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Mr. Who's Den.

Mr. Who's Den is a location in Pokémon Trozei!. Different Pokémon are found in different levels. On rare occasions, the Unown forms can be found there, in addition to various Legendary Pokémon.

In the Den, there are 29 normal sets of Pokémon with two sets of rare Pokémon each. There are also a number of Unown sets, each with their own two sets of rare Pokémon. Each set has 12 possible Pokémon (8 normal, 3 rare, and Ditto).

In the following sets, Ditto will not be mentioned, as it appears in every set.


Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Rare Set 1: Beedrill, Gloom, Shiftry
Rare Set 2: Charmeleon, Cloyster, Dewgong
Normal Pokémon: Unown A, E, I, H, Q, U, Y, M

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Rare Set 1: Sandslash, Dugtrio, Milotic
Rare Set 2: Kirlia, Jynx, Typhlosion
Normal Pokémon: Skiploom, Volbeat, Aron, Smeargle, Sunkern, Poliwag, Misdreavus, Lileep

Set 8

Set 9

Rare Set 1: Lairon, Parasect, Blastoise
Rare Set 2:
Normal Pokémon: Aron, Smeargle, Skitty, Yanma, Clamperl, Corphish, Bellsprout, Poochyena

Set 10

Rare Set 1: Kirlia, Quilava, Gorebyss
Rare Set 2: Gloom, Charmeleon, Wynaut
Normal Pokémon: Marill, Magby, Sneasel, Omanyte, Taillow, Nincada, Staryu, Spinarak

Set 11

Set 12

Rare Set 1: Cloyster, Hitmontop, Claydol
Rare Set 2: Jynx, Wobbuffet, Salamence
Normal Pokémon: Pineco, Breloom, Metapod, Elekid, Zigzagoon, Marill, Silcoon, Magby

Set 13

Rare Set 1: Medicham, Wartortle, Gengar
Rare Set 2: Wartortle, Sealeo, Slowking
Normal Pokémon: Stantler, Paras, Silcoon, Pinsir, Carvanha, Natu, Mawile, Minun

Set 14

Set 15

Rare Set 1: Octillery, Shelgon, Slaking
Rare Set 2: Cloyster, Pidgeot, Hariyama
Normal Pokémon: Spinda, Kakuna, Treecko, Ekans, Porygon, Zigzagoon, Ledian, Wingull

Set 16

Rare Set 1: Shelgon, Quagsire, Wynaut
Rare Set 2: Togepi, Ursaring, Swampert
Normal Pokémon: Skiploom, Plusle, Rattata, Aipom, Sentret, Surskit, Corphish, Mantine

Set 17

Set 18

Rare Set 1: Miltank, Sandslash, Hariyama
Rare Set 2: Granbull, Sharpedo, Typhlosion
Normal Pokémon: Cubone, Bagon, Hoothoot, Shuppet, Wurmple, Zubat, Furret, Numel

Set 19

Set 20

Set 21

Rare Set 1: Hitmontop, Flaaffy, Steelix
Rare Set 2: Sunflora, Magcargo, Flygon
Normal Pokémon: Tauros, Spheal, Remoraid, Lileep, Plusle, Lombre, Chansey, Slakoth

Set 22

Rare Set 1: Exeggutor, Quilava, Ampharos
Rare Set 2:
Normal Pokémon: Smeargle, Yanma, Clamperl, Aron, Skitty, Corphish, Bellsprout, Poochyena

Set 23

Set 24

Set 25

Set 26

Rare Set 1: Crawdaunt, Flaaffy, Rhydon
Rare Set 2: Seadra, Magcargo, Clefable
Normal Pokémon: Goldeen, Duskull, Ponyta, Oddish, Mareep, Doduo, Smoochum, Tentacool

Set 27

Rare Set 1: Vigoroth, Lairon, Alakazam
Rare Set 2: Combusken, Torkoal, Sceptile
Normal Pokémon: Unown K, G, O, W, S, N, C, !

Set 28

Rare Set 1: Lairon, Bayleef, Walrein
Rare Set 2: Nidorina, Pidgeot, Poliwrath
Normal Pokémon: Unown D, H, L, Q, T, X, ?, P

Set 29

Set 30

Set 31

Rare Set 1: Ninetales, Medicham, Victreebel
Rare Set 2: Parasect, Vigoroth, Clefable
Normal Pokémon: Unown B, F, J, K, N, R, V, Z

Set 32

Rare Set 1: Seadra, Pupitar, Slaking
Rare Set 2: Ninetales, Octillery, Snorlax
Normal Pokémon: Chimecho, Gligar, Masquerain, Natu, Pidgey, Squirtle, Tauros, Venonat

Set 33