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After much hesitation, I decided to predict the names of Pokémon Black and White characters. I was asked for that by different people. So, if people like my predictions, I feel obliged to carry on. While I may not like BW Pokémon (even though they don't annoy me that much, I still think this is the worst generation), I'm fine with most characters. However, I'm bored of predicting every single CoTD name. I think I'll predict only game characters and the most major anime characters. I also decided to predict the town/city names.

I decided to start from scratch, along with the new era. For older predictions, please see User: Maxim/Dub Name Predictions.


Pokémon Black/White 2

Japanese Name U.S. name prediction Reason Actual name Comment
Homika Stryke From Strychnine, a poisonous substance (used as a rat poison, for example). It is also what she is named after in Japanese (kinda). Also, sounds like a guitarist nickname. Roxie Not very Poison-like but I like it.
Shizui Deuter From Deuterium, AKA heavy hydrogen. With oxygen, it creates the so-called heavy water. Also, it means "second" in Greek (and he is the second Gym Leader in these games, isn't he?) Marlon Don't mind. Works better than my prediction anyway.
Achroma Never predicted Had no good idea for him. And even if I had one, I wouldn't be able to submit it because of Bulbapedia closure. Colress Meh, obvious pun and not a real name. But still better than keeping "Achroma".
Hugh Never formally predicted Revealed before I could submit it. But I DID expect his English (and romanized) name to be Hugh. "Hue" was just some user's educated guess but I just KNEW that his name wouldn't be spelt "Hue". Hugh Couldn't be anything else.
Kyouhei Renson or Sonny Both from "resonance".
Mei Nancy From "resonance".
Banjirou Avalon Tough one. "Ava" is from "guava", starts with an "A" like Alder. Lame prediction, I know.
Tetsu Ferris
(courtesy of Chaolong)
Chaolong predicted the perfect name for him. Not only it refers to ferrum (iron, that's what "Tetsu" means), it also references the Ferris Wheel (one of the places where he's met). No one will think up anything better, so I'm just agreeing with Chao's idea.
Ruri Jade No good lapis lazuli puns, so I just tried with another stone.

