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This is generally a ripoff of Kenji-Girl's idea, but since I also love to predict characters' dub names (it's the first thing I do when a new epi is coming to US). So, I thought that making a dub name prediction page would be a good idea. You can also visit Kenji-Girl's page to see how similar are our predictions. It's fun after all. If you have your own predictions, then put them on the talk page or make your own page, but do not edit mine. If you edit anything here, you'll be quickly reverted because I have this page on my watchlist.

For the newest Pokémon Black and White character name predictions, see User:Maxim/BW English Name Predictions.

Game Characters

Character Game U.S. name prediction Why Actual U.S. name Final Comment
DP071 and
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Stanley (or Orlando) A pun on Start/Origin. Kellyn The name sucks! Really, it does. It sounds girly and ugly! If my parents named me that, I would kill them.
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Ornella A pun of origin, would sound well with Orlando. Sounds nice and was never used. Kate At least it's not weirdass like Kellyn. But for some reason, it doesn't suit her image in my head. Huh. The Ranger 2 translation is a strange mix of weird and simple names...
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Barry Well, we know practically nothing about this character.
So, anything's possible...
Barlow Horrible name. A stupid phonetic translation of his Japaanese name. After Kellyn, Team Dim Sun and now Barlow I'm sure we'll have REALLY stupid names in Ranger: Shadows Of Almia. (not to mention the totally uncreative title)
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Pitch-Black Squad Just like the Go-Rock Squad... Team Dim Sun The DUMBEST villainous team name I've ever heard. Pure fail, NoA, pure fail! Firing Ogasawara was a really bad move. Now I'm afraid how will the characters' name sound like. Will they be equal bad?
Trio Of The Hell
(Dezel, Keino and Ice)
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia The Malicious Trio
(Denzel, Flara and Frost)
Trio of the Hell won't be kept, of course, that's why I came with The Malicious Trio. The respective members' names are based on the type they use, except Denzel, which is an alike.
However, I'm not sure about these names because game character names are much harder to predict.
Sinis Trio (Heath, Lavana and Ice) Sinis Trio? Huh?
Heath = Okay, though the name seem more feminine to me.
Lavana = Fail. If the translator wanted a name similar to "Lava" why didn't he use Lavinia? It's much nicer, REAL name.
Ice = Another fail. I know the Japanese love English but in English version such names DON'T MAKE SENSE! Such names are not meant to be kept! I'm calling this "Marble Syndrome" since now.
Concluding the Ranger 2 revelation of names, the translator has proven us that he has NO IDEA about naming! I hope he DOES NOT translate Platinum...
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia M'Lord Millard Alike, pun-sounding. Kincaid Would never guess that. Not to mention a weirdass name.
My Pokémon Ranch Ramona Derived from "Ranch".
But Kenji girl's prediction is also nice
(and makes more sense).
Hayley Now I'm thinking that Randi would be a good name for her. "Hayley" simply sucks!
Codename "Handsome"
Pokémon Platinum Agent Prettyboy Similar meaning, the best I could come with. It can be something around this. Looker Codename "Looker" for a detective? That's so... generic. Too generic if you ask me. Don't like this. At any bit.
Pokémon Platinum Pluto Well, if I was NoA, I would name him Uranus just for the hell of it. But I'm not NoA and I know they won't change the name... Well, I know about the translator change and all that stuff but it's still unlikely. Charon LOVE THE NAME! Maybe it makes less sense than "Pluto" but I find the name cool. I've always thought that some Ghost-type Leader or Elite 4 could be named so. I love the name. Greek Mythology rules!
Factory Head Nejiki
Pokémon Platinum Fabian or Fabrice I know that Ogasawara got fired and the names are now harder to predict. But I think that NoA will at least try to keep consistent with Ogasawara's translations. Well, Hoenn Brains were named after their symbols. Now, the symbols are named after facilities. So, I wanted to think up a name which sounds similar to Factory. Fabian is first what come to mind.
