Icy Mountain Rd. (Pokéwalker)

Icy Mountain Rd. さむいやまみち
Cold Mountainpath
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Cost: Unlocked by:
30,000 watts Receiving the National Dex
Route paths2.png Advantageous
A snow-covered road where a misstep could result in a fall-- it tests your trust in Pokémon.

Icy Mountain Rd. (Japanese: さむいやまみち Cold Mountainpath) is a course for the Pokéwalker that is unlocked by saving up 30,000 watts after receiving the National Pokédex.

This is the only way to obtain weather duration-extending rocks without trading with Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A   28 10000 7500 Common None Icy Wind Ice
Headbutt Normal
Protect Normal
Snorunt Ice Fang Ice
A   31 10000 7500 Common None Wood Hammer Grass
Mist Ice
Ice Shard Ice
Snover Ingrain Grass
B   28 3000 2250 Very Common None Faint Attack Dark
Crush Claw Normal
Agility Psychic
Sneasel Icy Wind Ice
B   20 3000 2250 Very Common None Hypnosis Psychic
Imprison Psychic
Confuse Ray Ghost
Bronzor Extrasensory Psychic
C   15 0 0 Very Common None Tackle Normal
Growl Normal
ThunderShock Electric
Mareep Thunder Wave Electric
C   16 0 0 Very Common None Mud Sport Ground
Powder Snow Ice
Mud-Slap Ground
Swinub Endure Normal


Item Steps Required Rarity
  TM07 (Hail) 6000+ steps Rare
  Yache Berry 5000+ steps Very Rare
  Rindo Berry 4500+ steps Very Rare
  Icy Rock 4000+ steps Very Rare
  Smooth Rock 3500+ steps Very Rare
  Heat Rock 3000+ steps Very Rare
  Damp Rock 2500+ steps Very Rare
  Max Repel 1000+ steps Rare
  Full Heal 100+ steps Common
  X Defend 0+ steps Very Common

In other languages

Language Title
  French Pente Glaciale
  German Eisiger Bergpfad
  Italian Dirupo Glaciale
  Korean 추운 산길 Chu'un Sangil
  Spanish Senda Glacial

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