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Iki Town

Iki Town

Professor Kukui and Lillie are waiting for you back in Iki Town. The professor points out that island kahuna Hala uses Fighting-type Pokémon, and advises using Flying- or Psychic-type moves. Avoid using Normal Pokémon against him, as they will take increased damage from Fighting attacks. Once he and Lillie leave, you spot Hala farther ahead near the stairway. Speak to him and he congratulates you on clearing the trial in Verdant Cavern. The kahuna asks if you are ready; say yes, and the two combatants walk up onto the stage.

Melemele Grand Trial

As a Fighting-type Pokémon specialist, Hala's team takes serious damage from Flying, Psychic, and Fairy moves. Flying Pokémon like Rowlet and Pikipek can hold a Sharp Beak to enhance their Flying attacks. Though not much help in battle initially, Abra learns the Psychic-type move Confusion upon its evolution into Kadabra. Butterfree resists Fighting moves and has access to both Flying- and Psychic-type attacks. Cutiefly can deal super-effective damage with its Fairy attacks, while its Bug/Fairy typing means that it takes only 25% damage from Fighting moves.

Hala starts off with his Mankey, which tends to use Focus Energy to boost the high critical hit rate of Karate Chop even further. Though vulnerable to Psychic moves, Pursuit lets Mankey retaliate against Psychic Pokémon that would usually have a type advantage. Challengers should avoid landing critical hits of their own, as its Anger Point Ability maximizes Mankey's physical attack when hit by one. Makuhita's Fake Out causes the target to flinch, but may only be used on its first turn in battle. Despite Arm Thrust having a low base power, damage from the multi-strike move can quickly add up. Trainers who chose Litten as their first Pokémon should be mindful that Makuhita's Thick Fat Ability lessens the damage taken from Fire- and Ice-type moves by 50%. Crabrawler's Iron Fist Ability raises its punching power by 20%. A boosted Power-Up Punch then deals extra damage and raises its Attack, further increasing its damage output. Leer lowers the target's physical Defense, so it sustains even more damage than normal. Like Mankey, Crabrawler can also take on Psychic Pokémon with Pursuit. With the Z-Crystal it holds, at any time Crabrawler can upgrade its Power-Up Punch move, turning it into the Fighting-type Z-Move, All-Out Pummeling. While powerful, this can fortunately be done only once.

After the battle, Hala tells you that he is not surprised by the outcome. Tapu Koko cries out in the distance, and Hala says that it may be hoping for a day when you are strong enough to battle it as well. The kahuna rewards you with the Fightinium Z and teaches you the pose for All-Out Pummeling. He then stamps your Trainer Passport with the Melemele Trial Completion stamp. This stamp ensures that all Pokémon up to Level 35, even those received in a trade, will obey without question.

The group begins to leave the stage area when Hala's Tauros returns. He registers the Pokémon in a Ride Pager, a device that lets you summon one of several Pokémon as a means of travel, and hands it to you. The device can be accessed by pressing the Y Button. Tauros Charge increases your travel speed on land, and lets you smash through large boulders by pressing the B Button. Be sure to revisit previous areas with your new-found ability before moving on from Melemele Island!

Ilima appears and tells you that he worked on developing the Ride Pager with a friend, and hopes you find it useful. He invites you to a battle the next time you meet, and wishes you luck on the rest of your journey.

Kukui has a gift for you as well: TM54 (False Swipe). False Swipe is a restrained attack that always leaves the target with 1 HP, which makes catching Pokémon much easier. He tells you to let Mom know of your plans before heading to the Marina in Hau'oli City.

After the others leave, Lillie asks for a favor. Nebby is far from home and she wants to help it return, but as she is not a Pokémon Trainer there is little she can do. Tell her you will help, and she resolves to set out for the next island as well.

Route 1 (Hau'oli Outskirts)


Mom congratulates you on clearing the grand trial, and wishes you luck on the next island. She suggests visiting Ten Carat Hill before you go, as there are rare Pokémon inside.

