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Before proceeding......

Make sure that you are fully prepared! Be warned— A tough and long journey is up ahead.

The Sinnoh Victory Road is very complicated. A lot of Trainers are there to challenge you. It is a very harsh test, but is a necessary training for the challenges of the Pokémon League.

Make sure that you have done the following things before going on:

  • Buy a lot of medicines.
    • Buy at least 30 of each necessary medicine, excluding different versions of Potions.
      • Buying 35 to 40 of each is recommended.
    • To save money, don't buy Super Potions, and don't buy too many bottles of Potion.
  • Buy a few bottles of Repel in any of the 3 versions to get some items more easily.
    • If you are buying Repels, buy at most 10 bottles.
    • If you are buying Super Repels, buy no more than 8 bottles.
    • If you are buying Max Repels, buy no more than 6 bottles.
  • Heal your Pokémon.
  • Always let your leading Pokémon hold Amulet Coin or Luck Incense to gain double prize after Trainer battles, especially if you're running out of money.
  • Bring Pokémon with the following HM moves:
  • Train your Pokémon until they are above Level 50.
    • Having your Pokémon at about Level 55 is recommended.
    • If your Pokémon are at or below Level 45, DO NOT even dare to proceed!

Sinnoh Victory Road

This is the final journey that you must take before challenging the Pokémon League. There are 3 levels that you can now access. Go inside when you are ready.

1F (Part 1)


First, cross the bridge, climb down the wall, head west to fight Psychic Bryce and collect TM41 (Torment). Next, head east from Bryce and get the hidden Ultra Ball in one of the rocks at the southeast part. Then, head back to where you climbed down. Climb up and head east.

Cross the bridge and go down the stairs. Fight Bird Keeper Hana and head north to grab the Full Heal. After that, head back to the stairs and cross the bridge to the north. Then climb down the wall and head west.

Follow the path (be careful that you don’t jump down the ledge) and go up the stairs. Fight Ace Trainer Mariah and head north. Don’t go up the stairs yet -- collect the hidden Max Elixir in a rock at the north first. Then head back to the stairs and go up to 2F.

2F (Part 1)


First, head west, smash the rock and push the boulder to the west. Next, push the boulder near the ramp to the east. Then, use a Repel, Super Repel or Max Repel, get on your bicycle, set it to the fourth gear and ride on the ramp to fly over the rock. After that, smash the rock near another ramp, switch to the third gear, ride on the ramp and head north, then west for a Max Ether. Jump down the ledge, switch back to the fourth gear, go all the way east and fly over the rock, then head south and smash the rock to proceed. You will then see 3 boulders in this pattern:



  • 0 = empty tiles
  • 1 = wall
  • 2 = unbreakable rocks
  • alphabets (A, B, C, etc.) = boulders / breakable rocks

Push boulders in the following order:

  1. Boulder Y to the south
  2. Boulder X to the west
  3. Boulder Z all the way to the south

Follow the path, fight Ace Trainer Omar, and you’ll see rocks arranged in the following pattern:


Solve the puzzle in the following order:

  1. Push boulder A to the south
  2. Go around the rock F
  3. Smash rock G
  4. Push boulder A back to its original place

Ignore boulder B. Follow the path, smash the rock, head east and fight Ace Trainer Sydney. Then follow the path and you’ll see another 3 boulders:


Solve the puzzle in the following order:

  1. Push boulder I to the east
  2. Grab the hidden Rare Candy (marked as R in the picture)
  3. Push boulder H all the way to the east

You cannot proceed deeper in this level yet due to the rock, so head north and fight Veteran Clayton, then head down the stairs.

Back to 1F

Immediately backtrack to 2F.

2F (Part 2)

Now you’re back to 2F, the boulders have been reset. Push boulder H to the south, then head east. Follow the path and you’ll see rocks arranged in the following pattern:


Solve the puzzle in the following order:

  1. Push boulder N all the way to the east
  2. Head north and follow the path
  3. Push boulder K to the west
  4. Smash rock L
  5. Push boulder M to the south

Afterwards, head west, turn north and follow the path. You’ll see some ramps. Use another bottle of Repel, Super Repel or Max Repel (by now the previous one should have worn off). Get on your bicycle again and start from the far east. Make sure that it is at the fourth gear, then go all the way west, riding through the ramps and flying over the rock. You can get the Full Restore.

Head deeper and fight Double Team Al and Kay. Then ride through the ramps again (use a bottle of Repel/Super Repel/Max Repel again if the previous one wears off), but this one is tricky – you have to stop at the right time. If you succeed, you can get TM71 (Stone Edge). If you failed, try again and you’ll ultimately do it.

Now get back to the stairs leading back to 1F (the one near Veteran Clayton) and go down the stairs.

1F (Part 2)

You’re now at 1F again. Cross the bridge, climb down the wall, follow the path (be careful that you don’t jump down the ledge! Otherwise, you’ll need to go all the way through 2F again), fight Black Belt Miles, then go down the stairs.

