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Heahea City

Akala Island
Heahea City

Kukui's boat delivers its passengers to Heahea City on Akala Island. Akala is much larger than Melemele Island, with more to do and more Pokémon to catch. Heahea City is known as the "front door" to the island, and offers a warm welcome to all visitors. The city is home to the Tide Song Hotel and the Dimensional Research Lab, and hosts its own apparel shop as well.

Welcome to Akala

When Kukui and his passengers disembark, they are met by two young women. Olivia wishes good luck to you and Hau on your island challenge, and is looking forward to battling the two Trainers when the time comes. Mallow introduces herself as one of the island's trial captains, and the two leave. The professor reveals that Olivia is indeed the Akala Island Kahuna, and that there are three trials on the island. He advises you that the nearest trial is located beyond Route 4 and Paniola Town to the northeast. Hau leaves for the Pokémon Center, more interested in the local selection of malasadas. Lillie decides to do some shopping and investigate another set of ruins for Nebby. The group disperses, and Rotom unlocks a new section of the Pokédex: the Akala Pokédex!

Ferry Terminal

The Ferry Terminal is the first building at the end of the street. Now that you have reached Akala Island, you may take the ferry between Hau'oli City and Heahea City at any time.

Akala Tourist Bureau

Name Rater

The Alola region's resident Name Rater can be found in the Akala Tourist Bureau building, just east of the ferry terminal. This man has the power to evaluate and change your Pokémon's nicknames as often as you would like. However, he cannot change a Pokémon's nickname if it first belonged to someone else.

Apparel Shop

The apparel shop is housed inside the next building to the east. Lillie and Nebby can be found outside. Nebby is anxious to investigate the Ruins of Life, the home of Akala Island's guardian deity, Tapu Lele. Lillie invites you along, and will be waiting outside the Tide Song Hotel for you. She will be meeting someone there in the meantime, someone important to her... She warns you about the no-good group that has been stealing Pokémon, Team Skull, before scooping Nebby into her bag and heading off.

Inside the apparel shop, there is an old man, a former trial captain, to the right. He misses his former role, and offers you a makeshift trial: visit the beach near Hano Grand Resort on the southeast side of the island to catch a Pyukumuku. Speak to him again after registering the Pokémon in your Pokédex to receive a $10,000 reward.

The shop offers a different selection than the one in Hau'oli City. It sells fashion items, offering tops, bottoms, shoes, hats, and eyewear, as well as socks for female Trainers.

Type Item Patterns by availability Price
 S  M  US  UM   S  US   M  UM 
Top Sporty Tank Sludge $12,500
Top Iconic Top Custom $6,800
Top Wolf Tank Custom $6,800
Top Bone Keeper Tank Custom $6,800
Top Dark Tank Custom $6,800
Top Hard Scale Tank Custom $6,800
Top Star-Print Polo White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $5,800
Bottom Patterned Cargo Shorts Flowers Striped $12,800
Bottom Sporty Long Shorts Sludge $8,900
Bottom Plain Cargo Shorts White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $4,500
Shoes Penny Loafers Order, Thunderbolt, Scaly Long Neck Cruel $14,500
Hat Sports Cap Sludge $5,800
Eyewear Horn-Rimmed Glasses White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple $4,900

Type Item Patterns by availability Price
 S  M  US  UM   S  US   M  UM 
Top Houndstooth Tank Custom $6,800
Top Cobra Tank Custom $6,800
Top Iconic Top Custom $6,800
Top Sporty Tank Sludge $12,500
Top Polka-Dot Ruffled Tank White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $3,580
Top Gothorita Tank Custom $2,900
Top Luvdisc Tank Custom $2,900
Bottom Sporty Shorts Sludge $8,900
Bottom Flower-Print Flared Skirt White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Beige Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray $6,800
Socks Over-the-Knee Socks Floral Print Striped $2,100
Shoes Espadrilles Order, Thunderbolt, Scaly Long Neck Cruel $14,500
Hat Sports Cap Sludge $5,800
Eyewear Horn-Rimmed Glasses White, Black Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink Green, Blue, Navy Blue, Purple $4,900

Tide Song Hotel

The Tide Song Hotel is a large hotel on the north side of the city, accessed by the street next to the apparel shop. Along the way, you meet a couple of Trainers on a sightseeing trip from another region, who introduce themselves as Dexio and Sina. They are fascinated by the island challenge tradition, and one of them challenges you to a battle.

