Lily of the Valley Island

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Lily of the Valley Island
スズラン島 Suzuran Island
Lily of the Valley Island.png
Lily of the Valley Island
Region Sinnoh
Debut An Old Family Blend!

Lily of the Valley Island (Japanese: スズラン Suzuran Island) is an anime-exclusive location in the Sinnoh region. The island is covered with hills and forests. A town is situated on the southern end.

The island is the location of the annual Lily of the Valley Conference, and features amenities for competing Pokémon Trainers just as other League Conference locations do.

Ash and his friends arrived there in An Old Family Blend!, in which Ash registered to compete in the tournament. They then headed to the participants' village, where Dawn commented that the atmosphere was quite different from the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

During the Lily of the Valley Conference, the island receives many tourists and journalists. The area around the stadium is filled with stalls, and the vendors are supervised by Selma.


Pokémon Center Stadium


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 鈴蘭島 / 铃兰岛 Línglán Dǎo
  Finnish Lily of the Valley-saari
  French Île du Lys dans la Vallée
  German Maiglöckcheninsel
  Italian Isola del Giglio della Valle
  Korean 영란섬 Yeonglan Seom
  Polish Wyspa Konwalii
Portuguese   Brazil Lírio da Ilha Valley
  Portugal Ilha Lírio do Vale
Spanish   Latin America Isla del Valle Lily
  Spain Isla Lirio del Valle
  Swedish Lily of the Valley ön

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