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Verona (Japanese: コノハ Konoha) is a character of the day who appeared in Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!. She is a ranger who watches over a forest near Lake Acuity.

Verona first appeared to Ash and Brock, warning them not to enter the forest because of a Tangrowth that uses Absorb. They then informed her that Dawn had already gone into the forest with her Mamoswine. Verona assisted them in searching for her. During their search, the aforementioned Tangrowth attacked them and used Absorb on Grotle, sapping its energy. Strangely, after it took Grotle's energy, it left behind a Sitrus Berry to help it recover.

Verona eventually realized that the energy Tangrowth was taking from the Pokémon was being used to help a dying tree. Tangrowth never meant any harm to the Pokémon, which was why it would leave behind either an Oran or a Sitrus Berry so that they would get better.

After the tree became healthier, Verona decided to work with Tangrowth in order to protect the forest.



Verona's Tangrowth
Verona befriended this Tangrowth in the wild where it lived with other Grass Pokémon. This Tangrowth often absorbed the energy from other Pokémon then left a Berry to it for the Pokémon to eat and heal. Later on, it was discovered that Tangrowth and the other Grass Pokémon were just trying to give back life to the tree that they live in. The Grass Pokémon were using Growth on it using the energy that Tangrowth absorbed from other Pokémon.

Tangrowth's known moves are Absorb, Bullet Seed, Power Whip, and Growth.

Debut Promoting Healthy Tangrowth
Verona's Cherrim
This Cherrim was a friend of a Tangrowth. It helped Tangrowth restore back a tree that was split apart by a lightning strike.

Cherrim's known moves are Magical Leaf and Growth.

Debut Promoting Healthy Tangrowth
Verona's Bellsprout
This wild Bellsprout is one of the group of Grass Pokémon in the forest that was trying to restore the life of a dying tree where they live. Along with the other Pokémon, it used Growth on the tree so it would not die.

Bellsprout's known moves are Absorb* and Growth.

Debut Promoting Healthy Tangrowth
Verona's Seedot
This wild Seedot lives in a forest along with other Grass Pokémon. Deep in the forest, it helped Tangrowth absorb energy from other Pokémon. Cherrim, Bellsprout, and Shroomish usually helped it in taking down a Pokémon.

Seedot's known moves are Bullet Seed and Growth.

Debut Promoting Healthy Tangrowth
Verona's Shroomish
This wild Shroomish lives in forest where it was seen absorbing other Pokémon's energy. It helped with the other Grass Pokémon in trying to restore the life of a tree that they live in.

Shroomish's known moves are Absorb and Growth.

Debut Promoting Healthy Tangrowth

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 藤村知可 Chika Fujimura
English Amy Palant
Czech Jana Páleníčková
Finnish Ella Pyhältö
Norwegian Jannike Kruse
Polish Monika Pikuła
Brazilian Portuguese Luciana Baroli
European Spanish Sara Heras

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