But my favourite here is Fabrice. It makes more sense because it is actually related to factory (fabrica - Factory in Latin). Makes sense, doesn't it?
Thorton Ww...what? THORTON? Is this a name? What is it supposed to mean? OMG, that means that we'll now be ALWAYS getting idiotic names for characters. We miss you, Ogasawara! Fabrice would be countless times better. "Thorton"? WTF is up? I think the translator was drunk when he was thinking up those names!
Roulette Goddess Dahlia
Pokémon Platinum Rodette A name most similar to Roulette. Sounds nice and fitting, doesn't it? Dahlia Well, I can stand this one, as this was the same as in Japanese... And WTF? The Battle Roulette has been renamed into Battle Arcade... Freakin' NoA is afraid of gambling, I guess. Paranoids.
Castle Butlers Kokuran and Cattleya
Pokémon Platinum Cassius and Calliope Cassius (for Kokuran) is similar to Castle. I like this name a lot.
Calliope (for Cattleya) also begins similar to "castle" but it is also a name of a mythological Muse. Cattleya does look like one, doesn't she?
Darach and Caitlin DARACH? IT IS NOT A NAME! Tell me the name and address of the guy who made up those names! I'll dissolve him in acid! Really, I will. Caitlin is okay, I guess...
Stage Madonna Kate
Pokémon Platinum Stacey A name similar to Stage. Sounds fitting for a singer-like woman. Argenta Another name which makes me want the new name-translator to dissolve! Argenta? It's a name for... I don't know... a parrot. Not for a woman! And Battle Stage has been renamed into Battle Hall? WTF? Hall?!
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Bell or Melody Her Japanese name means "sound of a koto. If Gold's name turns out to be Hibiki (echo, chime), it would mean that we're getting sound-related names for main characters. Melody is first what comes to mind. However, my preferred one here is Bell. Not only it does relate to sound, it also fits well with Ecruteak Towers legend! Fits for a Johto girl, doesn't it? Well, if I was NoA, I'd call her something jailbaity like Jersey or Raven but I guess it'd make no sense plot-wise. Lyra WTFed at first but now I like it. An original name WITH sense, something which we won't see much in HGSS translation. Not really what I predicted but certainly in spirit.
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Sonny or Harper Can't think really good names for him, which are related to sound. Sonny is similar to the son- root (as in sonic, sonority), which means sound. Harper is based on harp, the instrument. Ethan Sounds so bland compared to Lyra... Completely not the name that I could give him. It's really not a "his" name. Though thousand times more "his" than Jimmmy...
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Orion They won't keep the name Lance for obvious reasons. I came up with Orion, after the type of Rocket. Also, it fits well with my proposed names for the other Rocket Executives (as it's both a name of a rocket and a Greek mythological figure. Proton God. What's wrong with NoA? PROTON? Really. Of course, this one needed renaming. But into PROTON? Are they insane or what? That's even worse than Sinnoh FB names and comparable to "Ice" in its sheer idiocy.
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Ares After the type of rockets, Ares. Lambda is a Japanese rocket (so it's unfamilliar to Western fandom) and it's not a mythological figure, so I think that Ares (both a Rocket and a Greek god) would fit million times better. Petrel I Transfinitiveanimationically hate NoA. Those are really worst names that they used in awhile. Even a random meaningless NPC Trainer doesn't deserve to be named "Proton" or "Petrel".
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Athena Perfectly fitting. No need for a change. Ariana The only one that I can stand. However, renaming her was completely UNNECCESSARY. They're renaming for the sake of renaming. Her Japanese name was just perfect for us. Same for Apollo.
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Apollo Perfectly fitting. No need for a change. Archer GOT HAGGER?????????????????????????????????
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Hunt I wanted something Safari-related for him. So simply Hunt, because of hunting. Baoba To be honest, I think it's retarded. They changed Athena and Apollo, yet they left "Baoba" alone. Really stupid. They should have given him a true name. "Baoba" sounds awkward in English version.
