Egg Ticket

The Egg Ticket (Japanese: タマゴけん Egg Ticket) is an event-exclusive Key Item exclusive to Pokémon Crystal.

Egg Ticket
Egg Ticket
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Egg Ticket
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Introduced in Generation II
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In the core series games


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The player can give the Egg Ticket to the Pokémon Center Nurse at the Pokémon Communication Center on Goldenrod City in exchange for an Odd Egg. In the original Japanese version, the Odd Egg contains a Baby Pokémon with a 50% chance of being Shiny.

In the Western versions, the Odd Egg can be obtained from the Day-Care Man, without needing an Egg Ticket.


Games Description
C May use at Goldenrod trade corner.


Games Method
C (JP cartridge) Mobile System GB event (received at Pokémon Day Care on Route 34, Japanese games only)


In the original Japanese release of Pokémon Crystal, players could obtain an Egg Ticket as an event item from the Day-Care Man through the Mobile System GB and the Pokémon News Machine at the Pokémon Communication Center in Goldenrod City.

In the original Western localizations, the Egg Ticket is not used. The player can receive a slightly-modified Odd Egg directly from the Day-Care Man.

Because the Mobile System GB is inaccessible in all Virtual Console releases of Pokémon Crystal, players of the Japanese Virtual Console version of the game cannot receive an Odd Egg.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Ticket Oeuf
  German Ei-Ticket
  Italian Bigl.Uovo
  Spanish Ticket Huevo

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