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Secret Storage 10
Adventure Mode
Prize Target 25,000
Pokémon to Trozei 160
Hard Adventure Mode
Prize Target 70,000
Pokémon to Trozei 250

Secret Storage 10 is a playable location in Pokémon Trozei!. It is part of the Secret Storage group of areas.


Pokémon Rarity
Trozeiani046.png Paras Common
Trozeiani188.png Skiploom Common
Trozeiani206.png Dunsparce Common
Trozeiani339.png Barboach Common
Trozeiani303.png Mawile Common
Trozeiani132.png Ditto Common
Trozeiani141.png Kabutops Rare
Trozeiani126.png Magmar Rare
Trozeiani076.png Golem Rare


The following conditions must be met before unlocking Secret Storage 10: