Yellow Forest (Pokéwalker)

Yellow Forest きいろのもり
Yellow Forest
Yellow Forest US Art.png
Cost: Unlocked by:
0 watts Event
Route forests2.png Advantageous
Many Pikachu live in harmony in this forest. Walk through here frequently, and try to find one!

Yellow Forest (Japanese: きいろのもり Yellow Forest) is an area in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It was first announced on Pokémon Sunday, exactly forty days before the games' release in Japan.

It can be accessed on the Pokéwalker after the player obtains the Route's Route Map from a Wi-Fi event. The only Pokémon that reside in Yellow Forest are Pikachu, some of which are said to know the move Fly. Pikachu captured in the forest can also know moves such as Volt Tackle, Flail, and even Surf.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A   15 10000 7500 Very Rare  
Shuca Berry
Fly Flying
Thunder Electric
Growl Normal
Pikachu Tail Whip Normal
A   14 9500 7125 Very Rare  
Lum Berry
Surf Water
Thunderbolt Electric
Thunder Wave Electric
Pikachu Quick Attack Normal
B   12 5000 3750 Very Rare  
Sitrus Berry
Volt Tackle Electric
Fake Out Normal
ThunderShock Electric
Pikachu Growl Normal
B   13 2000 1500 Rare  
Leppa Berry
Flail Normal
Helping Hand Normal
Shock Wave Electric
Pikachu Thunder Wave Electric
C   10 0 0 Very Common  
ThunderShock Electric
Growl Normal
Tail Whip Normal
Pikachu Thunder Wave Electric
C   10 0 0 Very Common  
Oran Berry
ThunderShock Electric
Growl Normal
Tail Whip Normal
Pikachu -- --


Item Steps Required Rarity
  Light Ball 7000+ steps Very Rare
  Thunderstone 6000+ steps Very Rare
  Miracle Seed 5000+ steps Very Rare
  Big Root 4000+ steps Very Rare
  Aspear Berry 1000+ steps Common
  Rawst Berry 900+ steps Common
  Pecha Berry 800+ steps Common
  Chesto Berry 700+ steps Common
  Cheri Berry 600+ steps Common
  Big Mushroom 0+ steps Very Common


Game Version Duration
Wi-Fi Specific Locations
Japanese Sept. 18 to Nov. 10, 2009 None
Feb. 16 to Feb. 28, 2010
Korean Feb. 4 to Mar. 31, 2010 Feb. 4 to Mar. 15, 2010*
American Apr. 1 to May 5, 2010 Jul. 21 to Jul. 25, 2010*
PAL None

Wonder Card

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コースマップ きいろのもり
ポケウォーカーの とくべつなコース
きいろのもりに でかけよう!
くわしくは オフィシャルサイトへ!
フレンドリィショップで うけとったら
かならず レポートを かいてね。


*이상한 카드  
노란 숲 선물
프렌들리숍에서 받으면 반드시 리포트를
작성하세요! 포켓워커로 많은 피카츄가
살고 있는 노란 숲에 가는 자세한 방법은
포켓몬 공식 사이트를 확인해 주세요!


Wonder Card  
The Yellow Forest!
Go on a Stroll in the Yellow Forest,
a special Pokéwalker Route where you
can meet lots of PIKACHU! Be sure to
save the game once you pick up the
Route Map at a Poké Mart.


*Carte Miracle  
La Forêt Jaune!
Partez en balade dans la Forêt Jaune,
une route spéciale du Pokéwalker,
pour rencontrer plein de PIKACHU!
Récupérez la carte dans une Boutique
Pokémon et sauvegardez.


  • All Surfing Pikachu found here are female, while all Flying Pikachu are male. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Red's Pikachu Pika, a male, knows Surf, and Yellow's Pikachu Chuchu, a female, knows Fly.
  • As seen in the background of the advertisement picture, there is a Pikachu with balloons tied to its back. This is most likely a reference to the Pikachu at the end credits and opening of Yellow.

In other languages

Language Title
  Dutch Gele Bos*
  French Forêt Jaune
  German Goldgelber Wald
  Italian Bosco Giallo
  Korean 노란 숲 Noran Sup
  Spanish Bosque Amarillo

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