Pokémon Ranger: Locus of Light Warren Natsuya's name derived from natsu, meaning summer. Along with Minami, their names relate to warmness. I chose Warren because of the similarity to the word "warm". Ben Ben? Why Ben? It's so plain, so random, so... boring. It's a name for an anime CotD, not for a game protagonist!
Pokémon Ranger: Locus of Light Summer Minami's name simply means "south" in Japanese. Along with Natsuya, their names relate to warmness. So, as simple as it is, Summer seems like a good choice for her. I switched the names a bit, because the boy's original name refers to summer. But I guess it's not a problem. Summer NAILED IT! Yeah! I rule!

Movie Characters

Character Game U.S. name prediction Why Actual U.S. name Final Comment
Movie 11 Zero It's a codename, isn't it? If it is, then no need to change it. Zero As I expected. It's a codename, so they had no problem with keeping it.
Movie 11 Infi She's a robot, so no need for a human name for her. If she was a human, I would call her Ethel. Infi Same here. Not a person - not a person's name.
Movie 11 Eternus I'm sure they won't name him that, but I wish they would. Its a meaning-based name which fits him perfectly. Sounds old, mysterious, mythical. But PUSA is not that creative. I don't know what they would name him. I'm entirely sure they won't keep his Japanese name, so maybe they'll choose something random starting with M? Newton Graceland This one was unpredictable. But I like the name Newton a lot. It's fitting.
And I'm not surprised by the fact that they kept his last name intact.
Movie 11 Leila, Leyla or Layla No need to change it, as it is a name used in America and it's well-fitting. But it can be respelt, as the spelling is ambiguous. Layla Exactly as I predicted. Same name, different spelling.
Movie 11 Marcus, Moses or Unnamed Well, this guy is a perfect example of anime producers' fondness of using random English words as character names. We had Voyager, Kid, Ship. And now we have Moose. Having a character with such name in English version would be too over the top. So, I think it will be changed. Probably to something random starting with M, that's why I came up with Marcus. A random name for a random guy (as this guy's whole purpose is being voiced by some famous actor). Now I'm thinking that he can also be simply unnamed, as his purpose is the same as Starter Trainers, who were unnamed. Moose OMG! Another victim of Marble/Ship Syndrome. This is sad. Thanks Mailbag, anyway.
Movie 12 Damase or Amos Both alikes, with the latter sounding more Ancient Greek. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they left his name intact. But it would be boring... Damos As I said, I'm not surprised at all. But I hoped that they'd change the name. After all, it's an artificial name, not a true Greek name. It just sounds like one.
Movie 12 Sheena Obviously, no name change needed. They might respell it, though. Sheena Couldn't be different.
Movie 12 Kevin Like with Sheena, no name change needed. Kevin No surprise at all.
Movie 12 Cesar I don't know... Because he looks like an evil version of Cesar. Well, if I come up with something more ingenious, I'll put it up. I am, however, positive that they won't leave "Gishin" intact! Marcus Knew that it'd be something Latin. But... Marcus?
Movie 13 Rica or Leona Both alikes, with Leona fitting the lip sync better. But I prefer Rica, 'cause I don't like repeats. Rowena Rowena Ravenclaw?
Movie 13 Curtis or Curt Kurt is way too important to share his name with some random movie character. So, they could at least re-spell the name to "Curt". Karl It's okay. I'm glad that they didn't leave Kurt intact.
Grings Kōdai
Movie 13 Magnus Grings I thought Magnus from the word "magnificent" (which is a translation of 弘大 Kōdai). I think that Grings will be kept, but it sounds much better as a surname. Grings Kodai Not really a name I'd keep. In real life he'd be bullied in the childhood for such name (and would probably never become a successful businessman).
