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Huge Storage 4
Adventure Mode
Prize Target 55,000
Pokémon to Trozei 700
Hard Adventure Mode
Prize Target 75,000
Pokémon to Trozei 800

Huge Storage 4 is a playable location in Pokémon Trozei!. It is part of the Huge Storage group of areas.


Pokémon Rarity
Trozeiani023.png Ekans Common
Trozeiani007.png Squirtle Common
Trozeiani048.png Venonat Common
Trozeiani264.png Linoone Common
Trozeiani312.png Minun Common
Trozeiani032.png Nidoran♂ Common
Trozeiani309.png Electrike Common
Trozeiani318.png Carvanha Common
Trozeiani132.png Ditto Common
Trozeiani054.png Psyduck Rare
Trozeiani294.png Loudred Rare
Trozeiani040.png Wigglytuff Rare


The following conditions must be met before unlocking Huge Storage 4: