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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. This walkthrough follows the remade Game Boy Advance version, not Pokémon Red and Blue.
The guide for those can be found here.

Pallet Town

Back at Pallet Town, Professor Oak pays a visit. He inspects the progress made on the Pokédex, then leads the player to his Lab (if there are caught at least 60 different Pokémon) just as the rival shows up. There have been numerous reports lately of Pokémon never-before-seen in Kanto, and the professor upgrades each Trainer's Pokédex to the National Mode—if they have recorded data on at least 60 different species. This allows the player to begin encountering Pokémon from Johto and Hoenn through capture or evolution.

The rival considers visiting One Island, where Celio is busy working on his Network Machine again. Things are not going so smoothly though, so take the ferry from Vermilion to help him out.

One Island

Celio's new project is to upgrade the Network Machine so that it can handle long-distance trades. But there is a catch—the machine requires a special gemstone that is believed to be somewhere on One Island. It's not on Treasure Beach, so head up north towards Mt. Ember.

Ruby Path, B3F
Ruby Path, B4F
Ruby Path, B5F

Mt. Ember

Go east from the Move Tutor to find that these two Rocket Grunts have finally punched through the wall. They excitedly talk about bringing any treasure they find back to the Rocket Warehouse, which requires two passwords to enter. One Rocket helpfully reminds that other that the first is "Goldeen need log" before realizing that they have been overheard.

They run off to regroup, leaving the cave entrance exposed. Be sure to bring a Pokémon that knows Strength.

Ruby Path

Follow the tunnel to B3F, where the path splits into two. Take the southwest tunnel to reach B4F, where several panels display the Braille alphabet. Climb down the final ladder to B5F to collect the Ruby. Climb back up to B3F and take the southeast tunnel for an express path back to the entrance. Take the gemstone to Celio and he installs it on the Network Machine. He then asks for a favor; there is supposed to be another gemstone somewhere in the Sevii Islands that forms a pair with the Ruby. To help with the task, he takes back the Tri-Pass and hands the Rainbow Pass, his personal ticket that allows travel between any of the Sevii Islands. He also hands over another page for the Town Map which details the other four islands.

Four Island

Four Island, fourth of the islands

Four Island

The smallest of the Sevii Islands, Four Island is home to the Elite Four's Lorelei. Icefall Cave is located here, and a second Pokémon Day Care can be found to the north.The rival is standing on the beach, and taunts the player again as he turns to leave.

Pokémon Day Care

While the Day Care center on Route 5 only accepts one Pokémon at a time, this one can accommodate up to two at once. Any Pokémon left here will earn one experience point for every step the player takes. In addition, an Egg may be found when two compatible Pokémon are left at the same time.

Move Tutor

A man in the northeast house offers to teach Body Slam to one of the player's Pokémon. Body Slam is a strong attack that may paralyze the target.

Icefall Cave, Entrance
Icefall Cave, Inner Cave
Icefall Cave, Basement
Icefall Cave, Back Cave

Icefall Cave

Icefall Cave is a mid-sized cave on the northeast side of Four Island. Certain areas of the cave have crumbling floors that have been filled in by ice; stepping on these more than once causes them to give way. The end of the cave seems to connect to the ocean, and is the only location where wild Lapras can be found.


Head northeast to reach an Ultra Ball. Step on the northernmost ice tile twice to fall through to the basement, and climb back up the ladder.

In the northeast area, step on the northern ice tile to fall to the basement.


Slide south then east to reach a NeverMeltIce. Climb back up the ladder.

Step on the southern ice tile to reach the basement again. Slide to the southeast to reach dry ground. Grab the Full Restore and climb the southern ladder.


Pick up HM07 (Waterfall) and return to the first room. Climb the waterfall and head down the ladder.

Back Cave

Lorelei is found confronting three Rocket Grunts who have been selling off the Pokémon in the cave. She asks the player to take out the Rocket to the right, while she takes out the others.

Defeated, the three still will not tell where they took the captured Pokémon. She persuades them to talk with an Ice Beam from her Lapras. They finally give up the location: Five Island's Rocket Warehouse, their base of operations in the Sevii Islands. However, entering the warehouse requires two passwords, and the player still needs to find the second.

Six Island

Six Island, sixth of the islands

Six Island

Six Island spans from Ruin Valley in the south to the remote Outcast Island in the north. Situated between these two locations are Water Path, Green Path, and Pattern Bush.

Water Path

Water Path is a long route on the east side of the main island. It links the town with Green Path to the north and Ruin Valley to the south.

To the north is a smaller island with a pair of isolated homes. One of these residents would like to see a big, record-breaking Heracross, which can be found in the nearby forest. Breaking the previous record wins its Trainer a Nest Ball.

Green Path

Green Path consists of the western part of the smaller island, including Pattern Bush, and a pair of tiny rocky islets farther west. Outcast Island lies off to the north.

Pattern Bush

Pattern Bush

Pattern Bush is a small forest covered with thick undergrowth, a perfect habitat for the many Bug Pokémon that reside here. There are patterns where tall grass refuses to grow, leading these Trainers to form their own theories. Some study it in the belief that a secret is concealed.

Outcast Island

Outcast Island is a rocky ocean route that leads to Altering Cave.

Altering Cave

Altering Cave is a mysterious, isolated ruin on the northern end of Six Island. Only wild Zubat can be found here, but that may not have always been the case.

Ruin Valley

Ruin Valley is a large area surrounded by steep mountain cliffs. The Dotted Hole is located in the center of the valley.

Dotted Hole, Entrance
Dotted Hole, Sapphire Room

Dotted Hole

While the Ruby Path in Mt. Ember merely displayed the Braille alphabet, the Dotted Hole puts it into practice. The entrance is sealed at first, but further inspection reveals the method of entry: using the move Cut.

Each of the levels, from B1F to B4F, have a single word on display that hints at the way forward. Jump through the holes in order—up, left, right, and down—to reach the bottom floor. The player attempts to collect the Sapphire, only to have a Scientist appear and swipe it. He plans to sell it to Team Rocket, but offers the other password ("Yes, nah, Chansey") to their warehouse on Five Island.

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