Town Outskirts (Pokéwalker)

Town Outskirts まちのはずれ
Town Edge
Yellow Forest jp art.png
Cost: Unlocked by:
3,000 watts Default
Route city2.png Advantageous
The outskirts of a town. Where people have moved away, Pokémon have moved in.

Town Outskirts (Japanese: まちのはずれ Town Edge) is a course for the Pokéwalker that is unlocked by saving up 3,000 watts.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A   15 5000 3750 Common None Teleport Psychic
-- --
-- --
Abra -- --
A   15 3000 2250 Very Common None Tackle Normal
SonicBoom Normal
Spark Electric
Voltorb Rollout Rock
B   13 1500 1125 Very Common None Pound Normal
Harden Normal
Mud-Slap Ground
Grimer Disable Normal
B   13 1500 1125 Very Common None Tackle Normal
Smog Poison
SmokeScreen Normal
Koffing Selfdestruct Normal
C   16 0 0 Very Common None Focus Energy Normal
Bite Dark
Pursuit Dark
Rattata Hyper Fang Normal
C   15 0 0 Very Common None Foresight Normal
Defense Curl Normal
Quick Attack Normal
Furret Fury Swipes Normal


Item Steps Required Rarity
  TM37 (Sandstorm) 5000+ steps Rare
  Guard Spec. 3000+ steps Rare
  X Sp. Def 2500+ steps Very Rare
  Ultra Ball 2000+ steps Rare
  Lum Berry 1500+ steps Rare
  X Attack 1000+ steps Rare
  Great Ball 750+ steps Very Rare
  X Accuracy 500+ steps Rare
  Dire Hit 100+ steps Rare
  Poké Ball 0+ steps Very Common

In other languages

Language Title
  French Faubourgs
  German Stadtrand
  Italian Periferia
  Korean 변두리 Byeonduli
  Spanish Arrabal

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