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Hi, I'm Cynthia Zarya (Call me Eon-Flamewing if you want to, it's my second name) and I was introduced to Pokemon by my friend, when she was playing Emerald. I was not very impressed initially, but once I found out that I shared my name with a Pokemon character( OMG and a Champion as well!!!!) I started liking it. Now I still play the games, etc., but I don't watch the anime. I discovered Bulbapedia while looking on Google, and I was amazed at how large the website was. Now, I wanna help in any way possible. If you need me, my e-mail is [email protected] .

Since I don't watch the anime, all my Fanfictions are based on the game. After I meet a character, I use the info from the game and spin a history for them. Most of them (especially for powerful characters) are long and twisty. ^_^ If you want any for reference for anything, feel free to ask or email me! I have thought of almost anything related to the character. If I haven't (cos I do mostly Sinnoh characters), please give me some time and I'll do it as fast as possible!

Pokemon Games and Teams

Pokémon Platinum

My first game. I started this because I wanted to meet Cynthia. This game is the one I have spent the most time on and is also my most successful. I only have 5 battling Pokemon and my sixth (Bibarel) is purely a HM slave.

Origin of Team

  • Ruby (Infernape): Starter Pokemon. Currently my strongest member.
  • Lightning (Luxray): Caught as a Water-type Defender.
  • Emerald (Tropius): Caught as another Water Defender. Also works against Rock and Ground types. Flying Pokemon.
  • Obsidian (Weavile): Caught as Psychic Defender. Also works against Dragon and Ghost types.
  • Anuria (Lucario): Hatched from Riley's egg.
  • Bibarel: HM slave.

I finish my National Dex partly from trading from my HeartGold and partly over the GTS.

Pokemon HeartGold (Japanese Version)

My second game. I got this mainly to get two of my three favourite Pokemon (Typhlosion and Ho-Oh). It also helps me to improve my Japanese (I'm learning it now).

Origin of Team

  • Firestorm (Typhlosion): Starter Pokemon. One of my all-time favourites.
  • Leafbell (Victreebel): A Water Defender.
  • Aero (Togekiss): Hatched from an egg. Flying Pokemon.
  • Nightstorm (Weavile): Traded over from Platinum. Psychic Defender.
  • Aquasong (Lapras): Caught as Ground defender. Surfing Pokemon.
  • Bibarel: Traded over from Platinum. HM slave.

I finish my National Dex partly from trading from my Platinum and partly over the GTS.