Quiet Cave (Pokéwalker)

Quiet Cave しずかどうくつ
Quiet Cave
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Cost: Unlocked by:
100,000 watts Receiving the National Dex
Route caves2.png Advantageous
A quiet, deep, and empty cave. If you look carefully, you'll find some rare Pokémon.

Quiet Cave (Japanese: しずかどうくつ Quiet Cave) is a course for the Pokéwalker that is unlocked by saving up 100,000 watts after receiving the National Pokédex. It features very rare Pokémon and items.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A   31 10000 7500 Very Rare None Hypnosis Psychic
Dream Eater Psychic
Ominous Wind Ghost
Spiritomb Sucker Punch Dark
A   33 10000 7500 Very Rare None Screech Normal
Stockpile Normal
Swallow Normal
Munchlax Body Slam Normal
B   30 500 375 Rare None Splash Normal
Tackle Normal
Flail Normal
Feebas -- --
B   26 500 375 Common None Astonish Ghost
Confusion Psychic
Uproar Normal
Chingling Last Resort Normal
C   33 0 0 Very Common None Wing Attack Flying
Confuse Ray Ghost
Air Cutter Flying
Golbat Mean Look Normal
C   30 0 0 Very Common None Hypnosis Psychic
Reflect Psychic
Confusion Psychic
Noctowl Take Down Normal


Item Steps Required Rarity
  TM15 (Hyper Beam) 10000+ steps Very Rare
  Nugget 5500+ steps Very Rare
  TM10 (Hidden Power) 5000+ steps Rare
  Max Elixir 4500+ steps Very Rare
  Big Pearl 3000+ steps Very Rare
  Heart Scale 2500+ steps Rare
  Dusk Ball 2000+ steps Rare
  Stardust 1000+ steps Rare
  Pearl 500+ steps Rare
  Elixir 0+ steps Very Common

In other languages

Language Title
  French Grotte Calme
  German Stille Höhle
  Italian Grotta Pacifica
  Korean 조용한 동굴 Jo'yonghan Dong-gul
  Spanish Cueva Calma

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