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Taylor (Japanese: テツオ Tetsuo) is a character of the day who appeared in Pursuing a Lofty Goal!.


Taylor was Ash's first opponent in the Squallville PokéRinger competition. During their match, he used his Skarmory against Ash's Staravia. It nearly defeated Staravia with an Air Cutter attack, but a gust of wind pushed Staravia out of the way in time. Taylor commanded another Air Cutter, but Staravia dodged it and landed the ring on the goal, resulting in his loss.


This listing is of Taylor's known Pokémon:

Taylor entered his Skarmory in the PokéRinger competition. It went up against Ash's Staravia in the first round. Taylor's strategy was to have Skarmory attack Staravia to slow it down and keep it away from the ring, but Staravia proved to be too fast for Skarmory to handle. Thus, he was able to get the ring to the goal first, eliminating Taylor from the tournament.

Skarmory's known moves are Swift, Sand Attack, Fury Attack, and Air Cutter.

Debut Pursuing a Lofty Goal!

Pokémon competitions

Taylor has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 阪口大助 Daisuke Sakaguchi
English Sean Reyes
Czech Libor Terš
Finnish Aku Laitinen
Norwegian Scott Maurstad
Polish Klaudiusz Kauffman
Brazilian Portuguese Thiago Longo
Latin American Spanish Carlo Vázquez

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