Movie 13 Goon or Gunther Gunther because of similarity. Well, they kept Ship, Moose and countless others, so there's a chance that "Goon" will stay intact as well. But better not, maybe. "Goon" is a potentially offensive word in English language. Also, even if his name is untold in the movie, it'll be revealed via his event Scizor. Goone They added a letter. SO FREAKAN CREATIVE!!!
Movie 13 Unnamed (Proof if anything) She's an useless character. She exists only because the Pokémon Sunday crew (in this case, Shoko Nakagawa) want to earn a salary for each Pokémon movie. Aside from this, Proof's got no other reason to exist. Characters like her don't get dub names (because their names are never mentioned in the movie). And even if some other source (like VA's Blog, random magazine or official website) reveals her dub name, it'll probably still be "Proof" (as much as this name sucks). Peg Oh, a very nice surprise! Didn't expect a character like her to get a dubbed name!

Anime Characters

Season 11: Battle Dimension

Character First appearance Dub name prediction Why Actual dub name Final Comment
DP057 Isis Nice, fitting and similar to orginal name Isis Knew it. No surprise, but I'm still happy.
DP058 Blase 熱い Atsui is Japanese for "hot".
Atsuo - Atsui and Blase - Blaze. Makes sense, doesn't it?
Alan That prediction was too risky. I should know that PUSA would choose something unrelated starting with A.
DP059 Mabel That's how I refer to her (not only I for ya). Similar to Japanese name and perfectly fitting. Marble FUCK IT! They copy the habit of using random English words as names. Something I always hated in animes. MABEL IS BETTERU!
DP059 Matthew
(or Unnamed)
You know, same as Japanese.
The only problem is that PUSA may not name him at all.
Just like with Starter Trainers from Tenth Movie.
Matthew No surprise.
DP062 Autumn (or ???) Fitting, Simple, and literal translation.
I don't see any Fall month than can be a name. September? NO!
Autumn No surprise.
DP062 Summer (or June) Literal translation, just like Aki/Autumn.
Can also be June, a Summer month.
Summer No surprise.
DP062 Vera (or April) Since "Spring" is not a name. I can see her as Vera from "Primavera".
Another fitting name is April, after a Spring month.
Spring So they decided to use Spring, a blind translation of Japanese name. It's just terrible as a name! I lost my faith in PUSA's creativity... We used to be getting such awesome names from them and now, they blatantly show how uncreative they are.
DP063 Kendra Similar to Kenny. Leona Sounds nicer than Kendra, but doesn't make much sense...
DP066 Ringo Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Makes sense, doesn't it?
If you don't know these guys, then GO AWAY!
Reggie I still think it's too feminine. Ringo would make much more sense...
DP066 "Judge" Just another dull judge, who will be unnamed. Just like the poor Yōko. Connally WTF? An Irish Surname for a Karate Fighter? Sure, it's better than nothing but still, I don't get it.
DP070 Maggie or Sharon Maggie would be a simple pun on Magic. But more recently, I've got a strange feeling that her name in the dub will be Sharon. Sounds alike and fitting, doesn't it? Francesca Pretty nice. Much nicer than Sharon. But I don't get it. Well, maybe they thought that random Italian name for random magician child would be fitting...
DP073 Tyler Alike. Austin Reminds me of Austin Powers... Well, not bad but I don't get it. Did PUSA abandon their "let's choose similar-sounding name" manner? If yes, their names are now much harder to predict.
DP074 Sean Alike of his Japanese name. Sho What can I say about it? Didn't they have better idea? I'm disappointed, PUSA, really disappointed. I also don't see how the stereotypically Japanese name can fit a rapper guy. If they wanted to change him into a ghetto child, they should name him Jamal or Dillon.
DP076 Charles Alike of Japanese name. Roman WHAAAT? But he is actually NOT that Trainer who appears in the Restarant in the games. This will surely confuse fans.
It is even more sad considering they could name him Charleton (it was probably the early planned name), which would be 1000 times cooler.