Ten Carat Hill

Ten Carat Hill, Farthest Hollow

Located southwest of Kukui's Research Center, Ten Carat Hill was formed by an underwater volcano. It is famous for the open-air hollow in its center.


Pick up the X Attack to the right of the entrance, then head southwest. Use Tauros Charge to crash through the boulders blocking the way, then dismount to fit through the narrow path to the upper ledge. Collect the Super Potion to the north and Ultra Ball to the south, then jump down to the lower level. Break through a few more large rocks until you reach a big, heavy-looking boulder; only a powerful Pokémon would be able to move it. Instead, turn northward to reach the Farthest Hollow.

Farthest Hollow

A Hard Stone can be found a short distance away on the left of the main path. There is a Nugget farther north, and a Burn Heal in the northeast path. Grab the Great Ball from the southwest path, and TM62 (Acrobatics) on the southeast hill. This is the only place where wild Rockruff can be found, so be sure to catch one—it will add to your Pokédex, and earn you a cash reward from the Sightseer on Route 3!

Hau'oli City

By the time you return to Hau'oli City, the Shopping Mall has finally reopened. Take a moment to see everything it offers, then continue to the ferry terminal in the southwest part of the city.

Shopping District

Shopping Mall


Gracidea is named after the Gracidea flower, which a clerk will gift to the player. It is a high-end boutique that sells only the most expensive fashion items. The store offers a selection of tops, shoes, bags, and eyewear. Female Trainers can also purchase hats and hair accessories.

Male fashion items
Type Item Patterns by availability Price
 S  M  US  UM   S  US   M  UM 
Top Collared Shirt White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $49,500
Top Pinstripe Collared Shirt White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $49,500
Shoes Loafers White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $55,800
Bag Leather Backpack White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $378,000
Eyewear Aviator Shades Gray Brown, Pink Blue, Purple $39,800
Female fashion items
Type Item Patterns by availability Price
 S  M  US  UM   S  US   M  UM 
Top Designer Top White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $49,500
Shoes Strappy Sandals White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $55,800
Bag Satchel Bag White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $378,000
Hat Beach Hat White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $158,000
Eyewear Oversized Sunglasses Gray Brown, Pink Blue, Purple $39,800
Hair accessory Gem Barrette White Pink Blue $110,000

Antiquities of the Ages

In the northeast corner of the upper level, Antiquities of the Ages offers several legendary artifacts for sale. By the time the third Island Kahuna has been defeated, the second clerk will begin selling various Plates, as well. Each item may only be purchased once.

Left clerk

Right clerk

Move Tutor Booth

To the left of the legendary artifact shop is a booth with a pair of Move Tutors. The man on the left can teach a powerful attack to any fully-evolved first partner Pokémon. The man on the right can teach a combination move to any evolutionary form of first partner Pokémon. The only requirement is that the Pokémon's friendship must be as high as possible.

Left Tutor Right Tutor
Move Type Category Move Type Category
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Grass Pledge  Grass  Special
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Fire Pledge  Fire  Special
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Water Pledge  Water  Special

Battle Buffet

The Battle Buffet is located in the center of the mall's upper level. To dine, Trainers must pay a fee of $1,200. Each customer is given 10 turns of battle to get as many dishes possible, battling for each one. At the end, the waitress will assess the player's satisfaction and give them an item depending on that assessment. The player can only dine at the Battle Buffet once a day.

Ilima's House

Visit Ilima in his home in the southwest part of the city and he will bring you to the Trainers' School on Route 1 for a battle. Afterward, he will bring you back to his home and reward you with an Everstone.


Head to the Marina to find Kukui, Hau, and Lillie admiring the professor's "classic" and "well-seasoned" sailboat. Kukui asks if you are ready to go, and the four of you set off eastward at high speed to Akala Island!

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