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If you were looking for the character from Try for the Family Stone!, see Mitchell (DP148).

Mitchell (Japanese: ミツキ Mitsuki) is a minor recurring character in the anime, who is one of the students at Professor Rowan's Pokémon Summer Academy. His first appearance was in Camping It Up! but he didn't receive a speaking role until Ghoul Daze!.

Mitchell is a shy boy who partnered up with Brock for the third activity, in which students had to find the Summit Medal in the Summit Ruins at night. As the path leading to the ruins is inhabited by many Ghost-type Pokémon, Mitchell was afraid but Brock taught him how one can befriend any type of Pokémon by giving them food.



On hand

This listing is of Mitchell's known Pokémon:

Mitchell's Elekid
Mitchell's Elekid was not seen until the end of the Summer School Academy. It was seen watching the fire during the closing ceremony, along with some other people who participated in the academy.

None of Elekid's moves are known.

Debut One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team


Mitchell's Slakoth
Slakoth was temporarily owned by Mitchell during the first day of the Summer School Academy.

None of Slakoth's moves are known.

Debut Camping It Up!
Mitchell's Azumarill
Azumarill was used by Mitchell for the second leg of the triathlon in which all participants had to choose a Water-type Pokémon to cross the lake.

None of Azumarill's moves are known.

Debut One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!

Pokémon competitions

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 川上とも子 Tomoko Kawakami
English Marc Thompson
Finnish Petrus Kähkönen
Polish Mateusz Narloch
Brazilian Portuguese Pedro Alcântara
European Spanish Pilar Martín

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