DP076 Charlyn Sounds well with Charles. Both can be abbreviated to Charlie. Kylie Just like with Roman, she is NOT that Kylie who appears in the games. Well, it's good that dubbers play the games but such naming is going to confuse fans.
It is even more sad considering they could name her Charlene (it was probably the early planned name), which would be 1000 times cooler.
DP077 Cain Similar. Kyle An overused name! Screw it! So, Kenji-Girl's prediction come true again. Anyway, welcome to the world of overused names. I don't mind overusing names if they actually make sense. But it's... it's too much. Another Kyle. No... just no. It is also stupid to have Kylie and Kyle only one episode apart! Can't PUSA, for God's sake, use one of my predictions?
DP080 Timon or Tyrese Both alikes.
The closest name would be Tyson but we don't want another Tyson, do we?
Tyler I considered this name, too. I just thought it would be a bit too obvious. But I'm not surprised at all that they used it. At least it's not Tyson...
DP082 Hermann or Rocky Both Alikes. Hamilton Uh. It's not Hiracio! I have no complaints about the name. However, since his design and Japanese name was changed, it's actually a different character. Hamilton is the English name for "Takuya", not "Hiroki". Poor Hiroki will not get a name anywhere...
DP084 Monica or Monique Monica is likely to be left unchanged. Though it's also possible that her name will be changed to Monique, to make her fit with the "foreign maid" stereotype. Because all maids in American films are foreign. Monica Not surprised. It was obvious.
DP086 Paris No need to change it, though I would like it to be changed, as I'm not a big fan of american celebrities... Paris Not surprised. At all.
DP086 Hortense or Stella The earlier one is alike, while the latter one is based on meaning (Stella means star in Latin, as does "hoshi" in Japanese). Hermione Guess what? AVADA KEDAVRA!
But not bad... "Hortense" was not so far away from truth.
DP086 Chantal Sounds elegant, French (which fits with that whole fashion thing) and alike to Japanese name. Cocoa What? I know that "Chōko" is similar to "Choco" but COCOA? That's just cruel! No character deserves that! I would knife her parents if I were her!
DP088 Ally or Vera Ally is just alike of Japanese name.
The explanation of Vera is more complicated. Aoi 青い means blue but can also refer to green, as in Japanese culture green is considered as a shade of blue and the character 青 is mainly used to describe green color in Chinese Language. Not to mention that Aoi's outfit is green. Due to those facts, I find Vera pretty fitting.
Angie Ally would be better because it's gender-neutral. But I can live with "Angie".
DP088 Eugene Alike, same amount of syllables.
It should be noted that his first appearance was in DP001 but he was unnamed in the English dub of that episode. However, I am pretty sure he will be named in the dub version of DP088.
Yuzo Shouldn't be. That is so random to keep his Japanese name. Couldn't they come up with something?
DP090 Kenneth Well, if PUSA abandoned their fondness towards similar sounding names for good, then they're now unpredictable. But if they didn't, then it's a very good guess... Kendall I also considered this name. But I thought Kenneth would so better. However, I'm satisfied (despite the fact it's a chick name :P)
DP090 Mitchell I would say "same as above". Mitchell NAILED IT!
DP095 Lily I know we already have enough of Lily's but... it is a perfect name for her! Lily is a literal translation of "Yuri" (百合, or more scientifically ユリ). I don't like overusing names but it's a best name for her. After we got yet another Kyle, I find this name even more likely... Lila ALMOST NAILED IT! It's only one letter apart! I think I'm on the roll...
