Agent Café

The Agent Café is a menu option found in Pokémon Trozei!. It houses the Agent Card collection, the player's personal Agent Card, and the Espionage Mode of play. In both the main menu and Agent Card Collection menu, a picture of Lucy Fleetfoot in her pink beret outfit at a café is shown. Another agent with a pink beret and red hair can be seen in the background.

Agent Card Collection

The player can view up to six Agent Cards collected from when the player linked with other player's Trozei! games. Agent Cards can be deleted to make space for new Agent Cards.

Espionage Mode

See Pokémon Trozei!#Espionage.

Your Agent Card

The Agent Card can be personalized with the player's nickname (specific to Trozei!), gender (Male, Female, or Secret), and personal message. The player's birthday cannot be edited. The player also has a Pokémon assigned to their Agent Card, which cannot be edited but may randomly appear in a Phobos Battalion battle.

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