Pokémon Black/White

Japanese Name U.S. name prediction Reason Actual name Comment
Tōya Clark From "clear" (if Japanese name is indeed based on 透 , transparent). Hilbert You know what? I even like these names. They might not be the greatest choices for player characters but I'm not gonna hate on them.
Tōko Clarice Same as Tōya. Hilda Also, I like them a tad better than Blair & Whitlea. Really.
Cheren Cheren or Nigel I love the name Cheren, as it comes from Slavic languages (and I'm Polish). But it probably still sounds "too Japanese" for whiny NoA translators. So, I've got an alternate prediction - Nigel, which of course comes from Latin niger. Cheren Good. But I think it should have either been kept along with Bell(e) or changed along with Bianca. Cheren and Bianca don't make a good mixture.
Bel Bell or Alba Again, keep the Slavic-derived name (in my favoured spelling) or use a Latin-derived one. Bianca I've thought about this name but I found it a little too obvious. Well, the name itself is okay but doesn't play well with Cheren. It should be either two Slavic or two Romance names, IMHO.
Professor Araragi Prof. Cedar Because "Prof. Yew" sounds unacceptably ugly to me. Professor Juniper At least it's not Yew, at everyone was telling me. Very unexpected but I like it.
Makomo Dorothy From the root dorm- for "dream". Fennel I know it makes sense but I don't like the name. Doesn't sound feminine at all, not even humanoid. Not really a name I'd call my daughter.
Shōro Ramona She's Unova's Box System operator, so her name shuld derive from a computer technical abbreviation. Ramona comes from RAM, obviously. Amanita WHAT?! It's a mushroom! A poisonous mushroom! Not really something I'd call my child. But she was named after a mushroom in Japanese too (which is no excuse, though).
N N Do I have to explain? N ... ... ... ... ... ...
Goetis? Getis? Gaytis? Dennis? Arcus Latin for rainbow, a mysterious and ancient-sounding name. Ghetsis Uh, just corrupted spelling in a bizarre way. I guess they didn't want to change the chants...
From indigo
From viridis (Latin for green)
From flavus (Latin for yellow)
From ruber (Latin for red)
From aurantia (Latin for orange) or aureus (golden)
From caeruleus (blue). Why just Latin? It's the ancient language, so I find it the most fitting. Also, Latin always gives best puns for normal-sounding Eastern names.
WAT.TA.FUK?!?! I am speechless.
"Mido" would work better, if they wanted it to be Japanese.
Oh, well...
Just corrupted spelling.
Oh. Like this one.
Uh... Sounds random.
Nobori Aston or Upton From the word "ascend" (which is 上り nobori in Japanese. 上り下り noborikudari means "going up and down"). Upton is an obvious choice for him but I can't find any down-based counterpart. Ingo Didn't expect that, I like the name.
Kudari Desmond From the word "descend", counterpart to Nobori. Emmet Not bad. Though I'm not sure about the name's etymology ("emit" sounds far-fetched to me).
Gaidō Hyde Rhymes with "guide". Changed after Corn (whose name I predicted to be Hyde first) was revealed to be named Cress. My previous prediction seemed to be kinda politically incorrect. Clyde Ah. So close, yet so far. Hyde would've been better.
Bourgeoir Family
Duefeller Family:
I'm sure that their surname will be Something-feller. Probably something battle-related, so I came up with Duefeller. The names are alikes, but they'll most likely end up being something completely random (Drake shouldn't be kept because of Elite Four Drake). The Riches
Why so obvious? Come on. That's so uncreative.
Draco! Knew it!
Silly name. But sounds kinda posh, so it works.
Idiotic name to keep, IMHO.
Oh yeah! This one letter DOES make a difference!
Dent Verry or Woody Verry from the word "green" (Verde in Spanish and Italian), Woody is obviously from wood, as he's the Grass Leader. I don't believe that they'll keep Dent, as they'd have to keep all three, as they make the pun together. And I'm sure that NoA wouldn't want a character named "Corn". Cilan I've got mixed feelings. Not at all a name I'd give him. I just hope they won't give plant-based names to all Gym Leaders and Elite members. Really, when NoA tries to imitate Japanese naming, the results are really, really ugly. Think your own mind, NoA!
Pod Ross or Burt Ross from Italian rosso, red. Burt from burning. Chili Chili? It's just as bad as having a character named Corn. So, it seems that they're mimicking the Japanese plant pattern after all. That's not good, the names will be strange and will lack originality.
Corn Hyde Couldn't find any good Blue-derived name. Hyde is from hydro-, prefix for water. Also, a very badass name. Cress Oh! I've got a namesake... kinda. Cress is short for Crescentius, which happens to be my Confirmation name! EPIC!
Aloe Regina or Reggie From the word "regular". I don't see a reason that Aloe should be left out, it's not a nice name and the translator aren't that fond of plant names. Lenora Sounds like a Polish washing powder name (Lenor). Could have been worse, but I'd really prefer Regina or Vera.
Kidachi Carter After Howard Carter, a famous archaeologist. Also, together with Regina, it gives the name of Regina Carter, a jazz musician (this is similar to his Japanese name, which gives Kidachi Aloe combined with his wife's name). Hawes Out of all names based on archeology, why this one?
Arty Colbert or Arty/Arthur Colbert is from coleopter. But they could keep Arty as well (or Arthur, as this is the full version of the name), as it refers to arachnids and to the fact that he's an artist. Burgh GOT HAGGER???????
Kamitsure Amber The word "electricity" itself derives from Greek word electron, meaning "amber" (because it was first discovered while experimenting with an amber). Also, Amber sounds very similar to ampere and can refer to a yellowish color, representing electricity. Hence, I think this is just a perfect name for a female Electric-type leader.
Also, I don't think that NoA will be THAT uncreative to call her "Electra", as almost everyone else thinks.
Elesa That's not much better than Electra. Come on, why not Amber? It was perfect and not obvious!
Yacon Diego or Clayton Diego from "digging" (in the ground), Clayton from clay. Clay Well, almost nailed. I think that it'd sound better with -ton, still.
Fūro Avia or Raven Avia from aviation, Raven is a bird. Skyla Uh, too obvious. Also, isn't it missing a -r on the ending?
Hachiku Frederic From freeze. Brycen Sounds like they wanted to call him Bryce at first but realized that it's too similar to Pryce and added a -n on the last minute. The name isn't bad but it's obvious because it has "ice" in it.
Iris Iris or Dracia One of the candidates to be kept. Dracia is in the case they wanted something more draconic. Iris I expected some creativity from NoA. While I did consider that they could leave the name be, I'd really rather them to change it. The more Japanese-based the name translations are, the worse they are. It's too early to judge yet but I really hope that NoA's naming doesn't lose its originality.
Shaga Conrad Anagram of "dracon", the word for dragon in many languages. Drayden Oh, Drayden, Drayden, Drayden, I made you out of Clay...
Shikimi Polly, Alma or Esther Polly from poltergeist. Alma is a Spanish word for soul. Esther is from esoterical. Shauntal It is a real and nice name. But its correct spelling is "Chantal". The variant they chose is unneccessarily overspelled and ugly. I don't like it.
Gīma Malcolm or Dwight From the prefix mal- meaning bad (malevolent = bad-willed). Dwight is from twilight. Grimsley Wat? U srs?
Renbu Tyson or Faust Tyson is obvious. Faust is the German word for fist. Marshal This one is nice. And I've considered this name too. But Sieg predicted it first so I didn't want to copy after him.
Adeku Roderick I really don't know why. Alder This name is... okay. And this is actually wrong, as it fails to show his power and epicness. Characters like him don't get names that are just "okay". They should've come with something more creative, really.


