Noisy Forest (Pokéwalker)

Noisy Forest ざわざわもり
Noisy Forest
Yellow Forest jp art.png
Cost: Unlocked by:
0 watts Default
Route forests2.png Advantageous
A large natural forest that has been allowed to grow. Many Pokémon live deep in the forest.

Noisy Forest (Japanese: ざわざわもり Noisy Forest) is the second course for the Pokéwalker that is unlocked by default.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A   15 4000 3000 Rare None Counter Fighting
Mirror Coat Psychic
Safeguard Normal
Wobbuffet Destiny Bond Ghost
A   8 3000 2250 Very Common None Vine Whip Grass
Growth Normal
-- --
Bellsprout -- --
B   6 700 525 Very Common None Scratch Normal
Stun Spore Grass
PoisonPowder Poison
Paras -- --
B   6 700 525 Very Common None Tackle Normal
Disable Normal
Foresight Normal
Venonat Supersonic Normal
C   5 0 0 Very Common None Peck Flying
Growl Normal
Leer Normal
Spearow -- --
C   5 0 0 Very Common None Absorb Grass
Sweet Scent Normal
-- --
Oddish -- --


Item Steps Required Rarity
  Net Ball 5000+ steps Rare
  Revive 2500+ steps Rare
  Green Shard 2000+ steps Rare
  Ether 1000+ steps Very Rare
  Energy Root 900+ steps Very Rare
  EnergyPowder 800+ steps Common
  Big Mushroom 700+ steps Very Rare
  Pecha Berry 500+ steps Common
  TinyMushroom 200+ steps Common
  Cheri Berry 0+ steps Very Common

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese ざわざわもり
  French Bois Bruissant
  German Lauschiger Wald
  Italian Bosco Cicaleccio
  Korean 바삭바삭 숲 Basag-basag Sup
  Spanish Bosque Murmullos

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