If you were looking for the character from Mutiny in the Bounty! whose Japanese name is Maria, see Melodi.
If you were looking for the Nidoran♀ which evolved into Nidorina, see Emily (EP100) → Maria.

Maria (Japanese: ミコト Mikoto), or Temple Maiden Maria, is a recurring character from the anime. She is the guardian of the Snowpoint Temple.


She first appeared in A Pyramiding Rage! where she welcomed Brandon right after his arrival. She and Samuel left to investigate the Snowpoint Temple and then later warns Brandon that Pokémon Hunter J has attacked the Temple. Maria and Brandon asked her not to disturb Regigigas, which resides in the Temple, but J ignored their warnings, causing damage to the Temple. Afterward, when J had retreated and Regigigas had gone back to sleep, Maria prepared to rebuild the temple back to its former glory.



After guarding Snowpoint Temple for years, Maria was present when Pokémon Hunter J woke Regigigas to capture it. After Regirock, Registeel, Regice, and Brandon were all turned to stone by J in order to protect Regigigas, Maria begged it to restore them to their original forms. It granted her wish and she thanked it before it went back to sleep.

Regigigas's known moves are Hyper Beam, Hammer Arm*, Confuse Ray, and Hidden Power.

Debut Pillars of Friendship!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 伊東みやこ Miyako Itō
English Evelyn Lanto
Czech Eva Spoustová
Finnish Ella Pyhältö
European French Fabienne Loriaux
Norwegian Anine Kruse
Polish Anna Sztejner
Brazilian Portuguese Lene Bastos
European Spanish Felicidad Barrio


  • Her Japanese name is derived from 巫女 miko, meaning "shrine maiden", a woman who tends to a Shinto shrine.
  • She is a reference to the woman that guards the Snowpoint Temple in Snowpoint City in the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games.
  • Her appearance is similar to popular depictions of Ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses.

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