Hoenn Field (Pokéwalker)

Hoenn Field ホウエンのはら
Houen Field
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Cost: Unlocked by:
5,000 watts Receiving the National Dex
Route plains2.png Advantageous
A Route that goes deep into the Hoenn region. You can meet many Pokémon not in Johto or Kanto.

Hoenn Field (Japanese: ホウエンのはら Houen Field) is a course for the Pokéwalker that is unlocked by saving up 5,000 watts after receiving the National Pokédex.


Group Pokémon Level Steps Required Steps with advantageous type Rarity Held item Moves
A   30 5000 3750 Very Common None Sand-Attack Ground
Odor Sleuth Normal
Mud Sport Ground
Linoone Fury Swipes Normal
A   30 7500 5625 Common None Attract Normal
Assist Normal
Charm Normal
Skitty Faint Attack Dark
B   25 2000 1500 Very Common None Moonlight Normal
Quick Attack Normal
Tail Glow Bug
Volbeat Signal Beam Bug
B   25 2000 1500 Very Common None Charm Normal
Moonlight Normal
Wish Normal
Illumise Encore Normal
C   17 0 0 Very Common None Tail Whip Normal
Headbutt Normal
Sand-Attack Ground
Zigzagoon Odor Sleuth Normal
C   15 0 0 Very Common None Tackle Normal
String Shot Bug
Poison Sting Poison
Wurmple Bug Bite Bug


Item Steps Required Rarity
  Ganlon Berry 8000+ steps Very Rare
  Wacan Berry 3500+ steps Very Rare
  Passho Berry 3000+ steps Very Rare
  Occa Berry 2500+ steps Rare
  Qualot Berry 2000+ steps Rare
  Kelpsy Berry 1500+ steps Rare
  Pomeg Berry 1000+ steps Rare
  Nanab Berry 500+ steps Rare
  Bluk Berry 250+ steps Rare
  Razz Berry 0+ steps Very Common


  • All Pokémon on this route are female, with the sole exception of Volbeat, which can only be male.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Plaine de Hoenn
  German Ebene von Hoenn
  Italian Piana di Hoenn
  Korean 호연들판 Hoyeondeulpan
  Spanish Llano de Hoenn

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