Melodi (Japanese: マリア Maria) is a character of the day who appeared in Mutiny in the Bounty!.


While Melodi was watering flowers in her garden, her Gardevoir was stolen by J and her followers. Ash and his friends noticed what was happening and decided to help her get Gardevoir back. When Ash tried to rescue Gardevoir, however, Pikachu was stolen. The same thing happened to Meowth after Jessie and James attempted to steal all of the Pokémon that J and her henchmen had stolen.

After a brief confrontation with J, Ash, and Team Rocket managed to sneak into J's airborne fortress and rescue Gardevoir and all of the other Pokémon that J stole. Afterwards, Melodi was reunited with Gardevoir.


This listing is of Melodi's known Pokémon:

Melodi's Gardevoir was first seen watering some plants with its Trainer. Then, J arrived and used Ariados to bind Melodi at a tree. Gardevoir was told to use Teleport but with the help of J's heat-seeking goggles, Gardevoir was captured. J's henchmen stored Gardevoir in a pod along with the other Pokémon. Ash and his Pokémon arrived to save Gardevoir but J detached the pod from the main ship. As they were all falling, Gardevoir used Teleport and saved everyone else on that pod.

Gardevoir's only known move is Teleport.

Debut Mutiny in the Bounty!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Michele Knotz
Kirlia was only seen after Melodi told it to reveal to the group where Pokémon Hunter J was going to strike next.

Kirlia's only known move is Future Sight.

Debut Mutiny in the Bounty!
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 植竹香菜 Kana Uetake
English Rhonda Krempa
Czech Kristýna Valová
Finnish Henna Haverinen
European French Cécile Florin
Polish Katarzyna Łaska
Brazilian Portuguese Tess Amorim
European Spanish Sandra Jara


  • Melodi's English name was never mentioned in the dubbed version of this episode. It was only seen twice via closed captioning. However, Poké formerly referred to her as Maria, her Japanese name.

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