Japanese Name U.S. name prediction Reason Actual name Comment
Shooty Sherman He's an anime-only character. And PUSA, as we know, is much less creative than NoA. So, I just thought of a similar name. But it's possible that they'll pull another Paul and he'll get an unpredictable name. Trip Oh! This was unpredictable! I don't mind the name, though. Also, are they really referencing my favorite Power Rangers season?
Don George Don Jorge "Don" is a honorific used in Romance-speaking country (such as Italy or Spain) so I guess "Don George" sounds awkward to an American person (Don + an English name). I think changing it to Don Jorge will do well. Also, it begins with J (like Joy and Jenny), while in Japanese all three begin with Katakana "ji" (Joi/Junsa/Jooji). Can you notice the pattern? Don George Why so uncreative, PUSA? My prediction made really more sense.
Flint Flynn or Jasper There are already two very important characters by the name Flint. So, I hope that they won't use the name once again. It'd be too much. Flynn is a sound-alike and it does just okay as Flint's English name.
Jasper in the case they wanted to call him after a stone (his supervisor is named Prof. Seger. Seger is a stone).
Pierce Whom is he gonna pierce? Huh... the name's okay (and very unexpected), I think. Just a shame that this character has sunk in the cesspit because of the Japanese earthquake.
Professor Seger Prof. Seger No reason to change, I guess. Dr. Zager Oh, it's just corrupted spelling. Also, wow, they made him a doctor.
Cabernet Clarabeth First of all, I don't believe in her recurring-ness (and even if she reappears, she's not gonna be a major character, IMHO). But I've got a reason to predict her name. So many people believe that her Japanese name will be kept in English dub. I, however, don't think so. Cabernet is a type of wine, an alcohol! The fact that they've changed Sommelier to Connoisseur pretty much means that they're getting rid of alcoholic references. So, I really doubt it that PUSA would want a character named after a type of alcohol.
Clarabeth is just my lame attempt at something similar-sounding.
Burgundy It's still an alcoholic reference (not so blatant, though, as the word has some additional meanings) and it's still not a human name. Not the greatest choice, especially for a character who's confirmed to reappear (I still don't think she's gonna become a full-time rival, though).
Kenyan Keenan, Kenyon, Kenneth etc. I don't think that Kenyan is a great name... Keenan and Kenyon (apparently, such name exists) are my attempts at something phonetically similar. However, any name starting with Ken- (Kenneth, Kendrick etc.) can't be ruled out. I'm predicting him because he's confirmed to reappear, but I don't think he's gonna become a regular. Stephan Really unexpected.
Langley Langley I'm not fond of the name. It sounds like a placename rather than a person's name. But they've kept much stranger names. So I guess Langley will be kept. Georgia Reminds me of a country in Caucasus... But I like it! It's really creative, much better than keeping "Langley" intact.
Luke Darth Vader After... HIS FATHER! Naaah, I'm just kidding. It's out of question that his original name will be kept. Luke Only a total idiot would expect something else. And sorry for that unfunny joke.

Movie characters

Japanese Name U.S. name prediction Reason Actual name Comment
Dread Grangil Dread Grangil Having a character named Dread sure DOES bother me but it's probably not bothering PUSA, who have kept "Grings Kodai". However, if I come for some other fitting name for him, I'll add it here. I'd really prefer "Dread" to be changed for the English version. Damon Sounds like demon, so kind of fits. But I don't like because of the similarity to Damos.
Janta Janta or Janice The name is on the borderline between "okay as an English name" and "too Japanese to be kept". There's a 50% chance that it'll be kept and 50% chance that it'll be changed to something phonetically similar (like Janice). Juanita Oh, an alike. I even like this, plays well with Carlita.
Carlita Carlita This one will be kept, obviously. Carlita Yeees! The best spelling!
Mormont Ormond Real name, similar sounding and doesn't sound like Mormon (which really bothers me in his original name). However, this one may be kept too. N/A None yet.
Shade Sadie Similar sounding, real name. Also, "Shade" is an awkward romanization, in Katakana it's セード (so a better romanization would be "Sade"). N/A None yet.
Aude Odie Analogical to Sadie. N/A None yet.

Towns and Cities

They are all based on cloud names, this seems to be the pattern this Generation. There is no much explanation to my choices - I'm mostly guessing. I'm not fine with all names, some are strange. These names are really hard to predict, hopefully NoA will come up with some nicer names.

Japanese Name U.S. name prediction Actual name Comment
Kanoko Town Lacuntra Town Nuvema Town Oh, this was first revealed as Italian name. Didn't know this would become English name too! Not bad, although I like its German name Avenitia more.
Karakusa Town Cumulant Town Accumula Town Almost got it right.
Sanyou City Trislucia City Striaton City I don't mind...
Shippou City Vertegate City Nacrene City Nacreous clouds, eh? Not fond of the name, though.
Hodomoe City Humisol City Driftveil City Not very fond of it. It doesn't bring the right image of this town to my mind.
Fukiyose City Cirravia City Mistralton City Sounds nice but doesn't keep the cloud theme, does it?
Sekka City Altaniva City Icirrus City It works, I think.
Souryuu City Duplivern City Opelucid City Doesn't work. Not only doesn't sound good, it also loses the "double dragon" pun.
Kagome Town Opacure Town Lacunosa Town Not bad for a mysterious, classical-looking town.
Sazanami Town Lentimar Town Undella Town It works. I don't mind.
Kanawa Town Incustrail Town Anville Town Almost had it, as Incus is Latin for anvil (and a cloud type).