Professor Karashina
DP096 Cybil or some unpredictable last name First what came to my mind is that they could use a name similar to Cynthia's name. Cybil is what I could think up. However, since she has a scientific title of Professor, then it's possible they'll give her last name instead of a first name (because last names are usually said after the title. A professor named Paul Smith would be called "Prof. Smith", not "Prof. Paul"). This could also serve as a hypothetical last name for Cynthia. But that's all pure speculation. I have no single clue what will they name her... There is also an option they'll pull another Towa and she'll be known just as "Cynthia's Grandma". But that would suck. Carolina Not as unpredictable as I thought. PUSA didn't really surprise me here. And I KNEW that her name would NOT be after a plant (because she's not a region professor like Oak, Elm or Ivy). But I still think that Prof. + first name sounds awkward. They should give her a last name.
DP101 Barry This one is pretty obvious. Barry is the first optional name for him in Diamond and takes the place where the name "Jun" was in original. The arguments against Barry are very weak. I know that Viz kept Jun but that's just Viz, and independent translation (and there is still a chance that Jun was kept because Viz DID NOT catch "Barry" in the games). Well, if PUSA was able to catch Roman and Kylie, then they can certainly catch this too! I believe (and hope) that Jun's dub name will be Barry, for the sake of consistency with the games! Barry As I expected. I am glad that PUSA is almost perfectly consistent with game names. 4Kids would probably rename him...

Season 12: Galactic Battles

Character Game U.S. name prediction Why Actual U.S. name Final Comment
DP114 Ursula or Glory Huh, the first CoD in the 12th season. Ursula is of course a sound-alike. However, Urara(ka) can mean "bright" or "glorious" in Japanese. That's why I came up with Glory. Sure, it's a good name but PUSA is usually to stupid to make a meaning-based name translation, so I find this one unlikely. Ursula What more to say? NAILED IT! Sure, it was kind of predictable. But I am satisfied.
DP117 Yorick, Eugene or Frank Yorick and Eugene are just alikes of his Japanese name. Something to expect from PUSA if they're gonna be lazy. If they're more creative, however, they could use Frank - after Jessie James's brother (thanks a lot Missingno. Master for this one). Christopher WAT?! Another one? Not to mention random. I don't like it at all. Hate overusing names.
DP118 Steve, Theodore or Terrence Tetsuo is similar to 鉄 tetsu, Iron (in reference to 鋼鉄 kōtetsu, Steel*) - his Pokémon's type. Steve is the first choice of a name similar to "steel". It would be too similar to Steven, though. But I'm not crossing it out just because of this. However, as I said before, PUSA is too stupid for a meaning-based name. So, the odds are that they'll choose a loose sound-alike of Tetsuo. Theodore and Terrence are the names I came up with. Taylor Taylor, eh? I thought they wouldn't use another one. Huh. Don't like it. Way too girly.
DP118 Bolt
(Might be unnamed)
They won't name character after a wine, will they? Well, I'm stuck on this one. If they'll go by similarity to Hoenn Pokéringer episode character - Volt, then I guess Bolt is what his name would be. But they might not care about 4Kids-era character at all.
Or maybe... ole' Ship needs a Port? Then, I don't know... I wouldn't be surprised if they left him unnamed, though.
Provo WTF?! Is that a name? Of course, he had a fancy name in the original, too. But Provo? I can't make any sense of it.
DP118 Sam or Samson Similar to the original name, also similar to Samurai (who is basically the same design). We've got two Samuels already (with one of them being extra-notable), so I'm guessing that they won't use this name again. They could, however, shorten it to more generic "Sam". Or could this one be unnamed too? Hope not. I hate unnamed characters. Steveland Huh. That's Stevie Wonder's real first name. But still, I don't like it. Doesn't sound humanoid.
DP124 Roy Huh... This guy got a really stupid name in the original. Well, but at least its meaning is pretty obvious. Ō (王) means "king". So, I came up with Roy, from the word "royal". It is also French for king. It also fits the syllable. I guess it's a good name for him... O THE WORST NAME EVER. PUSA, or whatever you're called now, you're TROLLING us with those names lately.
DP124 Harry or Harvey Similar to the original. But I have a strange feeling that he may be unnamed... His screentime was short enough. Halverson Another proof that TP-whatever (hell, I'll always call them PUSA) names characters on crack.