VS DexioS

VS SinaM

Afterward, Sina heals your Pokémon to full health. Dexio says how your battle reminded him of he and Sina in the past, and a group of five young Trainers. He rewards you with the Zygarde Cube, a means to collect the Cores and Cells of a Pokémon named Zygarde. Dexio says he will give you the details at another time, and asks that you keep the item safe for now. As they leave, he recommends heading to Route 4 to continue your island challenge.

Inside the hotel itself, there is a mysterious green sparkle in the far left corner of the lobby. Check it, and the strange creature is sucked up into the Zygarde Cube. Just then, you receive a call from Sina. She explains that the creature you just found is a Zygarde Cell, and the Zygarde Cube acts as a nest for Cells and Cores. She tasks you with collecting all of the Zygarde Cells and Cores in the region, and ends the call.

Lillie can be found on the other side of the lobby. She got scared by some people who looked like Team Skull and ducked inside the hotel to avoid them, but ended up missing her meeting. She asks if you are headed to your next trial, and directs you to Route 4.

Route 4

Route 4

Route 4 is a winding, nature-filled path that connects Heahea City with Paniola Town to the northeast.

Paniola Town

Paniola Town

Paniola Town is a small town surrounded by farmland and grazing pastures in the middle of Akala Island. Paniola Ranch lies to the north.

Rival Battle 4

A short time after entering the town, Hau catches up with you. It seems that he has passed Hala's grand trial and received his own Normalium Z, and he is ready to try it out! In order to have an honorable showdown, he heals your Pokémon before the battle begins.

  Player chose Rowlet:

  Player chose Litten:

  Player chose Popplio:

Afterward, he gives you a Dire Hit before running off northward to Paniola Ranch.

Kiawe's House

The house across the street from the Pokémon Center belongs to Kiawe, one of Akala's trial captains. Step inside to find his mother and a Magmar on the first floor. Climb the stairs to find several more Magmar in the upstairs hallway, one of which gives you a Quick Ball.

Paniola Ranch

Paniola Ranch

Paniola Ranch is a farmland area that includes Moomoo Paddock, a pasture for tending Pokémon like Tauros and Miltank, and the Alola region's Pokémon Nursery.

Follow the path around the first bend to battle Madame Elizabeth. A Pokémon Breeder stands at the entrance to the first paddock; recognizing you as a trial-goer, he reveals that there is a captain visiting the ranch and invites you inside.

Moomoo Paddock

It turns out to be Mallow, who is here to get Moomoo Milk to use in her recipes. Since she was lucky enough to run into you, she registers Stoutland in your Ride Pager. This lets you access Stoutland Search, which calls a Stoutland that is able to sniff out hidden items. When riding Stoutland, press the B Button to search, then press the A Button when the exclamation point above it turns red. As she leaves, Mallow suggests visiting her friend Lana in Brooklet Hill.

There is a lone Tauros in the paddock's northwest corner that has been behaving aggressively. Interact with it to trigger a battle with Pokémon Breeder Wesley, who rewards your victory with a Scope Lens. Use Stoutland Search to find a Moomoo Milk, Fresh Water, and Repel before moving on.

Southern Paddock

Head southeast to enter the first patch of tall brown grass in the eastern paddock. Use Stoutland Search to locate a hidden Soda Pop, and collect the Zygarde Cell in the northeast cornerDay. Climb over the dirt ramp to reach another Zygarde CellNight and an Ether in the southwest corner. Go east to battle Pokémon Breeder Glenn and continue on to reach the Nursery.

Pokémon Nursery

The Pokémon Nursery is located near the junction at the eastern end of the ranch. The place is run by a pair of Pokémon Breeders, two sisters who were inspired by the Pokémon Day Cares in other regions. Trainers may leave two Pokémon in the Nursery to produce Pokémon Eggs. Pokémon that are left here will not level up, and the cost for retrieving a Pokémon is always $500. On your first visit, the woman behind the counter gives you a Pokémon Egg that was just recently found!

A woman inside the Nursery gives out TM10 (Hidden Power), and can reveal the type of any Pokémon's Hidden Power.

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