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Route 206

Route 206

Now that you have the Bicycle you can head past the gate and onto Cycling Road which is part of Route 206. Until you encounter Lucas/Dawn on Route 207 you will be unable to return to Route 205. Before leaving the Eterna City gate talk to the guy with blue hair and white coat and glass and learn he is Rowan's assistant and Lucas/Dawns father who will give you an Exp. Share which is a gift from the Professor if you've seen enough Pokémon. Once you are ready head down Cycling Road, battling as many Trainers as you wish. Since these Trainers have Electric, Flying, and Fire-type Pokémon, having a Geodude with you will make it easy.

Once you reach the southern gate you can step onto the rest of Route 206 where here you will find a Berry patch as will as a small tree that can be Cut which is located on the right side of the gate. Past the tree is a grassy area and you can find some wild Pokémon along with some items, another Trainer, and another Berry patch. This is the first place where you can find a wild Bronzor that occasionally has a Metal Coat that you can take for either powering up Steel-type moves or evolving Onix into Steelix.

Also on this route is the entrance to Wayward Cave which is along the grassy area that also has a hidden entrance which is located underneath the bridge that cannot be seen. This leads to a hidden area of the cave. While you can explore the main cave area there is nothing important for now unless if you wish to train your team or have a higher chance to catch a Bronzor. You can come back later after you've beaten the Canalave Gym to explore the hidden area for some good prizes. When ready head south to reach Route 207.

Wayward Cave (Main part)

Make sure that you have Pokémon with Flash and Rock Smash before heading into the cave.

The cave is very dark and Flash must be used to light up the cave. You can teach TM70 (Flash) to a Pokémon right after you got the TM in the basement of Oreburgh Gate because Flash is no longer a HM, thus no Badges are required to use it on the field.

Main part of Wayward Cave

A girl called Mira, who has a level 18 Kadabra, was lost in the cave. Follow the path that has no Trainers (use Rock Smash along the way if you need), and you will find her in the northeast dead end. It is highly recommended that you do not fight any Trainers until you find Mira, because you will team up with her (like teaming up with Cheryl in Eterna Forest) afterwards and fight with Trainers in Multi Battles, which is a lot easier. Note that the wild battles will be Double Battles again, so catch the Pokémon you need before teaming up. Mira will also heal your Pokémon after every battle, similar to Cheryl.

After finding Mira and teaming up with her, it's time to battle all Trainers in the cave and get all items in the cave. Then, lead her back to the exit, and you're done with this cave for now.

Route 207

Route 207

The minute you step on this route you'll encounter Lucas/Dawn who ask if your journey is going well before having you guess the gift he/she has in his/her hand. Once you make your choice he/she will give you the Vs. Seeker which you can use to rechallenge any Trainer on the overfield. Lucas/Dawn will also give you the Dowsing Machine which is an upgrade for the Pokétch allowing you to detect any hidden item around you that gives off a bleep that tells you the distance between you and the item in the same fashion as the Itemfinder.

You can now access the Berry patch that you couldn't get to earlier as long as it hasn't gone away completely and you can use the Bicycle to go up and down the Dirt path allowing you easy access to Oreburgh City. If you have a Skull FossilD or Armor FossilP that was dug up from the Underground, it is recommended to head to the Oreburgh Museum to get them reanimated and receiver either a CranidosD or ShieldonP. Anyway all you need to do here is defeat the enemy Trainers and head into the cave in the east which is the southern part of Mt. Coronet.

Now that you have a Bicycle......

You can go back to the basement of Oreburgh Gate for more items.

Oreburgh Gate (Basement)

Use the Bicycle and ride on the ramps. You will then jump for the distance of 1 to 2 steps. The distance you jump depends on which gear you use, third or fourth. Shift to fourth gear to jump farther. You can get TM31 (Brick Break).

Mt. Coronet (Southern Area Part 1)

Mt. Coronet Southern Area

This part will play an important role later in the game, but you will need to get Surf and Rock Climb first. For now, head for the stairs that are near the entrance. Here you'll have your first encounter with a mysterious man. He'll explain the myth that Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began. He'll also mention that because of human weakness the world had become filled with strife. After the man's speech there is nothing else you can do for now other than leave through the east exit, though Rock Smash can help make it easier so you won't have to walk as far and encounter as many Pokémon.

Route 208

Route 208

Once out of the cave all you have to do is head east to Hearthome City. The Trainers here mainly use Pokémon that are weak to Flying, Fighting, Water, and Grass-type attacks, so having a Zubat, Roselia, along with a Machop or Monferno will make the encounters much simpler. There are more trainers and items on this route, but you'll need HMs to gain access. Come back when you can use Surf, Rock Climb and Waterfall.

Once you head down the stairs from the mountain area to the grassy area, talk to the Black Belt near the Honey Tree to receive the Odd Keystone, which can be taken to the Hallowed Tower on Route 209. Also in this area is the Berry Master's house. He'll give you a Berry once a day that is different from the ones handed out in Floaroma Town. His wife will also sell Mulch. Talking to his daughter will net you the Berry Searcher, an upgrade for your Pokétch that lets you see where all the current ripe Berries are located. Afterwards head east to Hearthome City.

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