B1F (Part 1)


Head east, go down the stairs, and surf north. The left path is a one-way road, so take the right one and fight Psychic Valencia. Then surf again. The path directly north will be a shortcut, but you’ll miss out some items and Trainers.

Surf east and stop surfing behind Valencia. Then surf across the pond to the south. Grab the hidden Pearl and go up the stairs. Fight Double Team Jo and Pat, then surf across another pond to the west. Go up the stairs.

1F (Part 3)

Grab the Rare Candy and a hidden Max Revive, then return to B1F.

B1F (Part 2)

Head back to where you fought Double Team Jo and Pat. Go down the stairs, surf across the pond and take the easternmost path. Fight Ace Trainer Henry, then surf and climb the waterfall.

Follow the path and climb down another waterfall to collect TM59 (Dragon Pulse). Climb up the waterfall again and head west. Fight Dragon Tamer Ondrej, then surf west and follow the path.

Grab the hidden Big Mushroom. Finally, climb up the stairs. (There is nothing south of the small pond.)

1F (Part 4)

Head all the way west and turn south to grab a Razor Claw. Then backtrack, and you’ll find a set of stairs near Veteran Edgar. Go up the stairs and follow the path, crossing another bridge. You’ll find someone blocking a cave to a deeper area, saying that you’ll become even tougher, and eventually the world will grow bigger to you. The cave will only open up when you get the National Pokédex, so ignore it for now and grab the Zinc to the south.

After that, go back and fight Veteran Edgar, then head south through the gap. You’ll see a T-junction. Don’t go east yet -- go west first. Climb up the wall, cross the bridge to the west, and go up the stairs.

2F (Part 3)

You’ll see 3 boulders (yup, a puzzle with 3 boulders again) arranged in the following pattern:


Don’t move boulder M yet, or you’ll mess up the puzzle. First, move both boulder L and N to the west. Now you can really move boulder M. Next, move boulder M to either the north or the south. Then, grab TM79 (Dark Pulse) (marked as T in the picture). After that, go down the stairs and return to 1F.

1F (Part 5)

You are almost done with Victory Road!

Get back to the T-junction, but head east this time. (Be careful that you don’t jump off the ledge, or you’ll need to go all the way through B1F!) Climb up the wall and fight the last Trainer -- Dragon Tamer Clinton!

Now cross the bridge and head north. You are finally at the exit! Head outside.

Pokémon League (Main Building)

That's it! You have done with Victory Road and you're now at the main part of the Sinnoh Pokémon League. The main building of the Pokémon League is above the biggest waterfall in the region. Check the statue, and it displays:

Pokémon League
The Pinnacle of Trainerdom!

Grab the hidden Sky Plate, then surf and climb up the waterfall, and finally head inside the building.

The ground floor of the building is a mixture of a Pokémon Center and a Poké Mart (although the theme is the one in Pokémon Centers). DO NOT go all the way forward! A tough battle awaits you. Instead, heal your Pokémon FIRST! Your Pokémon should be exhausted after the Victory Road journey. The Pokémon Center is on the left. Then buy items if you are running out of them. The Mart is on the right.

MAKE SURE that you HEAL your Pokémon and have your Pokémon AT LEVEL 50 at the very least BEFORE PROCEEDING to the Ace Trainer! It is recommended that you train your Pokémon until they are around Level 55 before proceeding.

When you are ready, step forward to the Ace Trainer, and someone will burst in, saying:

"Hold it!
Don’t go off without me!"

Final Rival Battle

That "someone" is none other than Rival Barry. He says, "Let’s see who’s more worthy of making the challenge with a battle!" then challenges you to the final rival battle in the main storyline! (Well, he rarely falls behind you, and he did, coming here after your arrival.)

  If the player chose Turtwig:   If the player chose Chimchar:   If the player chose Piplup:

Barry’s team is now very strong -- far stronger than the team he has when you're in the Multi Battle on Spear Pillar, Mt. Coronet. His strongest Pokémon is again his own first partner Pokémon at its final form, at Level 53. All of his Pokémon have evolved into their final forms. They also possess moves that deals a lot of damage. However, you cannot lose this fight -- if you lose, you’re not worthy to challenge the Elite Four!

No matter which first partner you chose, his team will always have the following 3 Pokémon: Staraptor (which he always starts with), Heracross and Snorlax (Evolved from his Munchlax. It seems that Barry treated it well).

He’ll have 3 of the following 6 Pokémon, depending on your first partner Pokémon:

His Pokémon can hit really hard. Their moves can also cover a variety of types, so watch out! He’ll also use type-advantage to attack and send out Pokémon depending on the situation (i.e. what Pokémon you’re using), so try to use your own type-advantage to hit back.

After beating him, he’ll say that he’s not ready, order you not to lose, and bolts off. Heal your Pokémon, but don't proceed further yet! You will have to do the most serious preparation ever!

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