DP125 Marilyn I guess they have no reason to change that name... Marilyn Knew that PUSA wouldn't surprise me on this one.
DP126 Mr. Upton I'm pretty sure that they'll give him a surname. I think Upton sounds plausible and pretty similar to his Japanese name. And "Mister Upton" has the same amount syllables as "Ubukata". Jeremiah How was I supposed to predict this?
DP128 Divina or Mikaela Divina is the first thing I found fitting for her, with all that temple and divinity thing. However, this is pretty random and unlikely. I think Mikaela sounds similar to her original name. Maria Oh My God! A nun named... MARIA?! You really freak me out, PUSA!
 Osabaki DP131 Oswald Obvious similarity to his original name. But never forget that referees tend to be unnamed... Olivier Considerable name out of the names starting with O. So, pretty close...
Also, strange spelling. Olivier?
 Konoha DP134 Silvana, Petunia, Rosemary or random flower Konoha means "leaf". I think that's obvious she'll get something plant-related. First name I found fitting was Silvana (from Latin Silva - forest), then I thought about flower names. Petunia was the first plant with same amount of syllables I came up with. Then, I thought about Rosemary. I dunno... She's the most generic character that appeared in awhile, so we may expect generic name. But I bet it'll be something plant-related! Verona Totally not what I predicted. But I like the name.
 Atsuki DP135 Arthur Alike. Don't have any better name for him. Azure OMG! Pokémon Azure and Crimson Versions! Brand-new Pokémon theft games! Not the best names for random COTDs, though.
 Chishio DP135 Crissy Also alike. Can't think any good names for criminal couple. Crimson OMG! Pokémon Azure and Crimson Versions! Brand-new Pokémon theft games! Not the best names for random COTDs, though.
 Lulu DP137 Lulu Western enough to be kept, I guess... Lulu I don't like the name myself. I find it way too cutesy. I also don't like the fact that it's a repeat. But I knew that they would keep it.
 Noa DP138 Nora Since "Noah" is a masculine name here, then just a "r" there and you'll get a normal-sounding western name. Noelle Could predict this one. KG was very close this time.
 Nayuta DP138 Milton or Nathaniel Nayuta (那由他) is a very great number in Japanese. That's why I came up with Milton, which is similar to million (If he was a girl, I would say Millicent). Nathaniel is just alike, with the same amount of syllables. Nathaniel HELL YEAH! As I predicted!
 Kazunari DP143 Casimir Similar. And I like it. Khoury THE.WORST.ANIME.CHARACTER.NAME.EVER! How could they HURT Kazunari like that? His parents were cruel. And they probably were hippies. Cruel hippies. PUSA, you're sick fucks! He was a boring character after all but NO ONE deserves to be called that. I'd kill my parents and change my legal name ASAP and give the judge a bribe to make this faster, if I was called something like THAT... PUSA, you creepers!
 Bokuzen DP144 Unnamed or random surname starting with "B". I see the chances that he'll be left unnamed as pretty high. However, if he does get a name, then I bet he'll be called "Mr. {insert common surname starting with B}. Benjamin Huh. PUSA doesn't give surnames lately. Well... I'm glad that he's named at all. A random name > no name.
 Mobuo DP146 Monty Similar, random guess. Mario Lol, didn't predict that... Lol...
DP148 Lucille It's almost the same name (Lucille would be Rushiru in Japanese). It was the first name that I automatically thought of. Rhyanna Really, what the hell is with PUSA's recent fondness of over-spelled names? First was Khoury, now this. Would it be an insult if it was just "Ryana", or what? What will be next? Mikhaell? Khrysthyan? Dhayvid? Those overspellings aren't cool. They're LAME!
