your Pokémon to wear in a musical.
SV A wondrous, pretty case to store lots of colorful Props for your Pokémon to wear in a musical.


Games Method
DPPt Jubilife City (gift after the player has defeated Team Galactic there)
HGSS Goldenrod Tunnel (from Ethan/Lyra upon entering for the first time)

In the manga

A Fashion Case in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Diamond & Pearl arc

Prior to entering her first Pokémon Super Contest in Perturbed by Pachirisu, Platinum had arranged her Fashion Case so that she would not take long picking up Accessories to dress up her Prinplup during the Visual Competition of the Normal Rank Coolness Contest she was preparing for. However, unbeknownst to her, a Pachirisu belonging to one of the contestants disorganized her Fashion Case moments before the competition. Despite an attempt by her competitors to sabotage her, Platinum still managed to accessorize her Pokémon within the 60-second time-limit.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 飾品盒 Sīkbán Hahp
Mandarin 飾品盒 / 饰品盒 Shìpǐn Hé
  Dutch Accessoiredoos*
  European French Coffret Mode
  German Modekoffer
  Italian Scatola Chic
  Korean 액세서리상자 Accessory Sangja
Portuguese   Brazil Estojo de Acessórios
  Portugal Caixa de Moda*
  European Spanish Caja Corazón
  Vietnamese Hộp phụ kiện

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