DP148 Michel Similar to the original name. Pronounced in the French way sounds nice together with Lucille. Mitchell WHAT THE HELL?! Another one?! We've already had one not so long ago. If it wasn't such a recent repeat I'd say it fits. But because of this I hate it. Now I pray that Mitsuzō doesn't become the Sinnoh's third Mitchell.
Professor Kodama
DP149 Prof. Cadwell
(inaccurate, but it'll be something similar)
It's practically impossible to predict the name accurately. But I'm sure that it'll be a surname starting with C or K, sounding somewhat similar to "Kodama". My random guess is Cadwell, most likely inaccurate. Professor Kodama Uh... Has it become a rule that scientists keep their names in English name? Kenzo, then Yuzo, now Kodama? I didn't expect that they'd keep this name, really... And honestly, I don't quite like the fact that the name was kept...
DP154 Milton or Miles I dunno. A random name starting with "M". Just hope that he doesn't become yet another Mitch or Mitchell. McCann Not the best name, if you ask me. I'm not really fond of surname-sounding names. Not complaining (at least he's not yet another Mitch or Mitchell) but it could be better.
DP154 Maya, Maddie, Marcy or whatever Any two-syllable girl's name starting with "M" is considerable. Maya Guessed. Though it's actually the most obvious and boring choice, not to mention a repeat. They could've named her something else. There are dozen of feminine names starting that start with "M".
DP155 Rebecca or Rebekah Sad choice here. We've already got ENOUGH characters called Rebecca. And seems like we're getting yet another one. So maybe at least respell it to "Rebekah"? Rebecca As much as it was predictable, we've got already enough Rebeccas.

Season 13

Character Game U.S. name prediction Why Actual U.S. name Final Comment
DP158 Cameron or Carlisle Three syllable name, similar to the Japanese one. Crispin Knew it'd be something random starting with "C".
DP159 Constantin or Cornelius God. This guy has a LONG name. Something that must fit the lip sync. Also, I'm pretty sure that the dub will give him some peculiar accent (Cockney, maybe?) and his nicknames will be changed into things like "Brockster" etc. That would be typical of PUSA. Clayton Oh, failed. The name is okay, I guess.
DP160 Eugene I predict this name for every guy whose names begins with a "Yu". But this time I feel that it'd be more fitting because Eugene sounds a tad like "genius", which fits his nerdy image. Daniel Oh! This one was unexpected! Pretty random choice...
DP167 Thadeus or Theodore Two random guesses. Anything which starts with "T" is possible... Thomas A simple, predictable name. Can't say that I'm surprised.
DP170 Yorick Not a big choice of name starting with an "Y". My brain is empty on this one... Roland One of those random, unexpected choices.
Princess Salvia
DP171 Salvia Experiences from the past (Ship, Marble, Moose etc.) tell me that this name would be kept. Unless they'd want something that is a pun on "Dawn". Also, why did the Japanese change her name from Iris to Salvia at the last minute? Iris is such a better name... Salvia Western-sounding name = kept.
DP173 McKenna As much as I think that given names shouldn't start with "Mc" (that's for surnames), I think this one is the most similar to "Makina". And we don't want her to end up as YET ANOTHER Marina, do we? So, I guess "McKenna" would be okay... Narissa It's okay, I guess. I'm really, really glad that it's not Marina (as originally reported).
DP178 Maddie, Marie, Mara and such Simple name starting with "M". That's a given. Mamie That's her Japanese name, just with engrished spelling. Cheap move, I must say. Didn't know that PUSA would go such a cheap way. "Mamie" isn't an English-language name.
DP185 Robinson, Garrison, Ferguson, Whatever-son. Jackson, Harrison, Morrison, Tyson. Go figure. Tobias Congrats, Kenji for successfully predicting a non-obvious name! I guess I don't mind the name Tobias. If 4Kids still dubbed the show, they would have used a name ending with -son, beyond any doubt.
DP190 Noemi Cause. Normajean WATTAFUK IZZAT?????????????!!!!!!!!!!